New York Jets: What Is A Successful Off-Season?

What will be considered a successful off-season for the New York Jets?

The upcoming New York Jets off-season is likely going to disappoint a large portion of the team’s fanbase. Every need isn’t going to be filled. That being said, what do the Jets have to take care of, at a minimum, in the upcoming months for Mike Tannenbaum to do a satisfactory job?

It starts up front on both sides of the football, which means getting Sione Pouha signed to a 2-3 year deal to make sure he can keep anchoring the Jets run defense. On offense, that means bringing in a veteran right tackle to compete with Wayne Hunter, somebody along lines of a Vernon Carey. The offensive line should also be supported with a mid-round pick to develop.

Improving the pass rush is of equal priority. Mario Williams isn’t happening. There are a few decent stopgap players available in free agency like Anthony Spencer and Manny Lawson. If Tannenbaum is thinking big on draft day, it should be at this position. The Jets aren’t going to need to sell the farm to move up to get an elite pass rusher but if they need to move up to the 12-14 range to get their guy, Tannenbaum shouldn’t hesitate.

Safety is a position the Jets could address in free agency and support with a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Tyvon Branch or Michael Griffin are worth the investment on the open market and look for Jim Leonhard to be brought back on a veteran’s minimum deal to provide depth.

There is a need at wide receiver but compared to right tackle, linebacker, and safety the need is a luxury. Don’t be shocked if the Jets don’t add a starting caliber free agent at receiver. This is a run first team and the priority to spend in free agency at the position is lower than other spots on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jets add a mid-round receiver with some size and go into camp with him, Jeremy Kerley and Patrick Turner competing for reps opposite of Santonio Holmes, with Dustin Keller having a much larger role split out at receiver, while the team signs a blocking tight end to pair with him.

Beyond that, another quarterback is going to be brought in. I have a tough time seeing it being anyone besides Chad Henne on a cheap, one year deal. It is a necessary, logical move considering his history with Tony Sparano.

Hypothetically, if Tannenbaum brought back Pouha, signed Vernon Carey to play right tackle, signed Branch or Griffin at safety, and Henne to be the backup quarterback and then on draft day got a pass rushing OLB in round one, along with a safety and wide receiver in the middle rounds. Would you consider that a successful off-season? I would.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Tom Moore

    I would like Nick Toon in the 3rd round… hopefully hes there

  • there is no saftey in free agency worth picking up. i much rather see them re-sign brodney cause there gonna start eric smith again this season period. they should look for a safety in the 2 or 3 round of the draft. i also think the jets wont go for an offensive tackle in free agency either. i think they want to see ducasse and wayne battle it out. vlad is in his third year, he knows how the nfl works, and he finally has a true off season as a veteran. they havent given up on him yet especially now that he would finally have a real chance of winning a job. there is no pass rusher worth taking in free agency either other than mario who we’re not going for anyway. so they should draft not one but two pass rushers in this years draft. also i think that they should go for a receiver in this years free agency period. its one of the best and deepest its been at the wide receiver position. kerly is gonna be a great slot receiver and patrick does not cut it at the two. remember holmes is not a true # 1 receiver he is more like a 1a guy, he needs someone on the other side that is good enough a threat to take the pressure a coverage off of him. i think they should go for pierre garson. i love this guy (no homo) and we all know what he can do if u know what i mean. they should get anthony fasano when he gets cut and try to resign rob turner

  • Angel

    Well Joe, I actually disagree with you a bit – not completely though. Tannenbaum must address EVER deficiency in this team with the significant majority turning out to be successful outcomes for this offseason to be successful.

    Here’s a short list in no particular order:

    1. Quality backup to push Sanchez [Henne because he knows the system or Sage Rosenfels] and quality QB coaching [get Pennington in there as a coach or assistant or something].

    2. A bruiser RB to pair up with Shonn Greene [Cedric Benson or LenDale White] freeing up McKnight as a speedster change of pace.

