New York Jets Moving To Next Tier Of Free Agents

After losing out on Reggie Nelson, the New York Jets have shifted their focus to a new crop of players

It is fair to be disappointed about Reggie Nelson clearly using the New York Jets to jack up the price on the Cincinnati Bengals, who he chose to re-sign with. Nelson is a rangy, athletic player who would have been an immediate upgrade at free safety. However, Nelson is a good…not great player and thus not worth despairing over for too long. It is certainly too early to feel like the Miami Dolphins, who couldn’t recruit a player they wanted if they offered him a share of ownership and named the stadium after him.

The Jets continue to have a viable chance at LaRon Landry, who visited the team’s facility over the weekend. Landry has the potential to be a quality strong safety who spends most of time inside the box. It is important that the Jets don’t overpay for him however, as he has major durability concerns. Landry is cut in a similar mode to Eric Smith but is more physically talented and would allow Smith to move back to the situational player role he thrived in.

The team is also expressing interest in OJ Atogwe, who has the ability to fill the hole at free safety. Atogwe is coming off a disappointing season in Washington, but who doesn’t have disappointing seasons in Washington? He was a very productive player in St. Louis from 2006-2010 and would be a nice upgrade for the Jets over Jim Leonhard whose health status remains unclear at this point.

It is also being reported the Jets are considering former Green Bay Packers safety/corner Jarrett Bush. While he is a versatile player with some upside, it is doubtful the team views him as a full time option at safety. He would more likely be a replacement for Donald Strickland and Marquice Cole in the Jets nickel/sub packages and on special teams.

On offense, the Jets are bringing in wide receiver Donnie Avery for a visit. Avery is a burner who has had health issues (sound familiar?) similar to Chaz Schilens, Avery is a low cost/potentially high reward player.

Inside linebacker Jameel McClain remains on the market so it will be interesting to see if the Jets work on bringing him in for a visit in the coming days. We know the team is interested and he gives them the ability to cut ties with Bart Scott.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports


    Jets are treating their fan like shit. Get put through 8-8 season and they make these petty moves. Still no running back or guard. Sanchez will get killed again and then blamed again. Tebow would really light a fire under Sanchez.

  • Joe Holland Jr

    First of all the Jets dont need a guard they need a RT. Good old Wayne Hunter needs to be cut and replaced by Kareem Mckenzie from the NYG. And please do not go after Ronnie Brown or Ben Jarvis Green Ellis just because they are cheap. Make a trade with someone that would be an upgrade. Or go after Michael Bush then you have a good threat in the backfield. And one more player you could add at a cheap price would be Tim Tebow he would also push Mark Sanchez to work harder. He could be brought in for special packages and fool defenses if done right and add an extra runningback to the mix. I think he would bring in another look that defenses would hate. Do something big for NY JET FANS to get excited about. Make a trade for a DE OR A QUALITY LB. How about this ive heard Dwight Freeney could be had in a trade for either draft picks or add an unhappy Bart Scott to the mix. Or trade for OSI and put together something better then what you are doing. Injured players dont impress me they worry me. Paying for injured players is a risky business. I like L Landry but he is coming off achiles injury and Schilins coming off knee surgery and now i here you are interested in Donny Avery another knee surgery. Stop making stupid moves Mike T.

  • andyman

    Ground and pound with Tebow????

  • Simon

    Why is there a picture of Sean Taylor?