NFL Week 2 Review

1. With the amount of praise being lavished on the New England Patriots the first two weeks of the season, you would think they already have the Super Bowl wrapped up. I am not going to question how impressive their offense has been because it looks like a machine. Yet, if you watched their game against San Diego, you know how many opportunities the Chargers had to win that football game. If Mike Tolbert had his head on straight, they could have very well stolen that game and it isn’t like they ran the pathetic Miami Dolphins off the field the week before either. New England has the best offense in the league. Their defense is average. They are a beatable football team and we know the New York Jets know that better than anybody.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Todd Haley might soon be working for a Canadian online pharmacy with how unpopular he is becoming and how awful his team is performing. The Chiefs are a lifeless bunch who has been humiliated the past two weeks. How is it possible that this team won the AFC West last year? With superstar running back Jamaal Charles now out for the season and an upcoming game with San Diego, it is hard to see an improvement on the horizon.

3. Unbelievable how the Tennessee Titans could go from losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars to beating the Baltimore Ravens the following week. It was pretty apparent the Ravens were still hungover from their stomping of Pittsburgh the week before. However, the Titans could be a sneaky contender in the AFC South, considering how wide open that division is. Kenny Britt is playing as well as any wide receiver in the NFL right now. Matt Hasselbeck has the ability to win big games at quarterback and overall their defense is solid. They do still need to find a way to get Chris Johnson going however.

4. Drew Brees. Matt Ryan. Josh Freeman. Cam Newton. The NFC South is going to be fun to watch for a long, long time. It is truly remarkable how quickly Newton has become such a dynamic NFL player. Freeman is a younger Ben Roethlisberger, who is incredibly clutch. Brees is Brees. Ryan is coming off an impressive comeback win and is one of the league’s best young quarterbacks.

5. Week 3 games to look forward to –

  • New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles – Always an entertaining¬†rivalry, let’s hope Mike Vick finds his way back to the field so we can see this game at full strength.
  • New England at Buffalo – Let’s see how much of a contender Buffalo really is.
  • Green Bay at Chicago – A rematch of the NFC Championship Game.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Ronald

    The New England Patriots are the best offensive team in the NFL because they are creating mismatch. Remember when Tom Brady wasn’t playing a few years ago,h they were still successful because they create mismatch. The funny thing for the Jets is that they have the best 3 wide receiver in the game, but they aren’t creating enough mismatch. The wide receivers are doing their routes, but it there still no mismatch. We believe that Jeremy Keyley is very fast, yet we don’t let him play or put him in a position like number 83 on New England. We need to challenge the front line to give Marc Sanchez a few more time to throw the ball and I wonder if he can read the opposing defense. We need route that will confuse defense or make defender back away from our wide receivers specially Homes and Jeremy because they are fast,then we will be able to run the ball also. If the opposite team is blisting, well Marc needs to realize that and pass to the running back and let them pick up yard. Marc also need to work more Burress so that he can know where Burress is and how he can throw to him. Justin is just great right now and will have more possibility and I think Patrick Turner could be a valuable asset, specially if you put him against a line backer or a third or fourth corner cause like Burress is also 6.5. Mason will be very helpful in the red zone, specially when the opposite corner is tired of running with Jeremy and he comes in fresh. If you look at New England they are as good as they are on offense cause Tom Brady has time to throw, so it’s up to the offensive line to do it’s job and protect Marc and Marc to take what the opposite defense give him. If we look at Michael Vick, I do believe that he has the potential to be better than Brady, but sometimes he tries to do too much and because the Eagles aren’t able to pick up the blist he looks a little bet better than average, but not as elite as Brady or Peyton Manning. Our defense is lacking from two years ago, when they were able to get to the opposite quarterback. Maybe we need better scheme and test the guy who score on special team and see if he can get to the opposite quarterback. We gotta be like that Raven defense on game one who got to the opposite quarterback and basically destroy big Ben cause let’s face it we might be facing him , Brady and Peyton to each the superbowl.

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