Wise Words From Antonio Cromartie…Yes Him, On Tim Tebow


“We don’t need (Tim) Tebow. We sellout every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can be run by Jeremy Kerley or Joe McKnight. We straight.”
-Antonio Cromartie

For once, there is some truth to what Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie told reporters yesterday, and I actually agree with him. Not that I am surprised that Cro decided to open his mouth on the subject, but really the Jets don’t need Tebow to run an effective Wildcat offense, and for what reason would they want to anyways? Jets fans always hear talk about how they want to get back to the “ground and pound” style of play, the same style that got them to back-to-back AFC title games, but that formula doesn’t necessarily have to include Tim Tebow at quarterback.

In my mind, that formula has to include a productive running back who allows Mark Sanchez to be the quarterback he truly is, not one who has to step outside of his comfort zone, and make plays that he can’t make. Just because Tony Spurano was successful in running the Wildcat with the Dolphins, does not mean that is the type of team the Jets need to be. Do I think the wildcat would be nice change of pace for the Jets offense? Yes, it absolutely would be, but it would be just that, a nice change of pace. A change of pace that we have already seen Jeremy Kerley do an effective job at.

Bringing in a guy like Tim Tebow would only make matters worse for the Jets. Just a short while after Jets brass made it a point to show their confidence in their quarterback Mark Sanchez by signing him to a three year extension worth 40.5 million, the Jets are quick to show their interest in a QB that has double the amount of flaws Mark does. Instead of going out and getting Tebow, why not go out and get a productive running back? Or hey, how about strengthening that suspect offensive line who we saw get beat time after time last season.

Antonio Cromartie may not be a football mastermind, but what he said was right. The Jets have the players on offense to run the Wildcat effectively. They don’t need to bring in a whole new quarterback, a one-dimensional one at that, to run the Wildcat. It seems as though the Jets are confusing “ground and pound” with the Wildcat. It would be a complete mistake to bring Tim Tebow to New York…a complete mistake.

  • Betty

    I am surprised at the NFL. I am a Tebow fan, and I plan to follow him from team to team. Sue me. For me, a team’s players are the team, not a logo, a color, or some other token. Tim got shafted by the Broncos. For some, saying it is “just business” explains away the scumminess of it all. You can have a business and still not do people wrong.

    I have to buy into this new team, and I have to say, I am not impressed. I have been reading up on their troubles, and so far there is not much to make a fan smile. This team is NOT the team I would have wanted him to go to, but this team is what he got, what his fans got, and I hope this team gets its stuff together and WINS. In spite of all the bad feelings, hating, and ridiculous rhetoric, there is a team in there. Tim is a footballer, he can play, and he will be an asset. What does this guy care if management adds someone to the roster?

    Seems to me that Tebow had nothing at all to do with the team turmoil. Yeah, like they were doing so great before Tim was traded. Say, how racist is it anyway to call a Mexican-American QB “lazy?” Someone on the team should be ashamed. Anyway, get used to it, someone who doesn’t waste time doing stupid stuff has now arrived. Leave him alone and let him play football.