New York Jets: How To Distribute The Carries

How should the New York Jets distribute the workload between Shonn Greene, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Joe McKnight

The New York Jets are going to need their running game to lead the way on offense if they have hopes of making a playoff run. Despite not having a true lead back (no, I am not giving Shonn Greene that status yet), they do have enough between their top three runners to put together a quality rushing attack. The key is going to be getting the most out of Shonn Greene, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Joe McKnight’s skill set.

Greene is coming off a solid game against Buffalo, where he averaged 6 yards per carry. However, he is admittedly still suffering from a rib injury and looked in pain for most of the game. He only had 13 carries against the Bills. Tomlinson is returning after missing the past two games with a knee injury and should be fresh for the stretch run. Joe McKnight has gradually been becoming a bigger part of the offense and averaged 6 yards per touch against Buffalo.

If the Jets are smart, they will keep Greene in the 12-15 carry range. The rib injury isn’t going to get better with each passing week and he showed he could be effective with that amount of touches last week. Tomlinson can spell him for a few series each half, handle short yardage duties, and be the primary third down back. McKnight should be getting at least 8-10 touches as a runner and receiver. He should be the guy catching most of the screen passes and has the ability to line up out wide. On the Jets outside handoffs and tosses, he should also be the first option.

Between their three running backs, the Jets should be able to hand the ball off 30-35 times a game to keep their offense balanced and set up their play action passing attack.

Ten Preliminary Thoughts On Jets vs. Redskins

Ten preliminary thoughts on the New York Jets chances against the Washington Redskins in week 13

Ten preliminary thoughts on the New York Jets/Washington Redskins week 13 match-up —

1. The Washington pass rush has the potential to give the Jets offensive line fits. They have the third most sacks in the league, led by Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. This is the type of game that could leave Jets fans cursing Wayne Hunter yet again. However, let’s at least hope D’Brickashaw Ferguson can break out of his slump as he has struggled heavily in recent weeks against Denver and New England.

2. Fred Davis leads the Redskins in receiving and the Jets defense under Rex Ryan has struggled to stop tight ends. They must be smarter than just letting Jim Leonhard or Eric Smith single him up. It will be a long day if the coaching staff is that naive in their belief of their safety’s coverage abilities.

3. You would think Darrelle Revis will be raring for a big time comeback game. The Redskins top wide receiver is Jabar Gaffney, who actually had some success against Revis last year as a member of the Broncos.

4. LaDainian Tomlinson is expected back this Sunday. It will be interesting to see the division of carries between Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, and Tomlinson. The Jets must get McKnight more looks, particularly in the screen game. Tomlinson should be able to spell Greene occasionally on the inside carries, especially since Greene is dealing with a rib injury.

5. Antonio Cromartie will have the opportunity to see a player just like himself on the other side of the field Sunday, with DeAngelo Hall lining up for the Redskins. Which cornerback will make the most bonehead plays…or which one will actually step up to make a play, like they are supposed to be getting paid for?

6. What quarterback isn’t going to kill their team with turnovers? I think that could end up being the deciding factor this week. We know both Rex Grossman and Mark Sanchez are capable of producing turnovers in bundles, particularly when they are going against solid defenses.

7. I don’t buy any talk of the Jets being favorites in this game or certainly of this being an “easy” win. I think this will be an ugly, low-scoring dog fight in a somewhat hostile environment. This won’t come easy and either will any other games on the Jets schedule.

8. I would like to see what the Jets can do if they avoid a killer special teams turnover. Jeremy Kerley will be back and should be splitting punt return duties with Jim Leonhard.

9. It is on Brian Schottenheimer and Sanchez to make sure Dustin Keller remains involved in the offense. If he can get on a roll, the Jets offense will be that much harder to stop. The Jets have never lost a game in which Keller has scored a touchdown.

10. I am worried about Roy Helu gashing the Jets defense on the edges and in the screen game. Calvin Pace needs a big game. Marcus Dixon and Ropati Pitoitua must step up to fill in for Mike DeVito.

