No Huddle – Early Jets Training Camp News

TJ Rosenthal breaks down some early trends in New York Jets training camp

TJ Rosenthal is back with his weekly No Huddle, looking at some early trends from New York Jets training camp in Cortland, New York. Make sure to give TJ a follow on Twitter and check back later in the day for a feature on running back Bilal Powell. We will also resume our Beat Writers Power Rankings this Wednesday, so send suggestions to myself, Chris Gross or Mike Donnelly


ESPN covered the Jets practice from Cortland today. PRACTICE? Yes, practice. For three hours. ‘Whose town is this” we ask in New York? Never mind that. ‘Whose country is this?’ may be the more appropriate question. Especially odd when you consider the insanity of showing anyone’s late July practice in full. Not to mention choosing to do it with a team that’s coming off an 8-8 year and is entering the new campaign with a host of question marks. And oh yeah, one that also happens to be owners of some guy named Tim Tebow.

Sanchez vs Tebow: Media pitch counts this early were to be expected but nonetheless lead us to nowhere. The proof will be in the pudding on the field. As for what we saw this morning on ESPN, Mark Sanchez missed Stephen Hill on a deep out and Ron Jaworski called it a throw that “he has to make.” Minutes later though,Tebow tried to go deep down the middle of the field and should’ve been picked off. A play that Jaws applauded due to Tebow’s ability to “challenge himself.”

One guy gets the whip, the other gets the whip cream. With a cherry on top.

The station is calling this a competition, but is it really? We keep hearing from the Jets that it’s not. That Tebow will simply have packages designed for him. Well, THAT storyline isn’t juicy enough to keep national cameras and a crew upstate all morning so to keep hope alive, beauty will just have to be in the eye of the beholder, or analyst from snap to snap. With glass half full reports defining one or the other, even when there is no water. Just to rev things up.

Get used to it.

Tebow Shirtless: Goodness, didn’t we all just know that the Saturday Twitter explosion over Tebow in a rainstorm was headed for a guaranteed back page?

Beyond the infinite hype and attention surrounding the most famous QB2 ever, is a tough runner who gains yards even when a stadium of 80,000 know he’s carrying the rock. Shirt or no shirt, give him 5-10 shots with the ball, and line him up as a decoy as well. Please.

Don’t do it to sell tickets. Do it to win games.

Revis Hamstring: It’s a tweak. Not an excuse due to his contract drama.

In fact, 24 played during drills today, further proving that he is here to play, not to provide a sequel to his 2010 summer story. Going further though, what would a Jet defense without him actually look like? The thought of it is nightmarish isn’t it?

His lockdown skills allow Rex Ryan flexibility in so many ways. So no more tweaks please, Revis Island. Let us enjoy the last month of the summer without having to hold our breath underwater in some swimming pool or ocean by a Long Island a beach. Thank you.

Skill Position Depth On Offense: What depth? As of this moment, should Santonio Holmes and Shonn Greene both be sidelined at the same time, there would not be one RB or WR with consecutive games of ten carries or five receptions in the NFL on this roster to turn to.

Is there youth and speed and power in both corps? Absolutely. Experience? Hardly any.

Red alert.

Camp Chaos” Aren’t news sources supposed to report news AFTER it happens? The NY Post doesn’t. Our favorite coffee in the morning paper, decided to jump the story of Jets camp by labeling arrival day last week the way it believed things would turn out eventually this summer.

In chaos. Of course the catch phrase took place before one Jet had even put his uniform on yet.

It’s 2012 now last time we checked. Hey Post, let the Jets help you define them by what they do from here on in. At least a little bit. Not solely by how they ended 2011. We are not asking for softball type rosy depictions, or courteous home town slants. Just reasonable paintings of the picture. That’s all.

Call it chaos if and when it becomes that. It’s not nearly there yet.