Turn On The Jets Stock Watch: Jets vs. Texans Edition

Mike Donnelly with his weekly Stock Watch, which is buying and selling after Jets/Texans

I know most people out there thought the Texans were going to just come into MetLife Stadium last night and blow the doors off the Jets. I wasn’t one of those people, but I was still pleased with the way the Jets played, and they exceeded my expectations. The best thing I can say right now is that the Jets aren’t going to turn into the Mets, and the second half of the season will at the very least remain watchable. We took the best team in the league right down to the wire, and there is hope! Of course, that doesn’t mean the loss didn’t hurt, since I really felt they had a chance to pull out the game. Let’s buy and sell some Jets stock based on last night’s performance and where the team is headed now.

BUY: The Onside Kick Call – I wanted to address this first. A lot of people had a problem with Rex calling for the onside kick after Joe McKnight’s kick return touchdown, but they shouldn’t. Rex was playing to win, and he knew he had to pull out all the stops to beat a team like the Texans. More importantly, it showed that Rex isn’t the delusional buffoon that many claim him to be. He knows the defense isn’t the dominant unit he claimed it was, and he didn’t have the blind faith in them to stop the Texans from running the ball down his throat in that situation. It showed guts, and I appreciate that. Plus, why not let the best unit on the team, the special teams led by Mike Westhoff, try to make another play and help win the game?

BUY: Nick Mangold – My heart dropped when I saw Mangold writhing in pain with an ankle injury and with the way this season has been going, I of course feared the worst. So it was pretty freaking awesome to see Mangold come back out on the field and play the majority of the second half. Nick Mangold is a man’s man, and I only wish this his toughness would rub off on some of his teammates. Yes, I mean Dustin Keller.

SELL: Jeff Cumberland, Jason Hill, Chaz Schilens – Not a surprise here, but these guys are absolutely terrible. TERRIBLE. There’s a reason they were all ranked so lowly in my roster run-down from last week. Schilens ran the wrong routes or messed up on more than one occasion. Jason Hill had that pitiful drop on the Tebow deep pass that proved every single Jets fan right who cursed Mike Tannenbaum for signing him, and Jeff Cumberland played like Jeff Cumberland. Even in a game Cumberland scores a touchdown, he still manages to come off looking like a disgrace.

SELL: Matt Cavanaugh – I said this months ago when I took the Jets to task for their complete and utter failure to properly develop their young quarterback, but when is this guy going to be held accountable? He has been an abject failure at every stop of his coaching career, and this is the guy we kept around to continue to mentor our struggling quarterback? I’m not saying he’s the problem here, but he’s absolutely, positively, without a doubt NOT part of a solution.

SELL: The Linebackers – My God, the linebackers on this team just fell off a cliff this year. Even David Harris, who I love as a player, has been struggling. Perhaps that’s because he has to make every single tackle since Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, and Bryan Thomas are USELESS (seriously, USELESS. That deserves mentioning twice), but he’s still not playing up to the standard that he set for himself. Garrett McIntyre also deserves special mention here for his performance, especially on the Arian Foster touchdown run where he got absolutely steamrolled. Sadly, despite all of Rex’s defensive wizardry, this unit can’t improve until these guys get their pink slips and some linebackers are brought in who can actually run, get to the outside, and generally not move around with all the grace of Tony Siragusa headed towards a toilet after a trip to Taco Bell. In the second half we saw more of Quinton Coples in 4 man fronts, Josh Mauga and Demario Davis at linebacker, and shockingly, the defense improved. That’s weird.

BUY: Jeremy Kerley – Jeremy Kerley had a great game. For a guy who was not expected to be anything more than a slot receiver this year, he’s really stepped into the #1 receiver roll and looked pretty darn good doing so. Defenses are going to start paying more attention to him, but if Dustin Keller ever gets the green light to actually play, the Jets might actually have some offensive weapons to use and we won’t have to see Cumberland and Jason Hill disgracing their family names any longer.

