New York Jets – 25 Problems And Yes Quarterback Is 1

25 problems the New York Jets have, including the quarterback position

We are going to skip over handing out a report card full of “Fs” today and instead run down all the current problems we see with the New York Jets, yes including the quarterback position. These aren’t listed in any particular order since there are so many –

1. Quarterback – Many people think my defense of Mark Sanchez means I think he is a great or even a very good quarterback. I do not. Sanchez is a serviceable quarterback who you can win with in the NFL if he is surrounded with the proper supporting cast. The Jets have done an awful job developing him and supporting him and are now paying the price. Does anybody else think 3 years from now we’ll be watching Sanchez thrive on another team? If you don’t, you haven’t been a Jets fan long enough.

2. Backup Quarterback – The problem with having a circus at backup quarterback instead of a quarterback who can run your offensive system is that it creates hesitancy to pull an ineffective starter. If the Jets had Jason Campbell as their backup, Sanchez is likely pulled at halftime of the San Francisco game and halftime of yesterday’s game. There’d also be a good chance he’d be the starter coming out of the bye week. Unfortunately, you have a coaching staff who has zero faith in their backup quarterback to run their offense and Rex Ryan knowing if he puts Tebow in on now he might get stuck with him next year at quarterback at the behest of owner Woody Johnson who brought him here in the first place.

3. Rex Ryan – Rex hasn’t had the pulse on this team since the beginning of last season. He allowed the locker room to become divisive and his team has shown up under-prepared and unready to play too frequently. Rex is supposed to be an elite defensive coach and he currently leads one of the league’s worst defenses.

4. Mike Tannenabaum – Can’t really fit all his mistakes into a paragraph and we have been ripping him apart over the past year here enough. He has done a poor job drafting, scouting and in free agency. His team is woefully understaffed on both sides of the ball. He is a numbers/salary cap guy, not a football guy.

5. Woody Johnson – He forced his front office to make Tim Tebow the backup quarterback when they wanted Drew Stanton for the job and seems to be tone deaf in his media appearances about the team.

6. Matt Slauson – Through 8 games hasn’t played like a capable NFL starting guard. He gets pushed around in the running game and isn’t a consistent pass protector. It actually makes sense to give Vladimir Ducasse his job at this point and that says enough about the Jets current guard situation.

7. Austin Howard – Remember the feel good celebrations when he replaced Wayne Hunter? Well according to our trusted friends at Pro Football Focus, Hunter has outplayed him this year. Howard isn’t a capable NFL starting tackle.

8. Brandon Moore – His level of play has continued to slip. Moore cannot consistently protect the quarterback and hasn’t been the same since a hip injury a couple of years ago.

9. Shonn Greene – Not good enough to be the only running back on a run heavy team because of his inability to break big plays and lack of range in the passing game.

10. Stephen Hill – Plenty of long term potential but the Jets put too much on his plate for this season by not pairing him with a proven, low maintenance veteran in the off-season to learn from.

11. Tony Sparano – Has he really been any better than Brian Schottenheimer? The offense seems unorganized and can’t find a rhythm. Does he realize the Jets are playing 10 on 11 when they line up Tebow at wide receiver?

12. Bryan Thomas – Can’t be starting player in the NFL anymore. Can’t rush the quarterback.

13. Calvin Pace – Can’t be starting player in the NFL anymore. Can’t rush the quarterback.

14. Bart Scott – Can’t be starting player in the NFL anymore. Seems to have been replaced, finally.

15. David Harris – Not playing like the Pro-Bowler he is paid to be. Actually has been thoroughly mediocre this season.

16. Muhamamd Wilkerson – He has been good against the run but is he the All-Pro player we heard he’d be all pre-season? Not even close. 1 sack through 8 games.

17. Quinton Coples – 2 sacks and 22 tackles through 8 games. Chandler Jones had 6 sacks, 18 tackles and 3 forced fumbles. Bruce Irvin has 4.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble.

18. Kyle Wilson – Routinely beat down the field. He doesn’t play to the level of a first round pick and probably couldn’t start on most other teams in the NFL.