Thoughts On The NFL Playoff Picture

TOJ breaks down the NFL playoff picture heading into week 13

A look at the NFL playoff picture with only five games remaining in the season…


  1. Houston (8-3)
  2. New England (8-3)
  3. Baltimore (8-3)
  4. Oakland (7-4)
  5. Pittsburgh (8-3)
  6. Cincinnati (7-4)
  7. Denver (6-5)
  8. Jets (6-5)
  9. Tennessee (6-5)

I don’t think anybody in their right mind expects Houston to stick around as the top seed or even get a first round bye with the carousel of T.J. Yates, Kellen Clemens, and Jake Delhomme at quarterback. However, they should hold on for their division title and probably even the number three seed. What a dream match-up that would be for the number six seed (certainly if it happens to be our Jets). Considering their tie-breaker advantage and how the remaining schedules look, Baltimore should win the AFC North with Pittsburgh taking the top wild-card seed. The battle for last wild-card spot should go down to the wire. The Jets have the advantage in terms of schedule, but Cincinnati is a better team right now and Denver has God on their side.


  1. Green Bay (11-0)
  2. San Francisco (9-2)
  3. New Orleans (8-3)
  4. Dallas (7-4)
  5. Chicago (7-4)
  6. Atlanta (7-4)
  7. Detroit (7-4)
  8. Giants (6-5)

I would expect the top four seeds to remain the same, just based on schedule and how those teams are trending. Atlanta is the favorite to get at least one wild-card spot as they should finish at a minimum of 10-6 with a remaining schedule of: Houston, Carolina, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Atlanta. The Giants look to be free-falling as usual. Even without Jay Cutler, Chicago should be able to reach 10 wins with Minnesota, Seattle, and Kansas City still on the schedule. Detroit still has to play New Orleans and Green Bay and looks to be falling off.

New York Jets Fans Need Attitude Adjustment

Rob Celletti on the attitude adjustment needed from New York Jets fans to help create some type of homefield advantage

It all makes sense now.

As I watched Mark Sanchez give his post-game press conference in the aftermath of Sunday’s sloppy but exhilarating win over Buffalo, the third-year Jets quarterback never once even came close to cracking a smile.  After such an emotional and important win, the quarterback exuded zero positive energy.  He said, stone-faced, that he was “thrilled” with the win, but his body language suggested otherwise.

Sanchez was certainly being self-critical, as he was well aware that outside of two drives, he didn’t play well.  But I also think he was still bristling, with a bruised ego, at the lack of support he and his teammates received from their supposed home crowd.

Jim Leonhard revealed today in an interview on WFAN that he and presumably a good number of his Jets teammates were miffed at the fact that their starting quarterback was booed by the MetLife Stadium faithful.  No, not during the game (though that happened too). BEFORE the game.  During pre-game introductions; the organized theatrics that are designed for the sole purpose of pumping up both the team and the fans for an important game.

And come to think of it, did Sanchez celebrate any one of his 4 touchdown passes on the day? There was an article earlier today noting that Sanchez was actually caught on camera in a noticeable rage after the go-ahead score, screaming at an unidentified coach/teammate.

It’s hard to articulate how infuriating, stupid, shortsighted, classless and wholly “Same Old Jets” this situation is. Yeah, I just dropped those three words.

Because this is what Jets fans did BEFORE Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the change of culture that those two men have brought about. Before Rex, the media and fans surrounding the Jets couldn’t wait for their athletes and coaches to fail so they could release the hounds. Unlike any other fan base in sports, it seems that Jets fans particularly relish these moments.

Most notably and recently, they did it to Chad Pennington, who was guilty only of playing hard and playing hurt. Congratulations, Jets fans.  You ran Chad out of town (he went and won the division the next year, by the way). And in return, you got Kellen Clemens and Brett Favre.

But I digress. The point is that those days were supposed to be over. Those days are over. But that doesn’t mean the Jets are an invincible force. This year, they’re just another team scrapping for a playoff spot.  There’s nothing wrong with that, especially after making it to two consecutive AFC Championship games.

So why are we not proud of this team?  Why not revel in the excitement of meaningful football in November and December?  Why not cheer as loud as possible to give the Jets a boost rather than kick them while they’re down?

Why do we show up at MetLife Stadium (about 50% of us at least 15 or 20 minutes late) and boo the starting quarterback before the game starts? What does this accomplish? And what does this say about the franchise?

