Two Weeks In The Life Of The New York Jets

TJ Rosenthal with a look at two weeks in the life of the New York Jets

“I read the news today oh boy..” are the epic words that kick off the Beatles timeless 1967 song “A Day In The Life.” The song’s story, which told the tale of the routines that take place during a typical person’s twenty four cycle, meets a monstrous crashing orchestral cresendo of mayhem during the songs middle. A sound that may best describe the entire past two weeks in the life of the New York Jets. A team that despite being in a three way tie for first place, have gone helmet to helmet lately, with the explosive speed of their own headline grabbing existence

Here’s a look back:

Sept 21: LB Bart Scott has to be held back from Jets Confidential reporter Dan Leberfeld, who took a photo of Scott with a female reporter. Scott, who has boycotted the press for labeling the Jets a circus act prior to training camp, took issue with the photo.

Sept 22: Longtime Jet LB Bryan Thomas is released with the notion that he will be re- signed the following Monday. Thomas is insulted, but remains professional about it.

Sept 23: Jets win a wild 23-20 OT thriller at Miami but Darrelle Revis leaves the game with what many fear is a season ending ACL injury. The game is as crazy as the Jets season has been to date. A stalled offense, an inability to slow down a rookie QB late in the game, and a missed FG by trusted Dolphins K Dan Carpenter leave the Jets just enough room to escape. The win is overshadowed by gloom over the impending doom  of losing the NFL ‘s top corner.

Sept 24: Jets officially announce that Revis is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. Thomas is re-signed, as originally planned by the club.

Sept 26: With Revis out, Jets move RB/KR Joe McKnight to CB. McKnight tells the media he will interpret the switch to defense as a sign that he failed as a RB.

Sept 28: Jets announce they won’t put Revis on season ending IR, in order to hold out for the possibility that he could be back in time for the Super Bowl. Provided the Jets get there and that Revis is somehow up to speed by then.

Sept 30: 49ers blow out the Jets 34-0 at home in a game that the wildcat, the Jets secret summer formation, is used against them. Tim Tebow’s first complete pass goes to TE Dedrick Epps, who then fumbles, gets injured on the play, and is released on Monday. Worse, Santonio Holmes also goes down after a catch on a play that becomes a 51 yard fumble recovery for TD for the Niner defense.

Oct 1: One day after the embarassment at Met Life, Owner Woody Johnson tells Bloomberg TV that if it came down to the Jets having a winning season and Mitt Romney winning the White House “you always have to put your country first.” Johnson is the chairman of Romney’s campaign in New York.

Oct 2: ESPN reports that two people close to Johnson speculate that the owner will push his football people to start Tim Tebow at QB. The sources are, and continue to be unnamed. This on the same day that Johnson’s wife Suzanne unveils her new NFL womens apparel at a Gala event in New York City atended by Mark Sanchez.

Oct 3: A busy day: Holmes, the only proven playmaker the Jets have on offense, is ruled out for the season with a Lisfranc injury to his foot. WR Jason Hill, who as a Jaguar in 2011 called the Jets “overhyped” prior to their matchup with Gang Green, is signed to fill the void. 49ers DB Carlos Rogers tells Sirius XM radio that the Jets defense essentially quit days prior. A charge that Rex Ryan defended by saying his unit was tired by the fourth quarter. Legendary Jets Superfan Fireman Ed calls Holmes “a selfish bastard” on twitter, adding “let’s see how Jets do without the ME guy” who caught 9 balls for 147 yards in saving his team two weeks back. Romney fares well in his first debate against President Obama in Denver, Colorado. Tebow’s old stomping grounds.

Oct 4: Starters WR Stephen Hill and TE Dustin Keller do not practice again, leaving the Jets in danger of rolling out a starting corps of journeyman Chaz Schilens, Jeremy Kerley, and backup TE Jeff Cumberland, to take on the undefeated Houston Texans on Monday Night Football Oct 8. Ryan notes that Sanchez throws just one incompletion at practice earlier.

Now, we ask any team on Earth, to try and top that timeline given the window of days within which all of those events took place. As the late Clash frontman Joe Strummer once plainly and famously said, “the future is unwritten.” God only knows what’s in store next for the ever changing 2012 Jets.

  • Steve

    You need to relax. Holy crap. This website is a microcosm of all insane Jets fans. Huge swings in emotion. Putting YOU through injuries? Get a grip, they happen. Trusting anonymous ESPN sources? C’mon now, you know better than that. This whole website needs to take a chill pill.

  • Chris


    If you read this site often, you would realize that you won’t find much more level-headed Jets commentary anywhere on the internet.

  • Clearly the Jets need to get more creative without Holmes – Schilens looks like an NFL wideout, good size/speed/route running. Jason Hill may be a steal, Steven Hill needs to be bottle fed this season. I like the spread formation with Kerley and Mcknight in the slot, both are dangerous after the catch. Hard to believe Reuland hasn’t jumped Jeff Stumble-bum on depth chart at this point. New RB Grimes has a little “shake/bake” speed Jets have not seen since Curtis Martin – How much pizzazz will Rex allow Sparrano to dial up? Surprise may be the only weapon left!

  • Daryl

    I think it rides all Sanchez. I used to be a staunch Sanchez supporter, however, he is showing regression.. poor decision making, ball security,play recognition, and his 4th year, he should have some clue on what the defense is trying to do out there..Yes the receivers have dropped their share, but he has thrown way more inaccurate balls than drops..It seems he is letting the tension from the injuries, Tebow, lack of talent, etc. affect his play.. I hope it is an aberration and Sanchez becomes Sanchize again but I fear im drinking green kool-aid..

  • The opening picture here breaks my heart even more as it is the perfect one to show all that you hav said here. To know that we wont see a celebration this season with these 2 Jets is more then one fan can take. Then to add insult to injury the Jets timeline clearly shows where this team is. Losing on the field is enough but to clearly see the PR nightmare that is unfolding is just down right heartbreaking.

  • Angel

    Woody Johnson’s comments about saving the country are sobering. There are more important things going on out there then the Jets melodrama in the first quarter of the season.

    And, “Romney fares well in his first debate against President Obama”? How about Romey DEMOLISHES Obama? See, there was a silver lining throughout the weeks calamities.

    [see, that’s why you don’t mention politics in a sports article.]

    ANYWAY, let’s see how this all shakes out. Personally, I think Santonio Holmes was overrated and had a negative effect on the whole team. Now Sanchez HAS to look for other receivers and he’ll be forced to work on his chemistry with them. This could work out great.

    The Jets are 5 – 0 against the Texans [is that right?]

    The problem with the Jets is they believe Rex Ryan’s bullshit about being a Superbowl team. Maybe this “hot dose” of reality will kick the Jets in the ass and get them to OVERACHIEVE rather than underachieve…

    …or maybe Sanchez is getting worn out by Eva Longoria [she’s gorgeous, but she’s a goddamn idiot.]

    Jets have the same record going into this week that the Giants had. Just sayin.