New York Jets: Stop Apologizing and Justifying

TJ Rosenthal on the New York Jets not concerning themselves with outside perception of their team

TJ Rosenthal checks in with another strong take about the current state of the New York Jets. Make sure to follow TJ on Twitter. Jets/Bengals is only two days away…watch the game in style. Check back later this afternoon for TOJ’s weekly beat writer rankings.  

They brawl with each other, when they aren’t busy saying whatever they feel like, whenever they they feel like it. They have a backup QB who plays smashmouth positions, yet feel the need to state every day that the guy ahead of him is the “clear cut” starter. Rookies are all over the field over veterans with experience as many wonder if youth can overcome the lack of years. All of this and more, being visible to the naked eye due to unbridled summer access again, this time thanks to ESPN. With it all though, whether or not one agrees with the club’s media policy or personnel choices, the Jets have to realize that they owe nobody an apology for any of this. Gang Green is responsible for just one thing. Being ready to rumble INSIDE of the ring when the bell rings. Starting Friday night against the Bengals.

Let’s go through some items that the Jets have no reason to explain at this time:

Knock It Off Boomer, You Had Your Chance

Former Jet QB, Boomer Esiason told the world boldly on Monday that Tim Tebow should be cut, because he can’t throw. Well the last time we checked the record book, Esiason’s rocket arm still read “2-10” as starter during his 1995 season with Gang Green. A 15-27 tenure overall in New York. A year in which by the way, he got KO’d for the season in Buffalo. He may not have the perfect mechanics, but a ten count AND presiding over a loser from behind center? Hey, that’s at least two things the arm challenged Tebow hasn’t come across yet either.

Tebow wins.

Tebow as a baller will be at his best as a runner who can throw. Whose roles will develop and become cemented more as his success from certain positions becomes apparent.

The Jets don’t have to explain how he will be used. What they ought to do instead, is realize that a more consistent arm should move soon to QB2. Whether it be the kids in camp or a cheap vet brought in. To do so would not be acknowledging a mistake in seeing Tebow as the number two. It would be strengthening a potential weakness.

If used right, this FOOTBALL PLAYER can help. The Jets need to stop feeling as though they need to send out a memo as to how and when it will all take place. Even if Hannah Storm and Ron Jaworski and Sal Paolantonio need to know now.

Woody Johnson says he’s surprised by the coverage surrounding Tebow but would be better off saying that he expected it. It shouldn’t matter either way since deep down Johnson has to feel that the kid will make plays. That’s why he was brought here first and foremost anyway, even if yes, he sells more merch than Lady Ga Ga.

Cro With An Ill Timed Thought, Not Exactly Breaking News

Antonio Cromartie said something ridiculous last week. Yes, and the sun rose and set each day all across the world as well. The Jets have an open door policy with players who tell you what they feel all the time. Often times the emotional words become headlines. If the Jets don’t like it, they can change the policy. That, or expect more nonsense.

On a trivial scale of an analogy of course, the Jets media approach is kind of like the 2nd amendment controversy. If the gun laws don’t change, the tragedies will continue. If the Jets want to stop the extra curricular chatter they have to close the doors and batten down the hatches. Changing their own amendment that was created once Eric Mangini was voted out office. Otherwise, let it ride.

Sanchez is the Starter? We Know That.

Mark Sanchez is more polished, more in command, more able to do more things with his arm consistently. He is the starter. The Jets have said it enough so as to let the outside world know that there is no QB controversy here. Enough already.

We understand the need for Rex and Co. to have gotten out in front of this story from the podium. Now it’s time put it to bed and start focusing on Sanchez running the offense well, and growing the young weapons he has to throw to. While considering the addition of a few vets for him along the way.

We are bordering now on too much noise about who the “clear cut” starter is, and not, in Jets nation, taking enough time to consider what a corps minus Santonio Holmes would really look like. If the rib scare wasn’t enough to strike fear in Jets brass, we’re not sure what it will take.

Are Hill, Kerely, Schilens and Turner enough?

Sanchez is the starter. We get it. Now keep an eye on things and make sure that he has what he needs on the outside so he doesn’t struggle. Forcing more post game quotes that support 6, as the Tebowmaniacs get louder.

Camp Fights Are As Old As Camps Themselves.

Teams fight. Brothers throw punches at the dinner table. People battling for jobs are desperate warriors with nothing to lose. These truths are as old as the bible.

Ryan has spent time this week trying to discipline his brawlers and hey, that’s a good thing. There is a fine line between “physical” and “illogical.” Sexy Rexy does not however, have to send players on extra laps primarily to show a nation of cable voyeurs that he is in control. He must do so only to draw the line between smart and tough, and what is dumb.

The 2012 Jets are a work in progress on many fronts. From the rookies being asked to contribute, to Tony Sparano’s new blend of the ground and pound with a wise aerial attack, to a new commitment towards being a shutdown defense again.

Stop apologizing. Stop justifying. Just come out of that tunnel and begin to head down the road that has been drawn up on paper. One that reads, “run hard, play physical, make the opponents go three and out, no turnovers.” Simple. Less sexy than the headline grabbers the Jets hand the media every day, but the formula for success that Ryan believes will get the Jets back on track.

Stay focused. Never mind what those outside of the bubble think or say.