Perhaps because of Rex’s blustery personality and endless Super Bowl guarantees, Jets fans expect the team to go 16-0 every year. Those are unreasonable expectations. As are the expectations that Mark Sanchez will become Peyton Manning overnight just because this is supposed to be the Magical Third NFL Season. Keep in mind that Ryan and Sanchez are probably the two biggest reasons that 2009-2011 have been three of the most successful years in Jets history, even in the midst of all the most recent struggles.

The bottom line is that Jets fans need to change their attitude, or they’re going to be at least partly responsible for returning that all too familiar toxic, losing atmosphere to East Rutherford, NJ.

TOJ Tuesday Afternoon New York Jets Link Dump

TOJ with updates on Plaxico Burress, Mike DeVito, Emmanuel Cook, Mark Sanchez, MetLife Stadium and more

Green Lantern with some deserved praise for Plaxico Burress

Burress is quickly becoming one of the most popular players on the team because he is one of the few players who has been improving down the stretch. He has already earned his contract by catching seven touchdowns and it is hard to see the Jets not making a strong push to bring him back next year. He has clearly matured from his time in prison and remains a clutch player on the field.

Jim Leonhard on fans booing Mark Sanchez during introductions

This has inspired a good debate on Twitter. I tend to agree with @RobCelletti in that fans have every right to boo poor play on the field during the game, but booing your starting quarterback during introductions is uncalled for. Obviously paying fans have a right to express themselves in how they see fit but all you are doing is contributing to the ugly stereotype of Jets fans. If you are booing Mark Sanchez when he is called out to start, don’t cheer for him when he throws a game winning touchdown. Like many others, I am tired of hearing the Jets don’t have a homefield advantage because of their stadium. A stadium is a building. It is the fans who make a homefield advantage. I have seen Jets fans rise to the occasion against New England in 2009 and 2010, they just need to be more consistent.. like their team.

Why was Mark Sanchez so angry?

My best guess is that he was fired up after throwing a game winning touchdown after being booed in his own stadium and got emotional (in an angry way) on the sideline.

Emmanuel Cook released and replaced by Tracy Wilson

This does give the vibe of a sketchy situation. A few notorious rumor mongers out there are saying there was an altercation involving Cook and special teams coach Mike Westhoff. Considering Cook’s personality that doesn’t seem to make sense. He has interviewed with us here before at TOJ and we have reached out to him about the situation.

Injury Updates

Mike DeVito isn’t going to play this Sunday, which is a big loss. Fortunately, Marcus Dixon and Ropati Pitoitua have shown themselves more than capable of filling in. Jeremy Kerley is expected back, giving the Jets another guy who can hopefully avoid muffing punts. Shonn Greene is banged up with his rib injury but is expected to play, just look for more work for Joe McKnight and LaDainian Tomlinson who will be back.

New York Jets: Who Is Mark Sanchez?

TJ takes a closer look at Mark Sanchez’s performance against Buffalo and what to expect from him the rest of the year

In the Jets 28-24 comeback win over Buffalo, QB Mark Sanchez was just 17-35 for 180 yards. He threw an interception out of his own end zone that led to a Bills TD. He also threw a few others that were almost picked. He also threw 4 touchdowns including the game winner with 1:00 left. On a season saving drive that including other key completions. Maybe this dual personality is the essence of Mark Sanchez at this stage of his career. A player who may not be consistent, but can be there to help engineer the comeback win.

Much of the blame for any of the Jets troubles is put on the shoulders of Sanchez on a weekly basis. It was the Jets defense on Sunday though that let the Bills without star Fred Jackson, drive down the field and chew up the clock too often. For three seasons in fact, the defense has lacked a heavyweight knockout puncher who can end games with blindside uppercuts.

The rushing attack since the Ground and Pound thrived in 2009, has not been the home of a solid 100 yards per game rusher either.That’s why every play Sanchez makes, is delivered under the most high powered microscope that exists in the Big Apple. The Jets leave him little room for error.

Located in this scrutiny are missed opportunities to open receivers and a handful of dangerous choices each week. Sometimes a visible lack of confidence on the face of number six as well.

Yesterday though, the Jets franchise signal caller kept his cool. The Jets followed his lead, and came from behind with Sanchez at the helm yet again.

