No Huddle – New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills, Week 1 Edition

TJ Rosenthal’s No Huddle looks ahead to the New York Jets week 1 match-up

The countdown is on. We are now less than a week and counting before the games begin for real. Today we go
No Huddle on the Jets last minute shopping, the latest tabloid splash, and what the Bills game means long term for Gang Green.

1 – Don’t Count On Waiver Wire Bailouts

First there was the bank bailout. Then the auto bailout. A Jets roster bailout? Nope. That’s where the handouts in America end we guess. In the spirit of the convention season, we wondered what gift was awaiting the Jets, as teams trimmed their rosters to 53 over the weekend.

Instead, there was only disappointment for those of us who hoped that players cut elsewhere, would immediately land in Florham Park to bolster a Jet roster that has it’s share of question marks.

Sorry, no dice. Clyde Gates and Co. dont constitute the kind of player WE were dreaming about grabbing last week.. Reality is, veterans who have lost a step, and kids with holes in their game are usually all that is laying around after teams make final cuts.

The notable immediate impact guys?

We call those the real “free agents.” The ones that switch teams in March and April. Not in the final days of August.

Maybe we should’ve grabbed a few more last spring.

2 – Rex, This Is Your Best What?

Every so often Big Rex pays Little Rex a visit. Reminding us all of how fun the old Ryan shoot from the hip style was.

Telling us that THIS may be his best Jets team since his arrival, as he did on Friday, sounded just like the pre lap band surgery guy. Boasting and roasting others for no reason. Loud and proud. “Goddamn snack” style.

In truth, this years club may wind up developing Rex’s best defense. It’s very possible. Best TEAM though? Well, how about the starters scoring a TD first.

Then we can revisit the notion Rex.

3 – Sanchez and Eva, Rather It Be A WR Diva

The NY Post ran a photo exclusive of Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria Sunday, noting that the two have something going on together. Next Sunday all of the media will write on what 6 has going on with his receivers instead.

We don’t care who dates who, or who is out at night and where, Ok? This is New York City.

You can live like Joe “Caligula” Namath or Tim Tebow if you want to. Either way, none of it is our business. The only business that matters to us is gametime. For 6, it’s gonna be soon about his dealings with wideouts, not some desperate housewife.

4 – Tanny, Are You Sure About This?

The Jets head into the regular season one Shonn Greene stinger away from Bilal Powell most likely taking over at RB. One rib shot to Santonio Holmes away from Jeremy Kerley becoming the WR with the most catches as a Jet. One Dustin Keller hammy acting up before guys named Reuland and Cumberland line up at TE.

We understand the concept of youth and athleticism over experience. We don’t understand having eight months to insure young speed and power with a few vets sprinkled in, and opting not to. At all.

We hope that you are alot smarter than we are Tanny.

5 – Beat Buffalo, or Dig A Hole

The Jets play the Steelers, Dolphins, 49ers, and Texans after they battle the Bills in week one. Assuming that the Dolphins will be as weak as many project them to be, then the safest path towards guaranteeing a shot at a season saving 2-3 start, is to beat Buffalo.

Week one is never a must win. Sept 9th will be as close to one however, as a team with playoff hopes can get.