Initial Reaction – New York Jets Redefine Awful

The New York Jets reached another level of awful today against the Miami Dolphins

Where do you even start after something like that? The New York Jets were awful in every facet of the game today. They were out-coached and out-classed by a division rival in a hugely important game in their own building. To not even be competitive on a day like today is a damning indictment on Rex Ryan and his coaching staff.

Rex didn’t have his team prepared to play. Tony Sparano, his hand picked offensive coordinator, doesn’t have his unit together yet. They are sloppy and cannot consistently establish any type of rhythm. There were too many questionable play calls to even begin singling them out. Every time the Jets line up Tim Tebow at wide receiver, they are playing 10 on 11 and it still continues to happen. You want to shower praise on Mike Westhoff when the Jets special teams shows up? Blame him when they were an absolute disaster like they were today. A blocked punt. A blocked field goal. Allowing an onside kick recovery and a huge kick return…all in the same game? Embarrassing.

Mark Sanchez didn’t play well today. He had two brutal turnovers that were the fault of his and nobody else. On the whole, it was another inconsistent performance that will lead to two weeks of endless Tim Tebow speculation. He didn’t receive any help from his supporting cast. The offensive line had poor protection. There was no running game in the first half. Stephen Hill dropped another touchdown pass.

You can scream TEBOW as loud as you want. He isn’t the answer because he isn’t a better quarterback than Sanchez. Yes, the Jets should use him in some way, like a needed supplement to the rushing game. As a full time quarterback? You aren’t winning with the option every down in the 2012 NFL or moving forward. Spare me the citations from last year, Tebow went 8-8 in the worst division in football with a borderline elite defense and special teams. The Jets have neither.

Sanchez is a problem among many problems, that starts with a owner who forced a Tebow transaction on to his front office to sell tickets, then moves to a general manager who has been mediocre the past two years and to a head coach who hasn’t been able to find the pulse of his team the past year. It trickles down to a so far subpar offensive coordinator, an offensive line with holes, a running game that lacks explosion and a defense with zero pass rush or big play ability. The Jets are 3-5 through half of their season. Look at their roster right now and tell me they deserve to have a better record.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Scott

    Sanchez played poor to medicore. Sadly, that’s better than most of the rest of the team played, especially special teams.

  • Greg

    Losing this game was bad enough, they didn’t just lose, they were handled completely. The Dolphins dominated them in the game’s three phases; offense, defense and special teams. It was clear that Miami was motivated and prepared, the Jets were neither.

    There is no way to spin this defeat. It was WORSE than the 49er loss. Not only was the outcome one-sided, but this was a division game at home against a beatable opponent at a critical juncture in the season. With the pressure squarely on them, they folded up like an old lawn chair.

    Rex and the coaches now have a task that’s an order of magnitude more difficult than after the 34-0 whitewash against SF. The season is at risk of careening out of control.

  • mike

    sad fact is that if carpenter can nail the game winner in week 3, the jets would be 2-6. we dominated the bills and the chiefs physically, but those teams are terrible. new england, houston, and the first miami game were close. and now for the third time this year, the jets have basically played like the laughing stock of the nfl.

    what makes this game worse than san fran or pittsburgh is that the dolphins aren’t a very good team, and they played almost the whole game with their backup qb. the defense was gutted by a horrible group of receivers, and what first downs we didn’t let them have we gave away with ridiculous penalties.

    the offense is one of the four or five worst in the nfl. i’ve supported sanchez since the day we drafted him, and i guess i still do, because i’ve got distant memories of the kinds of games he has in him. but with the way he’s playing now, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be looking over his shoulder. no quarterback in this league should expect to keep his job if he consistently struggles to complete 50% of his passes. seems to me that he isn’t being held to the same standards.

    this jets team probably won’t go 6-2 in the second half. obviously anything can happen, but it’s time to start thinking about where to improve and who needs to be held accountable.

  • Mike Tucci

    I can no longer back Sanchez as our current starter nor the starting qb for the future. Every qb makes mistakes but Sanchez makes the same mistakes repeatedly and they are not small ones: it seems every one is a disaster. Pick sixes, int’s in the red zone, fumbling under pressure…

    I’m starting to believe that while he has the physical tools to be an NFL quarterback, he’s sorely lacking in football IQ and the ability to react quickly and decisively under pressure. He’s 50/50 or worse when it comes time to make a play. Just like his completion percentage.

    He has no fire or urgency and lacks the power to rally his teammates. And they are responding accordingly. I’m not a Tebow guy but he at least has a burning desire to play hard and win. We’re going nowhere with Sanchez, let’s try something else.

  • Brian Kelly

    Wow, where do we even start diagnosing the Jets? Woody doesn’t seem to care about putting together a winning team as long as he’s able to land his team on the front page of the NY media with moves like the Tebow trade.

    Tannenbaum and the front office are really swinging and missing on personnel and contracts. He/they appeared to panic after their draft choice was taken earlier than they thought in the first round this year.