Yet even when they do pull one out, it’s never enough. Jets fans want more out of him. Rex Ryan naturally does too. The Jets HC even predicts Super Bowl appearances with the “Sanchise” at the helm. This while he gives a rusty 41 year old QB, reps in practice. A move designed to light a fire under Sanchez that brings with it the cryptic message of what COULD happen should the struggles continue .

Both the ultra high bar set by the diehards and Lombardi Trophy visions that Ryan has created, have added the pressure of expectation that Mark Sanchez could never have truly envisioned the magnitude of. Back during his initiation to it all in 2009. As he entered the world of pro football after just one year of major college playing experience.

The fans and the Jets themselves may simply have to accept that Sanchez has faults, but important strengths as well. Pluses that often lack currency in fantasy football, but translate into valuable traits on the field and in the standings.

For now he may only be at his best in spurts, but Mark Sanchez has proven that he can engineer late game winning drives. Regardless of what the first 55 minutes or so bring. Then there’s his playoff record. One that already includes four wins. All having come on the road. Where one big gaffe can end an entire season.

It may not look pretty throughout, but Mark Sanchez unlike those who habitually LOSE games in the final minutes, can find ways to win them. After almost three seasons as a NFL starter, THIS is what Mark Sanchez is. A player with a range of emotions and imperfections, who owns a winner’s ability to be clutch by getting hot when the money is on the line

New York Jets: Good Enough To Overcome Major Flaws?

TOJ on how the Jets can overcome their major flaws to remain alive at least another week

Yesterday was a confusing football game to watch. In many ways it was a disappointing showing but ultimately how disappointing could a last second win be?

The New York Jets aren’t a great football team in 2011. They are a clear cut level below Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, and Houston within their own conference and haven’t given any reason to believe they are better than Oakland, Cincinnati, Denver, or Tennessee. However, I don’t know if they were a great a team in 2009 or 2010. They did a few things great and simply got hot at the right time.

The problem with this season, is that they don’t do anything great. Their running game has shown flashes but has been average throughout the year. The defense has had their moments but overall is far from being one the league’s elite units. There is talent in the passing game but all the pieces of it, most notably the quarterback, have been wildly inconsistent.

Can this New York Jets team once again get hot at the right time and start to be great in a few key areas? This team does still have a unique, clutch ability to win close games as demonstrated by victories over Dallas, San Diego, and Buffalo this past week. I know Tebow Christ broke that trend this year…but he is breaking every conventional trend in NFL history the past few weeks.

On offense, it starts up front. The offensive line has been up and down. Yes, they had a strong performance yesterday. Can they do it against a pass rush and defensive line that isn’t as pitiful as Buffalo’s? We will find out soon enough with the Redskins, Eagles, and Giants on the schedule.

The running game sets the tone for this unit, especially since Mark Sanchez thrives off play action. Yet, Shonn Greene looked banged up yesterday despite his 6 yards per carry. It was a savvy move to hold LaDainian Tomlinson out for another week because the Jets will need him at 100 percent, especially if Greene isn’t up to the task of 20 carries per game. Joe McKnight is coming on strong so there is no reason the Jets can’t muster up a respectable running game between their three backs. Give Greene 12-15 carries. Give Tomlinson and McKnight 7-10 each and let them work the screen game.

A nice part of yesterday was the Jets rediscovering Dustin Keller. The Jets passing attack needs him as Sanchez’s safety valve and a red-zone target. Plaxico Burress is getting better each week and should be a major weapon on both third downs and in the red-zone for the rest of season. Santonio Holmes is the big play threat and more of an effort needs to be made to get him catches in space and down the sideline. Jeremy Kerley will return from injury this week and gives the Jets some needed speed in the slot. These weapons all sound great but they won’t matter if Sanchez doesn’t find some measure of consistency.

Sanchez’s mistakes are typical of rookie quarterbacks, only he isn’t a rookie anymore. He can’t lock on to one receiver. He can’t throw the same route repeatedly into triple coverage. We watched him take command of the offense on the final drive and make multiple big time throws and plays…that type of urgency must be present from the first snap of every game, or else he risks moving down a career path similar to the quarterback he will be facing this week, Rex Grossman.

