Is Santonio Holmes Happy?

TJ tries to decipher if Santonio Holmes is truly happy on the New York Jets

Daily News Jets columnist Manish Mehta reported that Santonio Holmes discussed whether he was happy with his role yesterday. Here’s what Holmes “said.” We attempt to translate what he “meant.”

Holmes: “We’re here to win ballgames”

Translation: The Jets top WR has his priorities in order even though he’d like to be doing better statistically.

Holmes: “We can’t worry about how many catches and yards and touchdowns we put up each game. We just know that we have to do what we have to do week in and week out to help this team continue stacking wins on top of wins.”

Translation: Holmes appears to be putting on his captain’s hat straight by saying that winning comes first. This after his captaincy was questioned by lineman Brandon Moore a short time ago. Holmes had publicly noted the offensive line as being a prime culprit for the offensive struggles in October.

At the same time, “can’t worry” doesn’t mean that Santonio doesn’t worry, or want to be more involved. He does.

Holmes: (Three) touchdowns on the season, I think. I think that’s a pretty good ratio. 22 catches. (Three) touchdowns. Fits well in my book right now.”

Translation: Holmes is using the notion of “ratio” kindly, to allude to the fact that given the Jets modest productivity through the air to date, he has done what has been asked of him.

It is a stat invented by Holmes maybe for the purpose of stiff arming any portrayal of his work so far as having produced an underachieving level of output. Plaxico Burress was the target of media scrutiny for the lack of contribution, prior to a three touchdown breakout game against the Chargers.

The Jets might want to capitalize on an extra motivation that Holmes may now be building up internally due to being under a microscope since his comments made in Baltimore a month back, by sending a few extra balls HIS way on Sunday