No Huddle – New York Jets 1-0 Edition

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the Jets dominant week 1 performance

What a great start for a team that was mocked for going scoreless all summer. That was ridiculed for signing Tim Tebow. That was seen as a publicity grabbing gadget act above being a real football team. It’s only one game, but you know the Jets 48-28 thrashing of a Bills team that so many already anointed as the real threat to the Patriots, will change the conversation. Allow us to help.

1 – 48 Points: Who Knew? Sparano did

Tony Sparano made sure to keep the Bills defense uneasy right from the start. Maybe the Jets don’t have hall of fame wideouts or Jim Brown running the ball, but the players they DO have all got involved in the first quarter. We counted seven different guys touched the ball in a first quarter that shocked anyone who was dialed in to the “Circus.”

Kerley. Hill. Holmes. Heck even Keller AND Cumberland. Greene. Powell. With a little Tebow mixed in to keep the chains moving and the clock rolling. The pass protection was stellar. That’s how you do it. Sunday was the blueprint. It won’t always result in 30 plus points and other teams will provide bigger challenges defensively in the coming weeks, but Sunday’s offense was more creative than any game was that we can remember in years. It gives us hope that the defense won’t have to carry this team. The offense will have days when it does it’s fair share.

2 – Yes Sanchize, You Proved Us Right Sunday, AND Shut Some People Up

As Mark Sanchez was lighting it up in the 2009 Rose Bowl we told a friend by phone that the Jets should move up to grab him. He was exuberant, confident, and decisive.

What has happened to him along the way has been a rocky ride perhaps due to a combination of sorts. Starting with pressure from the start as a rookie on a good defensive team. Add in coddling, a tough local media, sky high expectations in 2011, and a trust in himself that at times over three years wavered. All despite his late game heroics and playoff success.

Against the Bills, with time to throw, Sanchez got the ball out on time, on the run to receivers, and was the clear field general of the team. It’s year four. A season where many say the game slows down and makes sense to signal callers who get so much thrown at them from an X’s and O’s standpoint out of college.

How much higher the ceiling can be for Sanchez is anyone’s guess. What we do know after week one is, he CAN guide his team down the field thoughout an entire game. Let the haters try to diminsih his work yesterday by saying “hey, it was just one game.” Keep the motivation for number 6 going. We love what the doubters have helped fuel already, which is a foundation for success, and for the first time in a long time, a chance for the Jets starting QB to sleep well after a great performance.

3 – NY Post, Now It’s Time For YOU To Jump In The Clown Car

Imagine burying a team that hasn’t played a real game yet. The NY Post couldn’t wait to call the Jets training sessions in Cortland “Camp Chaos” back in July. Probably loved the drawing last week that painted Rex Ryan, Sanchez and Tebow as clowns in a clown car.

Maybe now it’s time to slap a big NY Post logo on a clown car and a bozo nose on the genius who devised the artwork above. Hey, sometimes you gotta eat crow, right? Especially when you are bold enough to be designing cartoon eulogies in August.

4 – That’s EXACTLY How To Use Tim Tebow

The big QB controversy is over. Done. Finished.

What HAS just started however, is the effect that a unique playmaker can have on a team with alot of athletes looking to grow together. Tebow was (5-11 yds) not a big ground gainer, but no carry brought any loss of yardage. All Wildcat touches from him at least kept the offense on schedule and the clock moving.

He even fielded an onsides kick as a member of the “hands team” in a two score game late in the fourth.

We wrote a pre game piece noting that the two headed monster could work if Tebow could be utilized as the “spice,” and Sanchez the “sauce.” That’s what we saw on Sunday. Who knows what the “Tebow-cat” can become down the road too. It’s only one game old.

5 – If You Are Third And Long, The Jets Secondary Can Hurt You

Darrelle Revis, Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie jumped routes. Cro took his pick to the house. Laron Landry forced a fumble on CJ Spiller that set up a late FG in the first half.

If the Jets front four can keep stifling the run game as they did before CJ Spiller got loose a few times, then teams will play right into Ryan’s hands. Second and long and third long situations will allow the Jets secondary, able to play the ball more aggresively thanks to their new safeties, the chance to make BIG plays.

Scoring plays and field position plays.

All aboard…The “Clown Car” leaves for Pittsburgh in the coming days. We wonder how many newcomers will now join the bandwagon. Faces painted with bozo noses and all.