New York Jets – Keep The Gimmicks Coming

TJ Rosenthal on the New York Jets need to stick with gimmicks in the coming weeks

We have heard alot of talk since the 23-17 loss to 5-0 Houston, about how the Jets almost beat the Texans with tricks and gimmicks, not with substance. What people may be overlooking though, is that the Jets to their credit, although being late to the party, finally realize that they are ill equipped to win by employing the basic principles of a stout rushing attack and base defense. Angry loyalists can rightfully go ahead and hammer GM Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan for not assembling the proper roster until they are blue in the face. It won’t change the landscape in time to save 2012 though. Travelling further down the zany path they raced along with no brakes to speak of Monday night, could.

The Jets, given the predicament they have put themselves in with limitations due to no proven depth to speak of, must improve upon their new found frantically designed unpredictability. They must do so with all units.

After all, they are an offense that already uses two QBs, and now employs all of their RBs. They can devise off beat packages that include Tim Tebow, Antonio Cromartie AND Mark Sanchez on offense. The area club that now, more than ever, looks to find touchdowns from special teams and or defense. Seeing this boost for the offense as a viable strategy, rather than an additional point bonus on the scoreboard.

The dwindling number of healthy stars and notable names on the backs of Jet jersey’s will matter less, if the no name backups and newcomers can embrace their roles and limited chances to make plays. Jason Hill, and his major drop off a perfectly thrown Tebow deep ball during his first game as a Jet, for example…

If these bizarro personnel groupings can get on and off the field faster, the confusion could lead to a big strike here and there. One play is often times all that is needed to turn a one score loss into a win.

The new “mad scientist” formula will hope to create advantages that arise from a sudden mismatch, strength in numbers, and deception. To make it work, fewer nuts and bolts mistakes have to be made, as this new post Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes Jets team, tries to gel. Errors resulting in turnovers, penalties, and missed assignments have turned games for the worse recently. It’s hard enough being undermanned. The shuffling of bodies resembling Grand Central station at rush hour will continue. So too could the flags, if the Jets aren’t careful and well rehearsed at the process.

These Jets are not going to win with any textbook strategy. They have tried to already. Straight ahead simplicity just doesnt mesh well in the current world of Woody and Rex’s New York Jets. Ever.

This season has already provided so much drama off the field. On the field, this year was stunted early due to many key injuries, and few under studies ready to help maintain an immediate first string level of play. Mark Sanchez has been too streaky. Shonn Greene has shown that he can’t ground and pound at will. No high end receivers were brought in to help Sanchez out. The defense can’t get off the field on third down.

It is almost as if nobody except for Antonio Cromartie is doing what has been asked of him.

Gang Green just needs to elevate the “Controlled Chaos” they almost stole a game with against a team that was supposed to beat them by a sizable margin. With a playbook that included a fake punt, an onsides kick, the team’s top shut down corner going deep on a bomb after a stellar double move, and more. A style that let’s face it, smoothly fits who the New York Jets are as an organziation at this point in time, like a glove.

Doing so with no need to explain why, or apologize for it.