No Huddle – New York Jets Pre-Season Recap

TJ Rosenthal goes No Huddle on the positives and negatives we saw from the New York Jets first pre-season game

TJ Rosenthal is back with his weekly No Huddle piece, this week focusing on the good, the bad…and the very ugly from the New York Jets pre-season opener. Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter and to check back later in the day for further coverage and analysis – 

Well one preseason game is now in the books and with it an opportunity to feel good in some way about the new offense right out of the gates.

Oh well.

It is time to move on towards a date with the world champs on Saturday but before we do, we huddle up and run some quick outs. Or shall we say, roll right screens to John Conner, regarding the past weekend –

1 – Coples the Game Changer?

Rookie Quinton Coples made plays. He stopped runs, tipped passes and got to the QB. A game full of production that topped the entire career of Vernon Gholston, the last pass rushing hope the Jets selected in the first round, in just one night.

The question is, can Coples get on the fast track now and become a real game changing force. A Jason Pierre Paul type of disrupter who can help cover up struggling offenses and any holes in the secondary that may arise during a game. If so, the Jets will have gained a much needed home run hitter. After all, Tim Tebow can’t line up on defense and rush the passer too.

2 – Offensive line, Stop Being Offensive

OC Tony Sparano says that the five sacks the Jets gave up Friday night were due to the lack of scheming for Cincy.


We did notice a few stunts or two but are you telling us that Mike Pettine doesn’t dial up a few criss crosses in Cortland during the week? Linemen have to communicate. Running backs have to chip in and chip. Football 101. Simple as that. If this doesn’t improve, the Jets record of 8-8 from 2011 won’t either.

3 – Tebow The Playmaker

Tim Tebow is not a pocket passer. Never will be. On a team with few proven touchdown makers however, he is a necessity right now.

We all saw what he did out there. In typical Tebow fashion he moved chains and created a threat to be accounted for. He wasn’t pretty, in dodging tacklers and rarely is. If the Jets can’t block though,  he’ll be needed more often to escape jailbreak pressure. His attributes are best suited for that type of desperation.

Don’t hate on him Jets nation. Be thankful that he provides the Jets with that choice.

4 – No Wildcat Marvin Lewis? Then Don’t Blitz Either

Now we already discussed the Jets struggles in protecting Mark Sanchez, Tebow and Greg McElroy. Apparently however, Marvin Lewis called Rex Ryan Friday morning and asked him not to run the Wildcat during the game. Fine, then why did Lewis send blitzers to get after any Jets signal callers?

If you’re asking a team to play vanilla then do the same.

5 – Safeties In The Same Zip Code As Tight Ends

How shocking was it to see Bengals tight ends covered? OK so nobody out there resembled Gronk and Hernandez but it is a start. We’ve moved from not being in the same time zone over the past few seasons, to being in the same zip code as tight ends.

It was a welcome sight.

Now if the Jets defense can build off of this, and actually take away the middle of the field option from opposing QBs once in a while, that would be the next step in the growth towards becoming the shut down unit Ryan and Co expect to be in 2012.