The Plot Thickens As Jets Prepare To Face Miami

TJ takes an early look at Jets/Dolphins and if the Derrick Mason trade was a warning shot to the rest of the team



  • Scored 69 points (17.2/g), 29th of 32 in the NFL
  • Allowed 104 points (26.0/g), 24th.
  • Differential of -35 points (-8.8/g), 28th.
  • Takeaway/Giveaway Differential -5 (-1.2/g), 30th.

Miami is in the bottom rung of every category and that’s why they are 0-4. Matt Moore is the new QB though, so stats can be put on hold. When there is a new sheriff in town, you never know how the citizens who follow him will react.


  • Scored 121 points (24.2/g), 13th of 32 in the NFL.
  • Allowed 125 points (25.0/g), 20th.
  • Differential of -4 points (-0.8/g), 18th.
  • Takeaway/Giveaway Differential +1 (0.2/g), 14th.

Notice the Jets are between 13-20th in all categories. That’s the middle third of the league or the .500 area. Some would call it the mediocre range..Sometimes stats don’t lie. Time to pick it up guys.

*The Jets are scoring 1.3 more pts this year than last but are giving up 6.0 pts more to opponents.

Derrick Mason said he would never criticize an offensive coordinator. The Jets claim that he was benched Sunday in Foxboro for his lack of performance. Not for allegedly voicing his displeasure. Here we go again. The Jets are back in the weekday spotlight. Where they have resided so many times during the Rex Ryan era. Let the “he said she said” episode begin. As perhaps some insight as to what is really going on inside of Florham Park makes it’s way to the surface.

Mason, who now joins a Texans team in need of help with the recent injury to star Andre Johnson, could do more for the Jets than he did on the field, by airing his thoughts on the 2-3 club on his way out the door. Opinions that could provide a clue as to why the Jets have struggled on offense this season in both production and a focused direction.

The issues on offense have been widespread, yet tied together. First there is QB Mark Sanchez’s lack of growth so far, in this his third season in the NFL. The debate over his alarming lack of progress is over whether Sanchez’s inability to take that next step stems from his own limitations, or a deep lack of trust from the coaching staff. A fear emanating from the sidleines that has now found the way inside of the quarterbacks damaged mental state.

Then there has been the issue of playcalling, and how the Jets are unable to incorporate all of their pieces. A drama that has lead to a clear inability to stretch the field. Last week’s march by the entire wide receiving corps into Rex Ryan’s office, to complain about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s system, was a meeting that according to Ryan, actually never happened. More drama.

This supposed pow wow to express unhappiness by those who were brought in to bolster Gang Green’s air attack, was followed by the Jets curious desire to return to the Ground and Pound against the Patriots. Despite the inability over the first four games to have any sort of respectable ground game whatsoever. While Mason sat on the sidelines for all of six plays during the game.

Mason’s departure can and will be viewed in many ways. There will be the belief by some that this was a warning shot for any remaining players who lack trust in the coaches and their overall concepts. Mason will be painted by others as a convenient scapegoat for a season that has more cracks in it than anyone could have imagined back in August. When hopes were high, as new faces replaced loyal soldiers who were sent packing. The most notable element to this all could be that of a failing team chemistry.

Maybe the Jets, beyond any of the underachieving they’ve accomplished between the lines over five games, are now recognizing the imperative need to repair a singleminded belief in one another. One that, in following this theory, has somehow been disturbed by the behavior of Mason. A unity that prior to the recent string of defeats, was NEVER a question under Rex.

If the Jets are correct that trading Mason will provide a new energy, what remains to be seen from this point on, is whether the fresh start will translate into a spike in performance by the offense. Time will tell. One thing is for certain. The Jets brash confidence, invincibility, and sense of entitlement, has wilted amidst the confusion of a shocking three game slide.

The Jets have now made what they hope will be the first proactive step towards initiating a new starting point. A rebirth for a season whose wings were clipped miles away from home. Beginning in Oakland in week three. Where the Jets lost not only a game, but misplaced the essence of a collective pulse that Ryan helped to build singlehandedly. Brick by brick, from the ground up.