New York Jets: On Hard Knocks, Rugby and Jerseys


New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has stirred the pot on rumors of the team doing HBO’s Hard Knocks for the second time in three years. Despite a reported less than enthusiastic response from Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and some of the players. I think the impact it has on the team’s success is overstated. We saw them reach the AFC Championship the last time the cameras were in training camp and if anything they’d be more prepared for the extra cameras this time around. Beyond that, there is already going to be a excessive media presence because of Tim Tebow so why not entertain the fans? Hard Knocks has no impact on the X’s and O’s…Wayne Hunter and Eric Smith as starters do.

The Jets have turned some heads with the signing of former rugby star Hayden Smith to play tight end. The big fella is 6 foot 6, 265 pounds and runs a 4.75 forty. It is hard to have any real expectations for somebody who has never played the game but you hope he could quickly pick up some blocking skills and use his size to shield off defenders in the passing game to become a contributor eventually. At a minimum, he will be an intriguing person to watch throughout training camp and the pre-season. You can’t fault the Jets front office for creativity in attempting to find talent.

I wouldn’t expect the Jets to make another move in free agency until a few weeks after the draft, when they will likely check out Braylon Edwards depending on if they select any wide receivers in the first few rounds.

The new Nike jerseys were released yesterday…no big changes for the Jets. Maybe when the alternates are unveiled, we will see a different option for them to wear besides the hideous blue and gold Titans jerseys.

The focus is going to shift to the NFL Draft in the coming weeks, where there remains 7-10 viable options on the table for the Jets in round one. Look for our coverage to become much more draft heavy leading up to April 26th.

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