BUY: Antonio Cromartie – I saved the best for last this week. Antonio Cromartie played like the elite cornerback that he is this week and showed the world he wasn’t just blowing smoke when he said he feels like he’s the best corner in the league now that Revis is down. Guess what? He really might be. I never understood the irrational hatred towards Cromartie from Jets fans who were just jaded from watching Revis play. There’s only one corner in the world who doesn’t get beat. All of the others give up plays from time to time, but very few are able to cover man to man the way Antonio Cromartie does, and there aren’t 5 others in the league who can make the big plays he does either. He’s a great player, and the Jets are lucky to have him. How many other guys would be able to just take over the Revis role and follow around a guy like Andre Johnson all over the field and make it seem like the Jets defense isn’t missing a beat? If this season ends in anything but a Pro Bowl selection for Cro, it will be a travesty.

Author: Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly is a Staff Writer and life-long Jets fan, who was previously a featured columnist at multiple other New York Jets and fantasy football websites. He lives and works in finance in the NYC area and will help lead our Jets and NFL coverage in 2013.

  • I actually cringed for a moment during the onsides kick thinking “OH NO you just gave all the momentum back” then “thats what happens when you grab players (Schillens)off someones scrap heap” Yeah if the Jets did nothing but draft one LB with every pick they have in 2013 (SIX??) And they roll out a fleet of fast, tough, smart, pass rushing, run-stopping linebackers next season,then convince Bart,Pace and Thomas it’s time to retire, keep Harris around to coach up the new kids… I’ll be a happy man 😀

  • Re: Cavanaugh – Yup I’ve been asking that question for 4 years now. WHO the hell is this guy and what did he ever accomplish in the NFL that would warrant the Jets handing him the Keys to the development of their 22 year old QB ??? Wouldn’t Chad Pennington be a NATURAL for that position? He did more with limited athletic skills than anyone. Chad’s strength was his anticipation and reading the D – He ran Sparrano’s scheme to perfection down in Miami.

  • Mark Phelan

    Let’s talk about LB’s: I believe Scott, Pace and Thomas are in walk years. Nothing left in their tanks. However, let’s say (and hope?) those guys are gone next year. Who is there? Harris? He is getting manhandled this year. Magua….Davis…McIntyre? Please! There’s no one there!

  • Joe Caporoso

    Jets need to find 2 new OLBs next season. Pace, Thomas and Scott will all be gone. D. Davis will likely start alongside D. Harris at ILB. Personally I think the following players all need to go next year –

    Pace, Thomas, Scott, K. Wilson, E. Lankster, E. Smith, Greene & Keller (let them walk in their contract years)…Jets also need to address OL. They are very average at G at this point.

  • I don’t get u mike so because jeff had that one drop he is a disgrace I don’t know why ur hating on em so much but I thought he played well other than the drop n I can’t wait to see how dustin n jeff can do on the field together

  • Jeff Stumblebum has botched several plays this season e-star. His poor route running took points off the board in at least 2 situations. His sloppy route brought the defender over to block a sure Sanchez to Hill TD. He is at best borderline special teams talent forced to play TE when Jets lost their 2 starters.

  • Joe- after watching cadavers like Pace, Scott and Thomas stumble over each other through 5 games I’m thing “How bad could Marcus Dowtin and Ricky Sapp actually be at this point” ?? Nick Bellore the pride of Central Michigan? Isn’t Shawne Merriman available, we milked a half dozen sacks out of another Bills Bust- Maybin last season?

  • Mike Donnelly

    e star, I’m sorry but Cumberland is absolutely terrible. He can’t block AT ALL, so his main function on the team is to be a receiving threat. Unfortunately, the problem is he has a pair of bricks for hands. Even the touchdown was bobbled and nearly dropped. To top it off, he doesn’t seem to know the offense, runs poor routes, and gets no separation. On special teams he’s pitiful as well. Just look at the blocked punt two weeks ago and take one guess who the culprit was…

  • Mike Donnelly

    Mark, re: the linebackers – Pace, Thomas, and Scott will all be gone next year and replacements will obviously be needed. It doesn’t really matter who it is that comes in because they can’t be worse than this garbage. I imagine Harris will still be here (since he’s our best one and is guaranteed an ungodly amount of money), and will have Demario Davis playing along side of him with Josh Mauga likely still around as well. Marcus Dowtin is a player that may find a role for himself, too.

    On the outside, Maybin may or may not still be around and Ricky Sapp is always kind of hanging around. Garrett McIntyre probably will be here and you have to think an early draft pick will be used on someone who can step in and play right away. Hopefully someone other than Mike T is making that pick so that the player may actually have a chance to contribute and not be another Vlad Ducasse situation.