On defense, there is no way around certain realities. The Jets have one of the slowest linebacker groups in the NFL. Bart Scott epitomizes this and is in the midst of a thoroughly subpar year. Calvin Pace may be a three-down linebacker, but is an extremely liability when he has to cover and he can longer get after the quarterback. Bryan Thomas is being missed in a big way because Garret McIntyre is a below average starter at best and the Jets are running out of options to turn to. On the whole, outside of the always stellar David Harris, the Jets just don’t have a very good linebacker core right now.

The secondary is the next concern. We know the safeties are an issue because of the speed, size, and athleticism they lack. Brodney Pool got a bigger opportunity yesterday as he returned from an extended injury absence and struggled. However, similar to last year he should get better as he gets his legs back under him. Antonio Cromartie is disturbingly inconsistent to the point that the Jets may need to consider benching him in favor of Kyle Wilson for at least a few series a game.

The special teams have been great this season, outside of the mind-boggling five turnovers, two of which have come at the hands of Cromartie who now needs to be permanently be off any kick or punt return duties. With Jeremy Kerley returning from injury, only him and Jim Leonhard should get the chance to return punts. Joe McKnight has never looked comfortable back there and has already muffed one this season.

How do the Jets make a run?

Rex Ryan gets creative on defense to cover his shortcomings. How about more 4-3 looks, since the defensive line has been better than the linebackers this year? The line has shown a ton of depth and versatility between Sione Pouha, Muhammad Wilkerson, Mike DeVito (who is now injured), Ropati Pitoitua, Marcus Dixon, Martin Tevaseu, and Kenrick Ellis. Ryan should be coming with looks that roll these players between nose tackle, defensive tackle and end, which will also equal less reps for McIntyre and Scott who deserve a substantial cut in playing time. In the secondary, it should be more Pool and Wilson, coupled with less Smith and Cromartie. It will be unconventional looks that give Aaron Maybin more reps at end and outside linebacker, as he now leads the team in sacks with five.

The offense finds a three-headed monster by figuring how to properly balance Greene, Tomlinson, and McKnight. A quality running game opens things up in the passing game for Sanchez who is under less pressure and won’t be dropping back 35 times a game. Plax keeps being Plax. Dustin Keller remains involved and Santonio Holmes starts producing more big plays. The special teams? They just don’t turn the ball over.

They may not be able to do anything great but the Jets have enough talent to be good at everything, which will give them the ability to get hot against subpar competition. As of now, the Jets are still breathing and each week that passes with them still breathing makes them that much more confident and dangerous.

Grading Out Jets/Bills

TOJ grades out the Jets last minute win over the Buffalo Bills

Quarterback (C) – Yes, a “C” for a 4 touchdown performance and a last minute comeback victory. The inaccuracy and inconsistency shown by Mark Sanchez was too much to ignore. Why does he continue to throw the dig route into triple coverage? Why isn’t he on the same page as the receivers? He is capable of playing much better than he did yesterday, as he showed glimpses of late in the fourth quarter.

Running Back (B+) – Shonn Greene averaged 6 yards per carry but still looks a little banged up. Joe McKnight did very well with limited touches and needs more work down the stretch, particularly in the screen game.

Wide Receiver (A) – Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes were the heroes yesterday, especially Burress who might have saved the team’s season with a ridiculous one-handed grab on the final drive. Holmes reminded us of how clutch he could be, with yet another game winning grab. Patrick Turner made a big catch on the final drive for a key first down.

Dustin Keller (A) – Dustin Keller can score touchdowns when given the opportunity…and no penalties on Matthew Mulligan, wow.

Offensive Line (A) – Zero sacks on Mark Sanchez and a good push in the running game. However, let’s keep in mind how weak Buffalo’s defensive front is. Washington will provide a much stiffer test.

Defensive Line (A) – Solid against the run as usual. Muhammad Wilkerson played one of his better games and Marcus Dixon did a nice job picking up the slack for an injured Mike DeVito.

Linebackers (C) – Zero defensive stats for Bart Scott and another lackluster performance from Calvin Pace. Fortunately, Aaron Maybin picked up the slack with two sacks. David Harris continued to add on to his great season, with 8 tackles and a sack.

Secondary (D) – The worst game of Darrelle Revis career, was allowing 75 yards and a touchdown, which is a testament to how good he has been. Antonio Cromartie continued to have a subpar season. Eric Smith, Jim Leonhard, and Brodney Pool were average at best.