    Ryan’s attitude may endear players to him, but his team lacked discipline last year and this year. Watching these games is embarrassing; so is Bart Scott flipping off reporters, Cromartie anytime he opens his mouth, and the rest of the team seems to try as hard to find ways to do something stupid off the field as TO did in his hay day finding ways to celebrate TDs.

    At this point, Ryan’s taken the team from an AFC champ challenger to the Patriots to a clown-car circus show. Time to blow this thing up and start over almost everywhere.

  • Greg

    I don’t want to write the obituary on them yet. There’s still half a season to be played and given the mediocrity of the AFC, a three game win streak could put them back into it. However, no one following them as we do can have much confidence in their ability to piece together a string of wins.

    I suspect they’ll stick with Mark at QB until they reach the desperation point. But Mike Tucci summed it up well; Mark lacks the passing talent and the consistency of a quality starter. His tendency to commit catastrophic errors sets the team back and they have no margin for error as it is. Much as I like Tim Tebow, he’s not the answer. There isn’t enough supporting cast for him.

    The truly disappointing part of their team is the defense. It’s 90 % reputation and 10 % performance.

  • Greg… You claim a 3 game win Streak will get the Jets back in the playoff hunt? Our next 3 games are against Seattle, The Rams, and the Pats. the Jets will be 4 and 7 in a month. I just hope we draft EJ Manual and start him next year.

  • joeydefiant

    How much can coaching do to effect the outcome of a season? Can a truly great coach make a below average team a playoff team? Is there any historical data of this happening? Have any of the “best coaches” made a bad team into winners? I think its a big mistake to get rid of a HC who has not had a losing season yet… Think about it.

  • mike

    “He has no fire or urgency and lacks the power to rally his teammates.”
    gotta give it up to mike tucci for nailing it right here. when things start going badly, sanchez has absolutely no ability to turn the tide, let alone stop the bleeding. look at the way dallas fought back today: they were in a bigger hole than we were, and arguably playing worse, if that’s even possible. but they pulled their sh!t together, gritted out a few tough drives, played solid defense all the way, and gave themselves a chance to win before the end. turning a game around like that takes poise, fire, and leadership, and unfortunately it appears that sanchez is seriously lacking all three.

    fun fact: in their last 16 games, the jets are 6-10 with a -54 point differential.

  • Ken

    How much difference can a coach make, ask joeydefiant? What happened to the Jets after Kotite left. Bill Parcells had them one game from the playoffs the season after. Coaching is more than X’s and O’s. It personnel evaluation and motivation. (Yes, I know professionals shouldn’t need it, but it does make a difference.) And if you don’t want to look to Jets history, just look to the northeast. Bill Belichek seems to put a consistently winning product on the field year after year, changing personnel all the time. (Does anyone wish we still had Danny Woodhead instead of Joe McKnight?) Don Shula did the same for years in Miami. Coaching in the NFL is more important than any of the other three major sports.

  • pepper

    Rex will soon be in the sun set, he has lost control of this team. Don’t be surprised to see Sparano step in with Tebow in hand. Johnson playing his cards with this team……media hype is his game….so so sad

  • keator

    “He isn’t the answer because he isn’t a better quarterback than Sanchez.”

    This comes off extremely homerish. Sanchez is the Worst starting qb in the NFL, but the jets cant give tebow a shot.

    Mark seemed a little down yesterday, looked like he let his personal life get brought into work, and the whole team has to suffer weekly.

    Mark is a bum, and is currently stealing money from the ny jets, but we cant let tebow get a look.

  • Rambler

    Well said Joe! Not sure what the future of this team is!

  • This is the ultimate catch 22 for Rex. It’s mandatory that he make the switch but, his career is welded to the Sanchize. I hope they start Tebow and he demonstrates improved passing mechanics and looks enough like a viable QB that some clueless team is willing trade a draft pick. Believed in Sanchez for 4 years now but this game drove the wooden stake through the heart of this vampire 😀

  • newengfinfan

    Pepper, God help you if Sparano ever becomes your head coach. He did zero for Miami when he was head coach there. All he did was bring in a college style wildcat offense that worked for a short period but ended up a mess. I think Tebow coming to NY was partly owners wanting to put seats in the stands but also to revive the wildcat in NY. I don’t think Rex is a wildcat kinda guy. Side note today on espn, Jacksonville has a strong interest in Tebow and is currently looking for a trade with NY to get him. I’d say grab it.

  • joeydefiant

    Belichick didn’t do anything with mediocre talent in Celeveland. I won’t say he’s a horrible coach but his success is tied to Brady. The patriots never had a bad team since he has been there. Defense has been horrible for last five years but he’s a defensive genius right? What does it matter when Brady can hang 40 points a game.

    Parcells had a good team when he got here. That Jets team did not lack talent.. Neither did the Dolphins with Schula.

    Show me a team with mediocre talent like The Jets have now that a coach has made successful… I haven’t seen it.