New York Jets: Bring Braylon Back!


Ok, so I may be by myself on this one, but I’m giving it a shot anyways. I want to see the Jets make an attempt to bring back wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

Overall I was pretty happy with the production we got from Plax this year, at the end of the day I just didn’t think he had the burst he used to have back when he was with the Giants. He was a huge threat in the red zone, and was a big reason why the Jets were tops in the NFL inside the 20 this year, but I just felt that at times he didn’t have the speed to get by defenders anymore. I mean think about it, the Jets had just one play go for over 40 yards this year. Where was that down field threat?

I guess I just could never get over losing Braylon because he fit into our system very well. I realize that he was basically a non-factor in San Francisco this year, hauling in just 15 balls for a total of 181 yards and no touchdowns, but I do hope the Jets try and pursue him again.

Mark Sanchez and him started to develop a good relationship on the field, and make no mistake about it, Braylon played an enormous role in those 2009 and 2010 playoff runs. In those two seasons with Gang Green he compiled a total of 88 receptions for 1,445 yards and 11 touchdowns, while serving as a legitimate down field threat.

Plax coming back next year is something that isn’t going to happen. The Jets need to move in another direction, which is why going after Braylon and potentially picking up a receiver in the upcoming draft may not be a bad idea. Last year I thought the Jet front office did a poor job at recognizing the importance of chemistry. Not only did the Jets part way with Edwards, they did so with Jerricho Cotchery and Brad Smith as well. Burress came in with no chemistry whatsoever with quarterback Mark Sanchez, and we all know what the chemistry was like between Mark and Santonio. Add rookie Jeremy Kerley to the mix and you’ve got yourself some uncertainty.

We also saw that as the season went on, Burress started to run out of gas. In the last four games of the season, Burress was able to make just eight receptions.

So like I said, maybe I am alone on this one, but why not try and make an attempt to bring him back if it is for a cheap price? I leave you with highlights of Braylon’s two years in Green and White. Perhaps that will be convincing enough.

  • walter

    your not the only one commenting on this…i say get braylon back and quick. i really hope that burres is gone .im sure he will be but why oh WHY did the jets let go of braylon, brad smith and cotchery? why? i dont understand the reasoning behind their ways sometime.get braylon back NOOOWWWW.

  • walter

    we were doomed from the start this past season and it all falls on one guy…i think tannenjerk should be on the hot seat next for his stupidity.why break up a winning team to bring in a bunch of has beens? yea some of these guys were great back in the day but the key word here is WERE.stop the madness already and stop picking up these no mores.

  • estar


  • John Rocker 7 Train

    bring him back on the cheap,cut Holmes and go after either Colston, Bowe or Meachum

  • JoeG

    Who is “tannenjerk”?

  • Yemi

    I’d said this last year. The Jets should have resigned Braylon… Do you guys know the Jets record when Braylon had over 100yds receiving… The Jets were 10-1.

    I should be part of the front office.. They should have kept J.Co, Braylon.. mix in Kerley and we had our play-makers on every level of the field.

  • Pam S

    I also agree, bring Mr. Edwards back home!!!!

  • mike

    I had wanted Braylon back instead of Santonio. Bring back Braylon!

  • Go Home Brady

    i think you actually are on point with the way a lot of jets fans feel… bring back Braylon!

  • keith

    He will be back and best part is he will come cheap. That way the Jets can afford to go out and get a big name RB. Someone like a hillis keep holmes we already promised him way to much money. Edwards back and a running game makes this 10-6 ish team not counting what they do in draft. For the record im thinking saftey or DE in the first 3 rounds. If a RB doesnt come in FA then look in the middle rounds. Rex ryan loves to blitz but a anchor on the Line and he wont have to. On the other hand a saftey will let rex blitz more with good protection.