In The Hours Of Waiting: Heat Waves and Missed Opportunities

It is a cool day in New York. With the past four days temperatures ranging from 94 to 105, most of lower Manhattan has taken to the garbage filled East River, taking refuge in the shady waters under the FDR. The NFL has teased us again. Perhaps the season will not come until September. Will a lack of pre-season have any effect on fans? Of course. Fathers will be forced to actually take part in preparing their children for the school year. Fans will not be constantly checking Wikipedia to see exactly who all these strange statless players flashing across our screen are. There will be injuries by the hundreds. Plays will fall apart, leaving defenses with stats that rival the ’85 Bears.

I have come to conclusions about baseball, understanding the utter callousness I put on display in a recent article regarding the oldest sport known to modern man. I have come to love baseball. But it is a love the professor who studies malaria has for his petri dish. It is not a love that translates to the casual fan. It is a scientist’s love, made for the weird and the lover of all things slow. It is bird watching with sponsors.

I have been mostly shocked that the Yankees are somehow competitive without a serious number two starter. We have been living on the concoctions of voodoo doctors, seeing how the bullpen is one of the most randomly hashed together staff of veterans and rookies, it is a shock we have remained at the head of the AL Wild Card race. Derek Jeter hit 3,000 with the entire HBO film crew trying not to fly out of their seats. The movie is in the works.

Money and power. Divorces, death and war all over the country. It is summer, and so we all try and push that out of the way. I am planning a trip to Montauk next weekend, which will hopefully be devoid of cable news, NY Times and the opinions of other human beings on sports and politics. You can only watch highlight express so many times before the faces all seem to blur into one lawyer/former agent ranting about the divide between players and owners.

Where can I go on the Jets without sounding like a hopeful fool or a hopeless cynic? Let’s keep Cromartie and Holmes. I know we need Edwards, but I can take Cotchery and Jeremy Kerley as the smaller faster Dustin Keller. We have four running backs. I feel ok. Let’s also keep Ellis and Woody. Veteran lineman are a must for any team with risk at the linebacker or receiver position. Kris Jenkins is gone, but he is still on my Madden ’10 team, which is all I care about at this point. We may even have enough money to keep Brodney Pool and Eric Smith around before we take a first round linebacker or safety next year. Scratch that, knowing Tannenbaum, he will steal someone completely insane for a 1st and a 3rd round pick.

NBA lockout is causing some unusual craziness. Nobody needs that much practice that isn’t 18 years old. Going overseas will be the biggest mistake any star NBA player can make. The venues are garbage, the rewards are relatively small, and the teams you will play against wouldn’t make the sweet sixteen of the NCAA championship. Dwight Howard may have an ego, but when you score 50 3 nights in a row, the inkling of maximizing potential against the “best in the world” does not seem to be a valid argument. There is a reason Dirk Nowitzki did not stay in Germany.

When something regarding the lockout resolution comes to fruition, I will have something somewhat meaningful to say. Until then, I will be waiting for the dew point to drop below 65, and for Drew Rosenhaus to send me my case of 5 hour energy.