Initial Reaction – As Bad As It Gets, Awful Jets Fall To 2-2

The New York Jets embarrassed themselves in a 34-0 loss

The New York Jets put on a sorry display today at MetLife Stadium, in what was arguably the low point of Rex Ryan’s tenure as head coach. You can make a very real argument that the Jets are one of the five worst teams in the NFL right now. Not only do they lack talent across the board on both sides of the ball, they seem to have no type of coherent plan on how to best maximize what talent they do have. They were beat down by a far superior team today, who played far from their best game and actually left the door open for the Jets to remain competitive into the 3rd quarter.

Mark Sanchez was brutal, completing less than 50% of his passes for the third straight week. In today’s NFL that stat throws serious questions on whether he can be a successful quarterback for this team anymore. What also throws that into question was his demeanor in his post-game press conference, where he carried a care free attitude about his turnovers and general play. How can he still remain this careless with the football? He threw another interception at the line of scrimmage and was stripped from behind as he showed no ball security awareness.

The whole attitude of the team was generally infuriating to watch. You have Kyle Wilson repeatedly getting beat deep and then taunting the opposing receiver when he is overthrown by Alex Smith. He is a first round pick who has no concept of how to play the football in the air and should be no higher than a 4th cornerback on a quality NFL defense. Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas, despite their sacks today are past their primes as capable NFL starting linebackers. David Harris, despite being the league’s highest paid linebacker could potentially lead the league in missed tackles thus far this season.

You are basically looking at a slow front seven, a shorthanded secondary and an offense that is comically understaffed. There is no team with a worse collection of skill position players in the NFL than the Jets right now. Santonio Holmes is getting a MRI tomorrow for a foot injury he sustained today and is going to miss time. Jeff Cumberland? Clyde Gates? Patrick Turner? Shonn Greene had another inspiring 11 carry, 34 yard performance. Tim Tebow brought nothing to the table. How is this team supposed to score points?

The Jets have 8 days to get their act together in some type of away before hosting Houston, the league’s best all around team in primetime. That game has the potential to be every bit as ugly as today was…except in front of the whole country. The Jets have problems that start with owner, carry down to the GM, to the quarterback and all the way through to the bottom of their roster. Will they fight or will they just say “too bad” like Sanchez did in his press conference?

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • JC

    They can’t heal Revis and Holmes in 8 days. What happened in week one? We’re the bills that bad in week one? It blows. Time is up for Mike T. Rex gets another year.

  • Mark Phelan

    Holmes – more worried about himself than the team, threw the ball in the air for a 50 yard TD for SF. This sums it up for me. Prima Donnas orchestrated by the biggest one – Rex. Who are they kidding. We can see with our own eyes how bad this is. They have no guts, no team cohesiveness, no coaching worth a damn.

    Joe, you are right! SF did not even play a particularly good game. They played well as a team, but it was more the Jets stinking that SF playing the game of the year.

  • mike

    of all the problems the jets have (and they have problems in every single area except at punter), i really think sanchez is the biggest obstacle. he misses open receivers and has no ability to complete into tight windows. his completion percentage is a joke and he barely even throws the ball over 15 yards. obviously tebow would have lost this game. i’m not saying he’s the answer or anything like that. but sanchez is a legitimate contender for worst starting qb in the nfl.

    his fumble at the end of the half was inexcusable, especially considering how many times he’s given away possession just from not tucking the ball away. he left three points on the field, which would have cut the deficit to 4 at halftime (with the ball to start the third quarter). the jets still would have lost, because they didn’t do anything right after that play. but the fumble was ridiculous, and the kid just doesn’t seem to be able to hold onto the ball.

    3.6 yards per passing attempt today. i don’t care what defense you’re going against, in the nfl that won’t cut it. most teams in the league wouldn’t hesitate to bench a starter who put up three weeks like sanchez just has. why are we continuing to let him off the hook?

  • Sanchez basicly said he was not afraid of loosing his Job today … because he knows Tim Tebow is ACTUALLY worse the He is! We could have brought in Vince Young, Travaris Jackson or even Jason Cambell to run the wildcat and potentially throw the ball beyond 3 yards… But NOO we had to get Tebow!!!

  • mike

    one last gem, jets regular season rush defense totals since rex took over:

    2009 – 1578 yds
    2010 – 1454 yds
    2011 – 1777 yds
    2012 – 691 yds thru 4 games (on pace for 2764)

    obviously a lot goes into these totals, but our defensive guru of a head coach has his defense getting worse at an alarming rate.

  • Jay

    Worst talent evaluators in the league – Tashard Choice would be our starting RB and Kellen Winslow our best receiver if they were on the Jets – unfortunately, we have a coaching staff that compares Greene to Michael Turner, leaves Hill in the game after he pulls up lame on a deep fly (football coaching 101), and offensive play calling as innovative as my 8th grade team…