Turn On The Jets Week 4 Roundtable – Jets/49ers Match-Ups

The Turn On The Jets staff discusses what match-up they are most looking forward to on Sunday

The Turn On The Jets staff discusses what match-up they are most looking forward when the New York Jets take on the San Francisco 49ers. Make sure to give everybody a follow on Twitter –

Joe Caporoso – Tony Sparano vs. the 49ers defense. Let’s see how crafty the new Jets offensive coordinator is against arguably the league’s best defense. Let’s hope he is smart enough not to line up with three tight ends and try to pound the ball with Shonn Greene. A smarter approach would be to spread the 49ers out with a 3 wide look and look to get the ball in the hands of the Jets speedy players, namely Jeremy Kerley and Bilal Powell. The Jets pass protection has been better than expected and as crazy as this may sound, this might be a game for Mark Sanchez to let it fly 30-35 times and attack aggressively down the field.

Chris Gross – Jets Rushing Offense vs. 49ers Run Defense – We all know who has the advantage here. San Francisco has one of the most, if not the most, stellar run defenses in the NFL. The Jets, on the other hand, have been extremely sub par in their rushing offense. Shonn Greene is averaging an embarrassing 2.8 YPC through the first three games this season. It is about time that Tony Sparano, known famously for his ground and pound approach, becomes creative in his game plan. If he is smart, he will attempt to spread San Francisco out, and use his more elusive backs like Bilal Powell, and the newly acquired Jonathan Grimes, early and often. Sparano should attempt to get them the ball in space and allow them an opportunity to make plays. If he attempts to line up in Jumbo sets and run Greene on dives, the offensive will undoubtedly be stonewalled by the likes of Patrick WIllis and Co. Sparano needs to save Greene as his downhill runner for late in the fourth quarter, where he can take advantage of a defense tired from chasing down the shiftier backs all game. The run game can either be decent Sunday, or a complete disaster. How Sparano designs his game plan both schematically and personnel wise, will be what determines the winner of this match up

Mike Donnelly – The matchup I’m most looking forward to seeing this weekend is how the Jets defensive front handles the 49ers power run game. The 49ers offense thrives on not making mistakes and beating themselves, so it’s of the utmost importance to stuff the run and get them into 3rd and long situations. Alex Smith does a lot of 3 step drops followed by short, safe passes, so I expect to see another week of no QB pressure, unfortunately. But, if the defensive line is able to hold up and not let the 49ers huge offensive line beat them up, the Jets have a chance to hang in there and win this game late.

Chris Celletti – Matchup – Jets D backs vs. Alex Smith/49ers WRs and TEs. If the Jets want to swiftly quell the doomsday attitude that’s surfaced since Darrelle Revis was ruled out for the season, their defensive backs are going to have to step up this week against the 49ers. Alex Smith is a great game manager. He’s not a great quarterback. I’m interested to see if the Jets’ secondary can keep tabs on Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham and Vernon Davis and force Alex Smith into some tough throws. If Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson consistently get beat and Smith has wide open receivers to throw to, it could be a really long day for the Jets.

TJ Rosenthal – The matchup we look forward to the most is Kyle Wilson vs any of the 49er receivers. Crabtree leads them with 19 receptions and Manningham has 12. Moss has 7 but who knows how Rex will play it. Ryan may put Cro on the taller guys and Wilson on Crabtree at times.. Whoever he lines up against, we are curious to see how the Jets ask him to defend. Will they allow him to break on balls, and jump routes? Wilson can be a guy who can take balls back to the house if plays are happening in front of him. We worry about balls behind him and him turning around in time, but that’s what we look forward to seeing. Has his time come? Or not?

Rob Celletti – This week, I’m really interested to see how the Jets’ now Revis-less secondary handles a 49ers passing attack that, while it’s certainly not seen as the strength of their team, could pose some problems. Alex Smith is essentially the NFL’s new Chad Pennington; dating back to the start of last season, he’s completed 63% of his passes (nearly 70% through three games this season) while throwing 22 touchdowns to just 6 interceptions. The Jets, frighteningly enough, had moments where they made Ryan Tannehill look like a veteran NFL quarterback last week, and if they afford Smith openings, he will exploit them.  an Antonio Cromartie shut down Michael Crabtree, who’s caught 12 of 19 balls for first downs this year?  Will the Jets, notorious for their inability to cover tight ends, finally figure it out against Vernon Davis, who already has 4 touchdowns this year?  If Randy Moss is on the field, will the Jets feel he’s enough of a threat to line Cromartie up against him, leaving Kyle Wilson on an island against Crabtree or Mario Manningham? The Jets need to get creative and LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell need to step up, or this 49ers passing attack could resemble the one that Joe Montana used to lead.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • I called it right last week when I predicted a tough game with the Jets getting run on by Reggie Bush. And I also called it when I predicted a 3 point victory by the Jets while everyone else predicted a blowout. This week I predict a simmular game but unfortunately Sanchez will turn it over once on a pass to Holmes and we loose by 7 points. The 49ers lost to the Vikings because they did not have a gameplan and let the best RB in the NFL run wild. It wont happen again because the Jets dont have a Adrian Peterson on our roster. The Jets will hold firm but tire out in the second half and get run on… Mark it down as a 27 20 victory for the 49ers. If the Jets dont stop the run early add 10 points for the 40ers.

  • mike

    i’ll be at the met on sunday, very excited for my one live game per year.
    but i’m not really expecting a win. the jets run defense needs to be A LOT better than they’ve been so far. if the niners rush attack is solid, and alex smith only needs to be picking up three or four yards on third downs, the secondary won’t hold up, and vernon davis will have a huge game running seam routes off play action.

    the jets offense looked pretty out of sync against miami, but i think the dolphins have a better defense than people give them credit for. this sf team does bring a tougher challenge, MUCH tougher, but i think they can be beat.

    minnesotta got started quickly last week, with an opening-drive touchdown. this niners team is not built to come from behind, because alex smith does not have a terrific arm and he will miss throws in pressure situations. harbaugh’s defense has kept smith in favorable game situations, which is why his interceptions are so low. watch his late interception from last week to see what i mean, the guy isn’t good enough to win games, he’s just smart enough not to lose them.

    so yeah, if the jets stop the run on first and second downs, and if the offense is able to put together two strong quarters out of the gate (like they did against buffalo), then i think the jets have a chance to come out with a win. but if i’m being honest, i’d have to say it’s not a great chance.

  • Mark Phelan

    While the running game, both on offense and defense, has been a stinkpot for Jets so far I look for big improvement this week.

    On offense, hope to see Powell effective early opening up play action opportunities early on.

    On defense, hope to see better discipline in LB corps – maybe a bit more blitz to take pressure off our CBs.

    Jets 20 – SF 14.