19, Ellis Lankster/Garrett McIntyre/Eric Smith – Role players who aren’t good enough to be role players.

20. Darrelle Revis – Lost the best cornerback in football to a ACL injury. He has a tricky contract situation approaching that is scary to think about Mike Tannenabum handling.

21. Santonio Holmes – A proven threat but hadn’t been a productive player for over a full season before suffering a serious season ending foot injury.

22. Sione Pouha – Hasn’t been himself all season because of a back injury.

23. Kenrick Ellis – Was proving to be a more than adequate replacement for Pouha but is now hurt himself.

24. Clyde Gates – Is playing major reps on this team and is celebrating first downs in the 4th quarter while his team is down 24 points.

25. Matt Cavanaugh – Not sure where he has ever found success in the NFL as a coach and still remains the Jets quarterback coach.

Feel free to add on to the list in the comments section…

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Mike Donnelly

    Think you’re being hard on Coples including him with 24 other messes here.. Much harder to thrive as inside rusher than edge rusher like Jones or Irvin. If anything, I think it falls more on Rex and Tanny than Coples for not bringing in an edge rusher and thinking Maybin could be it.. Coples has played well in his limited role, imo.

  • David Acosta

    Even if I disagreed with anything here I wouldn’t say it. Just gotta let the pain soak in

  • Joel

    Right on with your evaluation. I am a frustrated jets fan who is clearly fed up with the management of this team. Isn’t 44 years enough?

  • Anthony

    This is a bad jets team, and it lacks talent at almost every offensive and defensive position. We badly need a tank season, and this should be it. My biggest fear is that we win 3 more games and fall out of the top 5 in the draft. In Rex’s first couple years we used picks to grab players like Santonio, Braylon Edwards, Cromartie, and mortgaged those drafts for success immediately. We then went to back to back AFC championships with teams that have singed aged, and watched now in horror as the players those picks would have begun to supplanted the aging veterans were never picked. Last year we had no Talent on the Defense, this year we have some talent, but our linebackers who were slow last year, are slower still. This year we are beyond taxed with injuries along the defensive line, and lost the best cornerback in football.

    Offensively, like bill simmons called us, we are a kitchen sink offense, and freely admit it. Mark Sanchez is Jon Kitna. Its incredible to me that they play him like a game manager and he is not a game manager, hes a medium-deep ball thrower who cant read defenses in intermediate and short passing situations. How many batted passes on screens that will go nowhere can we possibly take. Sanchez consistently looks great on deep touch passes, and throwing on slants, and throwing deep curls. He looks confused and indecisive between the numbers and in zone reads, but this is the heart of this myopic offense.

    It’s a mess, but we need a really, truly, crappy season for an influx of talent.

  • Jet fan in NE

    I agree with Mike, the diffrence between Coples and Chandler Jones is that Jones is playing on a full time basis. Frankly it’s time to turn Coples loose go to a 4 man front, sit Pace, Thomas & Scott down, put Davis at weak side LB bring Sapp onto the 53 man roster and give him a shot at SS LB.

  • Anthony

    There are other differences too though in that Chandler Jones has a nose tackle that actually occupies double teams and allows him to get one on ones, which in a 3-4 is crucial. This goes hand in hand with Wilkerson. I feel like in a year we will have the appropriate talent all healthy at the same time that may make this defense fierce up front.

  • twoshady

    Being a Jets fan is just plain embarrassing right now. I enjoy rooting for an underdog, but more than once opposing teams have called the Jets defense out for being quitters and that is just unacceptable. It’s one thing to play poorly, it’s entirely different to stop trying. This organization needs to clean house and start over. I’ve never been so aggravated and frustrated with this team as i am now. At least in the past when they were bad, they weren’t running their mouths and in the papers constantly giving asinine soundbites for the media to feed on. When Rex first took over, i got excited for the first two seasons and loved his attitude. Now i cringe and hold my breath every time he gives a press conference, just waiting for him to say something stupid (incidentally… i get the same feeling whenever Sanchez goes deep with the ball). I hate being so negative, but the atmosphere surrounding this team is downright awful and it’s going to make them lose fans like me unless they can turn it around.