No Huddle – New York Jets Ugly Win Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the New York Jets week 3 win over the Miami Dolphins

Yikes. Talk about a quirky nailbiter. This one had disaster written all over it. Luckily the Jets escaped by the skin of their teeth with a 23-20 OT win. Call it a thriller. Call it ugly. We call it 2-1 and 2-0 in the division. A reality that will be covered with a dark cloud should Darrelle Revis be out for the season due to a non-contact knee injury suffered yesterday. How could we not start with Revis, whose probable season ender may make this win feel like a loss by later today.

1 – Oh No, Not Revis

What a year for Revis Island.. First a concussion in week one, now this. What looks like a season ending torn ACL. The violent world of pro football seems more violent lately as a whole too, doesn’t it? Can the Jets survive a defense without Revis? We don’t think so. The drop off is precipitous when Revis is not on the field.

This morning we all hold our breath, while knowing that from the looks of Sunday’s win that provided no pass rush and a confused offense, the Jets may be in trouble WITH Revis too this season. If that’s any consolation.

2 – Cover your Eyes, The Jets have the ball

Watching QB Mark Sanchez work on Sunday was like watching a scary movie. There was fear, laughter, comic relief and of course, sudden horror. Like the underthrown interception into double coverage that took place in the Dolphins end zone.

In The end thankfully, #6 remembered that he was not his team’s internal villain, but a player who can be clutch when the idea of victory is fading late in the game for many who bleed green and white.

As for the ground and pound, the Jets FINALLY realized that force feeding Shonn Greene is not enough of a dynamic rushing attack. Bilal Powell was 10-45 which was a step in the right direction, but Joe McKnoght is still invisible and the Wildcat has not become a seamless Part of the fabric yet.

With Stephen Hill dropping TDs Amd Dustin Keller still out, thank god Santonio Holmes (9-147) stepped up like we asked him to this past week. Or else this offense would have come apart at the seems yesterday.

3 – Ugly, or Epic: You Pick

No Jets Dolphins game ever goes according to plan. From the Mud Bowl of 1982, to the 51-45 classic in 1986. From the Marino spike game of 1994 to the Monday Night Miracle, on and on and on…into 2012.

Where both teams lost their top stars (Reggie Bush and Revis) and 4th quarter leads. In a game where the Dolphins kicker was frozen with a timeout and then missed a game winner in OT but frozen Jet K Nick Folk is SAVED by a time out. Only to be awarded a second chance after an initial blocked kick.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To us, Jets Dolphins matchups are always classics, even when they are stranger than strange. They are heated games in a long time rivalry, that tastes sweeter than sweet when the Jets prevail.

4 – The Pass Rush? Anytime Now Guys

The Jets “elite” defense allowed a rookie QB time to drive the ball downfield for the game tying FG late in regulation, and in OT where a Dan Carpenter miss from 47 prevented Ryan Tannehill from star of the game headlines today,

We blame much of this on the Jets defensive line. Zero sacks, little pressure, and a group that is lucky that they aren’t the target of blame today in what would have been a devastating loss. With Revis likely gone, if this part of the defense can’t find itself very soon then the Jets may find themselves reeling soon.

5 – Sanchez and Holmes: A Hollywood Ending In Miami

Remember the final game of 2011? Holmes was kicked out of the huddle, Sanchez was awful, and an alleged rift between the two became a symbol for the team’s dysfunction.

Yesterday, the pair essentially saved the Jets. Sanchez hit Holmes (9-147, drawing 3 PI calls) for a huge play in OT that set up Folk’s game winner. Exorcising the demons of an overblown stigma that the two have had to live with since New Years day. Hopefully this can springboard their on field chemistry to new heights. The Jets will need it to.

Especially if Revis is gone, the pass rush continues to stumble, and the offense struggles to find answers elsewhere.