A Quick Defense Of Braylon Edwards


Hard not to get frustrated when you read analysis like this of a player who you watched every snap of last season and saw the exact opposite —

Bill Barnwell at Grantland

“Braylon Edwards has built his argument for being a great pro receiver upon being selected in the top five by the Browns after a very good college career and a huge four-game stretch against terrible pass defenses in 2007. He’s a highlight-reel player, but he doesn’t run great routes and drops way too many passes to justify a big salary.”

Actually the case here is that Bill Barnwell has built his argument on watching Edwards in 2008 and not watching him play in 2010. Edwards dropped one pass all of last season and was the Jets most consistent player at the receiver position. He was far from just a “highlight-reel” player (which should actually be a positive anyway right?) and made tons of tough catches in big spots for the Jets and was excellent in his down the field run blocking.

I am pretty sure I remember these two plays from the playoffs last year, they certainly seem like the type of plays great pro receivers make.

[youtube MT4kIFVWhBg]

[youtube LR_FhlfaI-Y]

Oh and then this one from the AFC Championship Game two years ago

[youtube NS1lhXKwbgw]