One Down, Five To Go: Jets Win Ugly…Very Ugly

It was far from pretty but the New York Jets are alive thanks to a last second win over the Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets will never make it easy. They will make us sick at times. They will confuse us. They will make it as hard as possible on themselves. They didn’t play well today. They put themselves in a dogfight with a subpar, injured team. Yet, in the end, they fought…and they found a way to win. We’ll get to that later, but let’s start with the problems.

First off, what the hell were they thinking by putting Antonio Cromartie deep on punt return instead of Jim Leonhard? Cromartie hasn’t returned a single punt all season and you put him deep in a one touchdown game, in the windy Meadowlands? I heard the excuse about Jim Leonhard having the wind knocked out of him. I am not sure I am buying it. If that was the case, the Jets need a more sure handed backup option than Cromartie who has zero ball security skills. Put Santonio Holmes deep. Call a timeout to get Leonhard his wind back or tell him just to fair catch it.

While we are on Cromartie, he has been generally awful this year and it didn’t stop today. He let up a touchdown to Brad Smith and was beaten up and down the field by him. By Brad Smith, who is far from a quality NFL receiver. Wasn’t Cromartie supposed to be a playmaker? All I can remember from him this year is turning the football over on special teams and allowing touchdowns on defense.

Now on to the most confusing part of the day, Darrelle Revis who was beaten up and down the field by Stevie Johnson. It was bizarre to watch the eight receptions and the touchdown on him, granted they only added up to 75 yards. It was a busy day for Johnson, who cemented himself as three things: a talented wide receiver, a scumbag, and a choke artist. The imitation of Plaxico Burress shooting himself was as classes as it gets. Fortunately, everybody gets the last laugh on Johnson as he choked yet again, late in the game by dropping a potential touchdown pass. It reminded me of this one from last year.

Over to the offense. Mark Sanchez had the worst four touchdown performance you will ever see today. He was inaccurate, particularly in the first half and he continued to throw into coverage. For some reason he kept throwing the same dig route into triple coverage, fortunately it only intercepted once. There was also multiple communications with the wide receivers. Brian Schottenheimer was inconsistent again, calling too many passes and inexplicably going away from Joe McKnight when it appeared Shonn Greene was hurt. McKnight had 40 yards on 6 touches. Do the math. He needs more of them.

Turnovers. Miscommunications. Subpar Play. But still, a victory. And for that, you must give some credit to Mark Sanchez, who did improve his play in the second half and did put together yet another game winning drive that ended with a Santonio Holmes touchdown. The talent is there but the consistency needs to improve…immensely.

Plaxico Burress deserves a ton of credit for another terrific game, highlighted by a beautiful one-handed third down grab that kept the Jets game winning drive alive. He also scored his 7th touchdown of the season and never went down to Stevie Johnson’s level to respond to him.

In the end, the Jets are alive and very much in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. They need to get better…much better but they live to fight another day. Rex Ryan said in his post-game speech, “don’t let anybody rob us of our dreams”…let’s see if the Jets can prevent the Redskins from doing that next week.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • dude explain to me if u watched the same game i watched how cro got beat up n down the field by brad smith ask anyone who actually watched the game and they will tell u what u r saying is not true. the touch down brad scored was a freak play where cro had excellent coverage on him. cro is having a good season so stop hating on em already. revis got beat all day get on him for that

  • Leo McLaughlin

    The Jets have and always will be my team, I am from a stones throw from the meadowlands….I want to hope for Sanchez to be the best he can be but unfortunately he has not lived up to expectations. I do not know if anyone could have. He gets his stats that is for sure, I agree totally in that it was the single UGLIEST 4 TD Game i have ever seen. Which brings me to a major point in the lack of a rushing attack….Just like the run opens up the pass…..the pass opens up the run. Sanchez consistently forces passes to blanketed receivers, telegraphs his throws, and misses the WR’s when they are open. I like the kid he shows class by taking responsibility for the poor play, but he is a pro…how many times can you say at work it was my fault and show little or no improvement and keep your job. It is a fact the Jets have no discernable back-up(McElroy being the best option as a rookie)The media loves Sanchez due to his last name and looks unfortunately our team is suffering for the NFL’s want to expand into emerging markets in Central and South America. The Jets have reached the AFC Title game the last two years DESPITE him not because of him and I just hope they have not missed their window of opportunity. I hope the kid flips a switch and becomes the QB he shows small glimpses of becoming. I also hope his ineptitude does not cost Rex his job…..That would be the biggest loss the Jets could endure. Sanchez has the talent and the talent around him…he is just flat out inept right now.

    Leo McLaughlin
    Absecon NJ