Special Teams (C) – Another turnover…

Coaching (C) – The playcalling remains inconsistent and the team didn’t really play with the desperation of their season being on the line.

One Down, Five To Go: Jets Win Ugly…Very Ugly

It was far from pretty but the New York Jets are alive thanks to a last second win over the Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets will never make it easy. They will make us sick at times. They will confuse us. They will make it as hard as possible on themselves. They didn’t play well today. They put themselves in a dogfight with a subpar, injured team. Yet, in the end, they fought…and they found a way to win. We’ll get to that later, but let’s start with the problems.

First off, what the hell were they thinking by putting Antonio Cromartie deep on punt return instead of Jim Leonhard? Cromartie hasn’t returned a single punt all season and you put him deep in a one touchdown game, in the windy Meadowlands? I heard the excuse about Jim Leonhard having the wind knocked out of him. I am not sure I am buying it. If that was the case, the Jets need a more sure handed backup option than Cromartie who has zero ball security skills. Put Santonio Holmes deep. Call a timeout to get Leonhard his wind back or tell him just to fair catch it.

While we are on Cromartie, he has been generally awful this year and it didn’t stop today. He let up a touchdown to Brad Smith and was beaten up and down the field by him. By Brad Smith, who is far from a quality NFL receiver. Wasn’t Cromartie supposed to be a playmaker? All I can remember from him this year is turning the football over on special teams and allowing touchdowns on defense.

Now on to the most confusing part of the day, Darrelle Revis who was beaten up and down the field by Stevie Johnson. It was bizarre to watch the eight receptions and the touchdown on him, granted they only added up to 75 yards. It was a busy day for Johnson, who cemented himself as three things: a talented wide receiver, a scumbag, and a choke artist. The imitation of Plaxico Burress shooting himself was as classes as it gets. Fortunately, everybody gets the last laugh on Johnson as he choked yet again, late in the game by dropping a potential touchdown pass. It reminded me of this one from last year.

Over to the offense. Mark Sanchez had the worst four touchdown performance you will ever see today. He was inaccurate, particularly in the first half and he continued to throw into coverage. For some reason he kept throwing the same dig route into triple coverage, fortunately it only intercepted once. There was also multiple communications with the wide receivers. Brian Schottenheimer was inconsistent again, calling too many passes and inexplicably going away from Joe McKnight when it appeared Shonn Greene was hurt. McKnight had 40 yards on 6 touches. Do the math. He needs more of them.

Turnovers. Miscommunications. Subpar Play. But still, a victory. And for that, you must give some credit to Mark Sanchez, who did improve his play in the second half and did put together yet another game winning drive that ended with a Santonio Holmes touchdown. The talent is there but the consistency needs to improve…immensely.

Plaxico Burress deserves a ton of credit for another terrific game, highlighted by a beautiful one-handed third down grab that kept the Jets game winning drive alive. He also scored his 7th touchdown of the season and never went down to Stevie Johnson’s level to respond to him.

In the end, the Jets are alive and very much in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. They need to get better…much better but they live to fight another day. Rex Ryan said in his post-game speech, “don’t let anybody rob us of our dreams”…let’s see if the Jets can prevent the Redskins from doing that next week.

Last Second Reminders For Brian Schottenheimer

A few last second reminders for New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

1. You are allowed to throw a pass over 10 yards. It is both legal and your quarterback has the arm strength to do it.

2. There are other pass routes besides the slant. There are even these crazy new things, called double-move routes which make defenders think you are running a short route, which they sit on and like to return for interceptions, and then actually turn into deep routes that go for big plays. A slant and go. An out and up. A stop and go. A post corner.

3. No more direct snaps to the running back.

4. Stop with the boot route in the flat to Dustin Keller.

5. Whenever you bring Patrick Turner in the game and motion him towards the formation, everybody knows a toss is coming.

6. Just cause I said stop the boot route, doesn’t mean you should continue to ignore Dustin Keller in the way you have. We don’t want to hear excuses about defenses keying on him. Defenses key on Rob Gronkowski every week and he still manages to catch two touchdowns every game.

7. Santonio Holmes is fast. He can go deep.

8. Joe McKnight runs well in space. Throw him a screen.

9. Matthew Mulligan is awful. Stop playing him.