Revis Island Takes Over Mike Francesa’s Show

Add Mike Francesa to the list of people shut down by Darrelle Revis


It was somewhat head turning today when we heard that Darrelle Revis would be making an appearance on Mike Francesa’s show, especially considering Francesa’s incessant bashing of the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. When it comes to the New York Jets, there is no other way to put it except that Francesa is a complete asshole and revels in it to get a rise out of Jets fans.

In his interview, he began pressing Revis that on his interception return for 100 yards he should have been called for defensive pass interference for pushing off on Brandon Marshall. Revis stood up for himself and said the play was legal, the pass was behind him and that he made the play. Francesa continued to push him saying he knew it was penalty and that everybody knew it was penalty. Revis said he didn’t care what Francesa thought and that Francesa never played a down, so he wouldn’t know better than him and he would continue to believe what he believed as a pro football player. The discussion got more contentious until a Jets PR rep got on the phone and said Revis should get off the line.

Revis then said “that is why nobody talks to this guy. You have never played the game” and hung upon Francesa. After that, Francesa went on to confirm that he in fact does know more about football than Darrelle Revis and Giants fans flooded the line supporting this line of thinking. Because of course Mike Francesa does know more about football, than Darrelle Revis the best corner in football, right?

Add Francesa to the list of people shut down on Revis Island.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Joey C

    wish i was listening when this happen….only problem is, i dont waste my time on Francesa’s show….ive even gone so far as to have my gym’s staff change the channel for me when he’s on YES.

    the guy totally hates on the Jets & if it wasnt for Boomer & Carton in the morning, id probably never listen to 660.

    and as for the Giants fans, all i gotta say is, IM NOT SURPRISED!!

  • John

    Classless move by Revis. Acted like a baby and hung up.

  • Larry

    I was watching this on YES. Francessa needs to LISTEN to the tapes to hear how he came off. He was clearly goading Revis into admitting that he “got away with one”. Revis, was getting agitated at Francessa’s insistence that it was a penalty. Francessa thought he was being “playful”. What he fails to understand is that’s not the way it may have sounded over the phone. He is condescding and arrogant and will never admit to being wrong.

  • Joe

    If you like Francesa or not, he is a knowledgeable sports person.
    John Gruden stated he thought it was a penalty during the broadcast.
    A penalty should have been called. It’s irrelevant , the Jets and their fans are noticeably sensitive to Mike Francesa and his comments. They know deep down he’s right.

  • Scot

    Give me a break, classless move. This jerk has hated on the Jets and Rex for years. He deserves to get hung up on. The only surprise is that anyone from the Jets, let alone one of our best players, would ever get on the phone with that creep.

  • Doug P

    Wow, who wrote this garbage? I was never embarrassed when my team lost 10 games in a year, but this makes me ashamed to be a Jets fan. IT WAS CLEARLY PI. And Revis acted as professional as a 10 year old at the end of the interview. This is nothing compared to what i have to deal with during the baseball season as a Mets fan. Mike Francesa doesn’t just know more about football than Revis, he knows more about the NFL than most people who work for the NFL. Which is why he is the best sports radio host in America. Just because you play in the NFL does NOT mean you are a student of the game. Just look at McNabb, who didn’t know NFL games could end in a tie!! All Revis had to do was man-up and say he got away with one. Finally to the ‘asshole’ who wrote this, there is no reason to lie. I was watching YES and the majority of the people who called Mike after the interview were fellow Jet fans NOT Giant fans(unless they were all lying). I enjoyed being a Jet fan so much more when our fans, coaches and players weren’t constantly talking shit. Mike just talks shit back.

  • Rob

    Francesca who? He’s not even good enough in this own line of work (sport journalism) to be known by football fans. As for the push off, he can go take it up to the Ref.

  • Randy

    Giants Fans Are Douche bags!!!!! Fat-sesca proves that every week!!!!

  • jujets

    Fatcessa is losing it, he would never do this to a GIANT player or Coach , always nice as pie , again his EGO is way out there.. Doggy kills him on sirius , check it out. I think he really hates the jets , terrible not to be objective , he will get talked to tonight, how many times does he say ” to tell you the truth”. Maybe its a ratings thing, dont forget he wanted baseball untill end of october LOL

  • jujets

    Guy just called in and said it, Fatcesca would never do it to jeter or posada

  • Doug P

    @jujets. Francesca HAS already done this with the Giants. Just a couple weeks ago he questioned a play made by Cruz while on the phone with Justin Tuck. What was Tucks response… “We got away with one.” And then the interview moved on. If we were as good at playing the game as we were at running our mouths we’d be 6-0. Haters gonna Hate.

  • frank

    That was clearly not pi. Period!

  • Evil Empire

    If you watch the ‘interview’, you will see Mike Francesca was very nice and joked about the call, as did Revis for a little while. Revis brings it back up and the ‘interview’ goes south. Don’t blame Francesca , blame the Jets and Revis for their childish behavior.

  • Mark

    Ground and pound? Now that’s funny..the jets are a joke, 11 pos and 8 count em, 3 and outs..who exactly are they pounding? Talk about a shit show, look in the mirror jet fans, 42 years and after this year make it 43 and not to another sb since Joe willy…ground and pound, funny stuff….at least in the new stadium you shmoes don’t have to put those green boarders around the blue in the old meadowlands..playin in GIANT stadium all those years must of made you all so proud…but Rex will be making his 3rd superbowl appearance this year..they are just all in his mind and his FEET….

  • Harlan

    Blatant missed call. Revis knows it, that’s why he hung up like a beatch.

  • jujets

    HUGE win , cant wait for Fatcesca show LOL , 4-3 into bye week gettin ready for bills !! Lets Go!!!!!

  • Joey C

    i’m still trying to figure why the Giants fans think its so relevant to constantly bring up that the Jets played in Giants Stadium, as if its somewat of an insult or sumthin

  • Tyler Israel

    It is not a question of if it was a pick or not. Mike has a hate for the Jets. He may not say he does. But even a retard can pick up on it. Mike has probable never thrown a football in his life. What a fat chunk boy he is.