No Huddle – Monday Night Football Preview Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle to preview Monday Night Football

Gameday is often met with anticipation and excitement. Today however, it’s met with trepidation. 2-2, undermanned and underachieving, the Jets play host to the 4-0 Texans. Perhaps the most complete team in the NFL right now. Here is where our head is at this morning:

1 – Fire Tanny? Too Early For That, But…

This roster is somebody’s doing. The Jets are 2-2 for the time being and still in position to accomplish goals. The reality may end up showing that this team is a house of cards made from a second rate deck but now is not the time to ask for the GM’s head.

After all maybe Bilal Powell bails Mike Tannenbaum out. Or Jason Hill does. Jeff Cumberland anyone?

The Jets GM will be on the hook for this team if it crashes by Halloween, but it ain’t late October yet. There’s a time and a place for everything.

2 – Just Use Tebow Already

The Jets treated the Wildcat like an Iranian Nuke facility all Summer: Secretive yet poised to damage. A weapon to be feared by the mere though of it. In truth, the Iranians may end up with the same fate as the Jets, who to date have shown that the whole song and dance was a hoax. Our suggestion now in week 5 is, knock it off and just use the guy. Throw the ball with him, run it ten times with him. Empty the tank. Make it work. After all, Tebow was the only skill position player added this offseason. Surely there was a clear vision for him, right?

3 – Make Kerley A Weapon

The Jets are dumber than we all thought, if they think they will be able to run heavy and stay in this game. They couldn’t do that with Holmes, Keller, and even Plax and LT last year. Now they are gonna dictate terms with second and third string wideouts as decoys to keep Houston honest?

No. No chance.

Jeremy Kerley is the only speed weapon who can line up anywhere and help both short and deep. Make him a weapon or else there won’t be one threat that the Texans will have to account for. We want 15-20 targets for 11. Seriously.

4 – Met Life Stadium: Will seats be disguised as people?

We are worried that tonight will be the first night that pricey seats, PSLs, and a shaky team, will affect attendance. It’s just such a financial commitment for fans these days, how can we not understand season ticket holders selling seats when they smell a rat?

Just what the Jets needed. A national night game to show the fans true belief in the team at this point.

5 – Fine, We’ll Admit It

For the first time under Rex, we are scared. Petrified. We just can’t see how  the Jets, barring 2 special teams TDs and a lights out run defense can pull this one out. We guess there are those in Florham Park who feel the same way, and that REALLY has us worried.