The Debate Continues: Best New York Jet To Have A Beer With?

Justin weighs in with his opinion to my original article…Best New York Jet To Have A Beer With —

This question depends on two things. The first, do I want to get into a fight? The second. do I want accompaniment by a female completely out of my league?

Let’s just say I want to get into a fight. Clearly, the guy I want helping me is Muhammad Wilkerson. Why? 7 foot wingspan. 315 lbs. 6’5. That’s all I have to say. He is clearly the most athletic and largest player the Jets have. True, he is just a rookie, but attributing fight skills and football skills is a messy and sometimes hazardous business. All I want is a bull rush. The crowd will disperse rather quickly.

Female accompaniment? I want two. I want Sanchez and Scotty McKnight. Bro paradise. How could you not at least get something worth a blackout as a third wheel with these two? You would have to be shaking violently and peeing yourself not to be able to get someone to at least talk to you after 10 tequila shots and who knows how many margaritas. Mission Viejo for life.

Of course I would like to chat with Revis and Rex, but my time at the bar is extremely limited, and with free drinks, you should either end up in bed or in jail. Settle for nothing less.