New York Jets: Positive Moments In A Negative Season


I stumbled across this video today and it provided a necessary reminder. Despite a media that would love to make you think the Jets went 2-14 this year, Rex Ryan is causing world hunger, Mark Sanchez is responsible for national debt, and Santonio Holmes is the most dangerous man in America. The New York Jets were 8-8 this year and actually did a few positive things at some points. This team isn’t starting from scratch this off-season. There is talent on both sides of the ball. This isn’t the Cleveland Browns, people.

[youtube tRBDMMVctu8]

Let’s go over a few things that occurred this year that were actually positive that will never get mentioned in the blackhole of never ending criticism of this team.

– Mark Sanchez made immense improvements as a red-zone quarterback and this offense as a whole improved in the red-zone.

– Dustin Keller had the best season of his career.

– Aaron Maybin came from nowhere to demonstrate that he could be a huge weapon as a situational pass rusher

– Darrelle Revis is still Darrelle Revis.

– David Harris is still David Harris.

– Nick Mangold is still Nick Mangold.

– Joe McKnight proved not to be a bust and show that he is a very good kick returner and has potential as a third down back.

– Muhammad Wilkerson had a promising rookie season.

– Sione Pouha has developed into one of the better nose tackles in the NFL.

– Jeremy Kerley showed a ton of potential as a big play threat at wide receiver and on special teams.

– Kyle Wilson bounced back from a rough rookie season and put together a good year at nickel back.

…A few more days and this season is over, hang in there Jets fans.