Analysis Of New York Jets 2012 Schedule


Full New York Jets 2012 Schedule

When it comes to analyzing the NFL schedule, it is crucial to keep in mind how much things will change from now until these games are actually played. If you follow the league, you understand the turnover from year to year and even from week to week. That being said, who doesn’t want to pick through this right now? Let’s take a closer look –

Bills Mafia – The New York Jets open and close the season with the Buffalo Bills…or Fredo of the AFC East as I like to call them. You can be sure that everybody will be picking the Bills to eclipse the Jets in the AFC East as the main competitor to the New England Patriots. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets were underdogs despite being at home week 1. They have a great opportunity to knock the air out of the Bills hype balloon right out of the gate.

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Rough Start – The Jets play three playoff teams from 2011, outside of the New England Patriots and all three of them come before week 6. In week 2 they are at Pittsburgh, in week 4 they are home against San Francisco and then in week 5 they will be at home on Monday Night against Houston. Plenty of people will be picking a 49ers/Texans Super Bowl…the Jets get them back to back in their building.

Perfect Split – Week 9 is the bye week for the Jets, which splits the season perfectly in half. In the first half, they have 5 home games and 3 road games. In the second half, they have 5 road games and 3 home games. Yet, they don’t play a single team who made the playoffs last year outside of New England.

Primetime – 4 of them for the Jets, including the headliner home Thanksgiving game against New England. It is hard to find another game to be more excited about. Start telling your family now you’ll be busy for the holiday…

Divisional Breakdown – The Jets have Buffalo in week 1 and week 17, New England in week 7 and week 12 and Miami in week 3 and week 8.

Friendly Break – The bye week is directly before the Jets cross country trip to play in Seattle.

Rough Break – After Seattle, the Jets play in St. Louis and then have 4 days to get ready for New England on Thanksgiving at home.

No predictions yet…we will have enough of those on the draft in the next week