Jets Should Be Honest With Themselves

TJ Rosenthal on the Jets needing to be honest with themselves

The Jets are 3-5 and already, some outlets like the NY Post have already begun to envision mounting losses and a head coach on the hot seat. We won’t go to that extreme yet. So much can change week to week in the NFL. Even for a team that was as putrid as Gang Green was last Sunday. What the Jets brass ought to do with this bye week is begin to better assess and accept what they’ve seen over eight weeks. Then plan accordingly.

Hoping and praying won’t change a defense that can’t get to the QB. Believing in Mark Sanchez won’t impart him with the “go to guy” mentality of a pure scorer on a shaky NBA team. One who knows the only way to elevate others is to play lights out himself first. Talking about using Tim Tebow publicly, doesn’t guarantee doing it, and won’t change doubting minds who will view his signing as a marketing ploy until #15 becomes a weapon with a real role.

We know key players are hurt. It’s the strategy of trying to simply fill failing components through, that has run it’s course. The only power that Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum have left to steer this season back on track is in being proactive. Fixing something they honestly know is broken. No matter whose feelings are hurt or whose original assessments are proven to have been off base.

The trade deadline is today. Maybe a move or two can help. Shuffling the deck with the cards already in place is also an option. Blind faith or stubbornness isn’t.

Not now. Not with a season that went from being ninety seconds away from first place in Foxboro, to on the brink after a disaster at home, in a span of just seven days.