TOJ Free Agency Link Dump: Flip Flopping On Cromartie

Throughout the off-season, I have been adamant about the importance of the New York Jets re-signing Antonio Cromartie and I still believe from a football perspective it is the right move. He fits well in the system opposite Darrelle Revis and is a better option than any one available in free agency (not counting Nnamdi Asomugha who the Jets can’t afford) and Kyle Wilson. However, it is hard not to get the impression that he is going to receive an offer from another team too pricey for the Jets to match or exceed.

His recent comments to Adam Schein indicate he will be waiting to see how much Nnamdi Asomugha is paid before making a decision, making it impossible for the Jets to lock him down in their window of exclusivity. He will also be offering no type of hometown discount to the Jets and appears anxious to explore what other teams will offer…despite the Jets fronting him $500,000 last year for child support problems he was having. Perhaps Rex Ryan’s love of corners and his defense will make him a high enough priority to receive a big contract from Mike Tannenbaum, but the momentum appears to be going the other way, especially if the Redskins drive up the price for Santonio Holmes who is a higher priority for the Jets, leaving less money to sign Cromartie.

For further thoughts on Cromartie and Jets free agency from myself and others, track the SB Nation New York stream.

A good piece expressing frustration with Cromartie from Jeff Capellini over at CBS/WFAN

Anybody care to explain to me how Santonio Holmes is a better fit in Washington than he is in New York?

Any of these potential free agents interest you on the Jets defense? I am sure Joey Porter’s name will get thrown around with the Jets if he gets released.

Eric Smith would be a cheaper alternative to bring back at safety than Brodney Pool.

If you didn’t see this yet, have a laugh at the expense of the Miami Dolphins.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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