Can New York Jets Running Game Be Dominant?


The New York Jets were 22nd in the NFL last season when it came to running the football, finishing with 105.8 yards per game. In 2009, Rex Ryan’s first year, they finished first in the league at 172.2 yards per game and in 2010 they dropped to fourth at 148.4 yards per game. Obviously, they are trending the wrong way and last year clearly failed to keep the “Ground” in “Ground and Pound.”

What is it going to take for the Jets running game to return to its once dominant form?

First off, the hiring of Tony Sparano to replace Brian Schottenheimer would seem to be a step in the right direction. Schottenheimer became increasingly pass happy in the previous two years, while the general impression of Sparano is that he is content to operate a run heavy offense. We know that Mark Sanchez performs at a higher level when the running game is humming and he could work off play action. Beyond that, a successful running game will help mask some of the inevitable problems the Jets will have protecting Sanchez with somebody like Wayne Hunter or Vlad Ducasse at right tackle.

Second, the Jets current group of running backs has so far proven to be nothing special. Shonn Greene has looked like a back who needs a strong compliment and isn’t capable of creating big plays. Joe McKnight has never really been given the chance to use his abilities on offense and Bilal Powell looked very average when given opportunities last season. The Jets are going to need Greene to run with the explosiveness he did during his rookie year and for McKnight to provide the compliment he needs. We saw Reggie Bush flourish in Miami last year, McKnight has a similar skill set and should be able to use his speed to create plays on the edges.

The real x-factor this season with the running game is Tim Tebow. I was not in favor of the trade for a variety of reasons, but at a minimum Tebow should provide a much needed shot in the arm to the Jets rushing attack. His ability to run the ball himself will provide another compliment to Greene and will open up lanes for both Greene and McKnight when the Jets are using the Wildcat or option.

Tebow rushed for 660 yards last season at 5.4 yards per carry. If the Jets had added a running back who did that last season, you’d be excited about them finding a needed 1B back to Greene right? There is no reason the Jets shouldn’t punish teams in short yardage situations with Tebow, Greene and fullback John Conner. Tebow’s threat to keep the ball will also create big creases on the edge for McKnight to take advantage of his speed on option pitches or sweeps.

The Jets haven’t done much this offseason to improved their passing game, pass rush or ability to cover the tight end yet by bringing in Sparano and Tebow, they have taken strides to move back towards having a dominant running game. A dominant running game has the ability to mask many other problems.

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  • Joe Holland Jr

    First of all i think the Jets should make a move up to go after Trent Richardson if they want to run the ball. Or maybe bring in someone like Lamichael James if he is there in the second round. And i also like Chris Rainey from Florida for the speed he has and he could help the Jets out in more ways out of the backfield,Punt returns,and Kickoffs and set him up in the wildcat he would frustrate alot of coaches to defend him where ever you put him he will cause other coaches nightmares. Plus he is better then Devin Hester on the Bears returning Kicks. Look at the field position he could set the jets up with, with his speed. Ask Tim TEBOW HE PLAYED WITH HIM IN FLORIDA. SPECIAL TALENT CHRIS RAINEY. If the Jets get him sit back and make some popcorn and watch the show he puts on. Ive seen him play at Florida and he is ELECTRIC.

  • Joe Holland Jr

    I would love to see the Jets trade a draft pick or do something with the Eagles to get Asante Samuels to help our secondary and he would be a great fit with REX,s Defense.

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