Sanchez Led The Way Before The Light Began To Fade

TJ on Mark Sanchez coming up with yet another clutch performance

Sanchez this, Sanchez that. Say whatever you want about Mark Sanchez. The elite quarterback who had the 21-10 lead with the ball  in the third quarter, lost. The one who is always under fire for not “progressing,” won.

Mark Sanchez, against the elite QBs in the AFC is now: 3-3 against Tom Brady, 2-0 against Phillip Rivers, and 1-1 against Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning.

The third year franchise signal caller has alot of improving to do. With his consistency, his footwork, and his ability to be resourceful earlier in games when the team is struggling to move the ball.

However, he steals wins late in games more than he hands victories over by making dumb mistakes down the stretch. His decision making hardens when the going gets tough. Add four playoff wins during his first two years to the equation as well.

The Jets are now 4-3. It is essential that Sanchez continues to develop. The Jets DON’T need however, to teach Sanchez how to win. While his imperfections have prevented him from being a statistical killer to this point, maybe it is time for the detractors to finally accept what Mark Sanchez in two and a half seasons HAS brought to the Jets. Leadership.

On Sunday down 21-10 in the third quarter, when the season felt like it was once again, hanging in the balance, Sanchez began to show off HIS biggest attribute. With two of his three TD passes to Plaxico Burress coming in the second half, key scrambles, and third down completions, the Jets quarterback found a way to help navigate the Jets out of the darkness and into the second half of a season now filled with promise and hope. Just minutes before much of the light in a season that began with Super Bowl aspirations, began to fade.