New York Jets Week 2 Report Card – Failing Effort

The grade report for the New York Jets week 2 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Quarterbacks (C) – Mark Sanchez came out of the gates on fire, completing 4 of his 5 first passes for 80 yards and a touchdown. After that, the passing offense went into the tank as he finished an ugly 10/27 for 138 yards. He misfired on a few passes down the field and didn’t seem to be on the same page as his receivers. He wasn’t helped by dropped passes, poor route running and a nonexistent running game but overall this was a disappointing effort.

Tim Tebow had an impressive 22 yard run and sadly might be the best running back this team has right now. I’d rather watch 20 Wildcat runs than 20 2 yard Shonn Greene runs at this point.

Running Backs (D) – Shonn Greene finished up with 11 carries for 23 yards. If you take away his one 9 yard run. He had 10 carries for 14 yards. He also added in a holding penalty and a whiffed block in pass protection for good measure. We are two games into the season and Greene has 38 carries for 117 yards with 1 run for over 10 yards…not even close to good enough. The blame doesn’t fall on the offensive line, Greene doesn’t have the speed to get to the edge and can’t break through to the second level when holes are actually there.

The only reason this isn’t an F is because Bilal Powell showed some elusiveness on a 10 yard run and finished with 3.7 yards per carry which looks great next to Greene’s 3.0 on the season. Joe McKnight also had a nice 12 yard run where be broke a few tackles and made a defender miss…perhaps it is time to give him and Powell a longer look.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends (F) – I will go into this in more detail during our film breakdown but Santonio Holmes was awful yesterday. He spent the entire game whining at the officials, dropping passes and running lazy routes that lacked any measure of the needed preciseness from a number one receiver. Stephen Hill struggled with the Steelers physical coverage. Jeremy Kerley provided a big play with a 45 yard reception but was absent besides it.

Jeff Cumberland missed a hot read that could have converted a first down and didn’t provide anything in the passing game. The Jets really missed Dustin Keller in this one.

Defensive Line (C) – The run defense was terrific as expected, led by Muhammad Wilkerson and Sione Pouha. Yet, the lack of a pass rush was frustrating to see. Quinton Coples is barely on the field and when he has been looks completely lost. Outside of a sack when Ben Roethlisnberger slid behind the line of scrimmage, the defensive line didn’t touch him once.

Linebackers (C) – Way too many missed tackles. David Harris missed two opportunities for a sack. Calvin Pace was nowhere near the quarterback. Garret McIntyre of all people had the game of his life, finishing with 2 sacks, 4 tackles for a loss and 7 tackles. He should become a regular part of the defense moving forward, which means less Bryan Thomas and Aaron Maybin…who has been invisible so far this year.

Secondary (F) – They get a “F” just because of how putrid Antonio Cromartie was on Mike Wallace’s touchdown. What a lazy play that completely lacked any football awareness. LaRon Landry picked up two personal fouls and Kyle Wilson was average at best. Let’s hope Revis is back next week.

Special Teams (D) – Jeremy Kerley’s muffed punt was a killer in the second half. Isaiah Trufant should have downed a punt at the 1 yard line but inexplicably let himself land in the end-zone with the ball. Nick Folk hit his only field goal attempt.

Coaching (D) – Tony Sparano had no counter move when Dick LeBeau adjusted after the Jets first couple of drives. Rex was too conservative at the end of the half and admitted the team had a sloppy/sluggish week of practice. They better be ready to turn it up this week because if they slip up against Miami, 1-2 heading into back to back games against San Francisco and Houston isn’t going to be pretty.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Keith

    The Jets will be fine lets not overreact. 1) our best player Revis was out and Sanchez’s go to guy Keller was also out. The Jets will clean up in Miami and get to 2-1. The Jets then face the 49ers and the Texans. If the Jets can get to 3-2 we should be fine. The jets can shut down Andre Johnson with revis and leave 9 guys in box to stop the Texans run game. We need to beat the Texans, I just don’t see our team being tough enough to beat the 49ers. The Steelers had the leagues best defense last year so lets not forget that it was a tall task in the first place. The Jets are still in 1st place in the AFC East and that wont change this week vs. Miami.

  • Joe

    the running game was horrible. they should make tebow the #1 running back and have sanchez hand off to him with powell and greene as #2 and #3. why make all the headlines and bring in tebow if your going to use him for 3 plays on a team he beat in the playoffs last year?

  • Linnie

    I was completely confused by the Jets use (or lack)of Tim Tebow yesterday. As others have said, we already know he beat the Steelers last year so why not utilize him more. And when they did put him in (3rd quarter), he immediately ran for a 22 yd gain followed by a 12 yd run by McKnight; Shonn Greene’s busted play and 6 yd loss immediately brought Sanchez back on the field and pulled Tim out. Why? One bad play and the Wildcat’s history for this game? Makes no sense to me at all. So Sanchez comes back in and … does nothing for the remainder of the game. But we never see Tim Tebow again. Scratching my head over this one.

    And to compound my confusion, I turn on ESPN this morning and there is Stephen A. Smith, who is NOT a fan of Tebow at all, actually agreeing with Skip Bayless that Tebow should have had more playing time yesterday. Go figure!

    But there’s a reason for everything and a plan in place … we don’t know what that is, but it will all unfold as the weeks wear on. I think Rex is ‘running scared’ about having Tebow in there too much because he fears that ‘dreaded’ quarterback controversy. So, instead, he blows a game leaving Sanchez in there til the end.

  • Mark Phelan

    Most troubling was the coaching.

    I could not believe slow-ass Harris having single coverage on a TE! I couldn’t believe how after all these games against Pitt, and all the film, defensive GENIUS Rex can’t figure out how to contain their QB. OK everyone has trouble bringing him down, but not everyone is The Best Defensive Coach in football! The defense STUNK!

    Playing out clock at end of First Half is BS!!!

    No running lanes from OL – at least they did fine job on pass protection.

    Is it possible that the talent is not there?

  • Joe Holland Jr

    I really though the Jets would be a little better then this. But they looked like a team that dont want to be on the field. I really think bringing in Tony Sparano was a big mistake also because he could not figure out how to produce any offensive at all. Maybe we should part ways with Sanchez and get a QB that understands you have to get rid of the ball before the pocket collapses. He holds the ball to long and all this he needs time to grow is getting old. If the Jets want to win a super Bowl it wont be with Sanchez because he does not have what it takes to win games in the clutch. And it seems like the team lacks leadership. Sorry Jet fans i truely love our Jets but it hurts to watch whats going on. Very dissapointed Jets fan. The Steelers are a good team but the Jets beat themselfs and cant win when it counts. And maybe its time to stop making excuses for Revis and Keller. I think they are crying to much and missing way to much playing time.