No Huddle – Jets vs. Patriots Fallout

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the fallout after the Jets loss in New England

We have cut our No Huddle “plays” down from five to three today. We have other thoughts on the Patriotville Horror of course ,but none deserve the same stage in our minds, as this trio does.

1 – A Jet Fans Recurring Nightmare And The Fear Of A Pats Hangover

How many times have we all witnessed a gut wrenching ending to a crucial game involving the New York Jets? Countless times. A devastating loss that during so many moments, seemed as though a huge W was there waiting for Gang Green and the diehards at the finish line. This mirage of victory water in a desert of uncertainty is arguably part of the JETS DNA. Truth is, each disaster has it’s own story. Takes on it’s own personality. No two crashes on the runway are ever the same, yet somehow they always hurt the same.

Another similar trait to lose sleep over in addition to that “Same Old Jets” feeling that may be creeping back into your mind today, is the hangover that comes with tough Ls involving the Patriots since 2000. A sad track record that includes lackluster follow ups the week after.

Hey Jets: You’ve Been Warned!

Given the Jets 2012 path from injury riddled, to their collective new energy, makes losing a 3 point lead with 1:30 left even more tough to swallow. At 3-3, in an odd year for the entire sub par AFC, so much was for the taking Sunday. Namely, control of the AFC East. Unfortunately the 29-26 OT defeat to the Jets biggest enemies on planet earth comes at a time when the now upstart Jets could have used a monstrous win. Especially against the Brady and Belichick boys.

Glass half empty Jet fans just knew it though. They knew that the Stephen Hill drop was a sign. Were sure that the Patriots would win the coin toss after regulation. Would have bet the house that something would go wrong when the Jets got it back down three. After all, only the jersey names have changed, right?

The question now is, what are THESE Jets are going to do about it going forward this week.

One game back and a winnable divisional game is up ahead is no time to raise the white flag. If the Jets can learn from the pain of this latest dramatic Pats loss, then Thanksgiving night’s rematch with New England could be a real chance for a payback day.

If not, a 3-5 break into the bye week could mean bye bye AFC East. Yes, that’s how fast you go from a chase to a hopeless case in the Patriot led AFC East. Despite the fact that the Pats, a notorious regular season bully, appears vulnerable right now. Wins stack up fast up North. The Jets have to get over this defeat by mid week. It’s imperative.

2 – On Sanchez and Tebow

Let’s start with the Sanchise. Mark Sanchez didn’t win the game, but he DID NOT lose this game either. Lose that perception if you have it please. He missed some open receivers, was late to Stephen Hill deep, botched a snap, was early on a key slant to Schilens and fumbled in OT, but with it all, the Jets starting QB put the Jets in position to win. Even with the mistakes which of course do need to be cut down.

One sack by the defense (and we will further this point in a moment) on that last drive and it could have been game over too. Sanchez, what are we to expect from him? A little cleaner version of Sunday would be fine with us. He’s a mid level QB at best right now who hung in there and helped the Jets grab the lead late. Pick a few plays apart that involved him yes, but don’t hang the entire game on him. Not this game. Not this time.

Tim Tebow needs to be used on the goal line. We don’t care if he isn’t implemented in the offense anywhere else. Make him a ballcarrier or decoy inside the 3. Period. The failed TD shot to Chaz Schilens was Tebow or Shonn Greene’s ball to smash through.

Bad choice.

If the Jets alter anything on the playcall front it has to be Tebow and the goal line first.

3 – Up 3 1:30 Left: Blitz or Sit Back? The Answer Is, The Jets Need A Closer On Defense

Imagine being Rex Ryan. You are staring at a slim 3 point lead with 90 seconds left.  The great Tom Brady, Gronk, Hernandez, Welker, shifty Danny Woodhead, and more are waiting amidst a hyper no huddle offense too boot. With NO PASS RUSHER IN THE FRONT SEVEN TO BE ABLE TO COUNT ON.

So what does Rex do? Instead of losing a numbers edge on the back end, he adds more speed and hands to the secondary, a strength the Jets DO have. Then Rex hopes that somehow a negative play, just one, can occur from a penalty, a tipped pass, a lucky coverage sack, or a long FG try missed by Stephen Gostowski.

Many will argue that Ryan should have been more aggressive and blitzed to try and win the game. What they won’t envision along with this view, is what a blitz pick up that springs Wes Welker on a short reception, for 40 yards would have looked like. Or how easily that scenario might have played out too. A result that would have left the Pats inside the Jets 40 with 1 minute left and a real chance to go for 7.

Ryan chose the route of attrition. We wouldn’t have blamed the decision to attack or sit back either way. He was in a rock in a hard place. That’s because the Jets don’t have a Jason Pierre Paul. They have a young and ineffective Quinton Coples. They don’t have a Rob Ninkovich. They have Calvin Pace. They don’t have Darrelle Revis. They have Kyle Wilson.

Ryan continues to coach late in games instinctively though, as if he has a defensive “closer.” Then he remembers he is not a defensive coordinator in Baltimore anymore, with names like Ngata, Suggs and Lewis to send in for the final blow. So he drops eight Jet defenders back instead.

Ryan doesn’t have a Mariano Rivera rushing the passer and hasn’t, since he got here. He has had a bunch of Armando Benitez’s frankly. If one Jet lineman or linebacker had emerged as the blitz guy, this game ends differently yesterday.

Without one emerging the rest of the way, Rex may have to keep sitting eight back where his best defensive athletes are, and funnel the hopes of winning the game into their hands.

It’s one way or the other.