    3. RT – High priority in draft [rounds 1 – 3] to start immediately AND add quality depth like Vernon Carey. I was ranting about this position beginning last year.

    4. LG – High priority – sign Carl Nicks giving you a quality backup in Matt Slausen to move around the OL plus more depth with Vlad Ducasse [Adam Snyder may be good too].

    5. TE – Blocker possession receiver to pair up with Dustin Keller [draft in middle rounds], Cumberland should help next year.

    6. WR – SIGN Robert Meachem, Mario Mario Manningham, Laurent Robinson, or Mike Wallace!! NOW!! Start that guy opposite Holmes with Kerley in the slot. High priority in draft [rounds 1 – 3] to eventually replace Holmes [need SIZE and SPEED!]

    7. DE – High priority in draft [rounds 1 – 3 — WHICH I INSISTED ON LAST YEAR] AND, sign Anthony Spencer, Dave Tollefson, or move Kenrick Ellis to strong-side DE opposite Wilkerson.

    8. OLB – Draft later rounds – develop a couple Speedsters, let them sit a couple years and learn behind Pace and Thomas. Go after Ahmad Brooks or Wesley Woodyard.

    9. DB – SAFETIES – High priority in draft [rounds 1 – 4] to start immediately. Sign FA like Tyvon Branch, Jordan Babineaux or bring back Dwight Lowery at FS.

    10. If the Jets do nothing to successfully address RT, S, or DE they have failed. PERIOD!

  • Joe Caporoso

    Thanks for the responses guys

    EStar – This team can’t survive with Pool and Smith at safety, not in a division with Gronk and Hernandez. I’ve given up on Ducasse as a potential starter and it would be enormously risky to have the RT solution by him and Hunter competing. They need a more stable/dependable option. Garcon would be great but I have tough time seeing Indy let him walk.


    1) I think Henne will be brought in.
    2) Another RB would be nice but it has to be on the cheap. Maybe Tashard Choice.
    3) Agree, although I’d rather see a OLB in round 1. Let Carey hold the fort for a year and get your RT in round 3.
    4) Nicks is going to cost way…way..way too much money. Won’t happen.
    5) Fasano if he gets cut, makes sense.
    6) Would love Meachem or L. Robinson. Wallace is too expensive. Not sure Jets will spend money at WR with other holes
    7) Their pass rushing will come from OLB position. DEs in Rex’s system are meant to stop the run.
    8) I want Courtney Upshaw in round one.
    9) Need a FA and a draft pick to overhaul position

  • yea but joe no safety in this years free agency class and maybe even in this up coming draft class is gonna stop either gronk or hernadez so we might as well stick with what we have already since they know the system and draft another safety and i havent given up on ducass cause like i said i dont think he has ever been given a real chance and he was a 2nd round pick so i think the jets just want to make sure that if he cant play then he just cant or if he can then he will and with Garson i guess ur right but u know just as i know there are no gurantees when it comes to free agency

  • Keith

    I agree with most of what you said. round 1 has to be OLB at this point draft position is to good to go O-line. 2nd and 3rd Round you can get either a saftey or O-line to compete. The FA Market is beat for those spots as what we can afford. I think in FA Benson or Hillis should be brought in to get the run game back. The salary cap wont allow the Jet to brign in many bring names I say go RB. Then maybe a B Edwards to do the #2 role on the cheap. Wayne or Gracon wouldnt come here and we coulndt afford them. Manningham is going to ask to much money Eli made him and he wont be great unless he goes to a team with a pro bowl QB like eli.
    Henne has to come and I think he could beat sanchez for the starting Job.

    Draft OLB,O-line,Saftey (bring Jim back)

  • keith

    So many teams need CB’s we have 3 first rounders invested there maybe its time to work a trade… Not Revis but Wilson or Cro could fix the O-line or TE and save us the draft Pick.