Strange Days: How The NBA Finals Will Define The Lives Of Many

Justin weighs in with his thoughts on the NBA Finals before they tipped off last night…

This is it. The finals. It has been a long, strange road. We had the foolish notion to assume a 6’2 point guard could actually work over the greatest power forward on earth without a legitimate 2nd man. Boozer was a joke. We assumed you could live off of pure talent and athleticism without having second or third round playoff experience. Both thoughts have been struck out with a rather convincing display of wisdom and what I can only call “complete” basketball.

The Mavericks showed that a roster of players who have been to the Finals will always outdo the inexperienced Thunder, who had to rely on out of this world displays by 21 and 22 year old players who are still learning how to play team basketball.

I thought that the Heat would have to rely on Lebron and D-Wade. Then I realized Udonis Haslem, who has been gone for what seemed like the entire year, was what really made the Heat machine tick. Remember, he was there for the 2006 championship and knew that the Big 2 would need help. They got it in both the physical and emotional sense.

I tried to go about this objectively, but after considerable thought, trying to think of a Dallas championship seems to be rather far fetched to me. Let’s say Dirk does go for 50. The Heat would probably do better letting him score that many, because playing defense on the rest of the team would be a joke. Jason Terry against Dwayne Wade? That’s almost laughable. Watching Jason Kidd trying to keep up with Lebron would be even funnier. Mario Chalmers may not be an All Star, but he will be a wash with Kidd. 38 years old makes him the oldest point guard in Finals history. This is not the team you want to play against.

The Heat will make plays that throw SportsCenter into a complete frenzy. They have been waiting for this. They will make people who hate them throw televisions out the window. It will be like a Michael Bay movie. They are actually currently installing 43 pyrotechnic towers along the sidelines with tags in Heat players sneakers for fast breaks, and I am told they are preparing backboard flamethrowers for every LeBron dunk. It will make Transformers 3 look like Little House On The Prairie. Some even say the temperature in their building will be increased to 136 degrees before warmups. It will be like watching Ali in Africa. Complete and utter physicality.

The question remains. Do we want the Heat to win? I don’t know. Do I want Dallas to win? I don’t know. Perhaps I would like to see Dirk vindicated…

Do I want to see Lebron vindicated? Not really, but I do think there is a certain point that you reach when your entire life has been devoted to something, reaching a dramatic arc, and violently exploding like the eventual megastar status of the sun…maybe it will be a last second game 7 dunk. One can only hope.

  • walker

    I know this may be typical or maybe not when a team your pulling for loses.
    As a long time fan of sports I have seen a lot of what could be very questionable. With that….I personally think the NBA finals has a little explaining to do. The Dallas Mavericks did not beat the Miami Heat. As much as people want to not talk about it, true sports people know what I am talking about. Yes, you may be angry at the way Lebron James left Cleveland Cavaliers. But you can’t deny the Miami Heat as a team. Be angry at these young guys who work out a deal between the three of them without the NBA’s assistance, be angry at the way Miami put on a show for these guys, be angry at the predictions. But for god sake, don’t jeopardize the integrity of the game. I personally think that not only was the NBA not ready for something like this, the NBA did not think Miami would run through two of the top five teams in Boston and Chicago. The way that this Miami heat came together after injuries, finding
    that right chemistry. There is not a NBA team built to withstand this team in a seven game series. Shame on you NBA. You have the money. Mark Cuban spent years developing one of the highest payrolls. It just so happen that these three guys took a pay cut, because they knew they could compete right now. So please stop using Labron James to cover up the calculated robbery of the NBA championship from the Miami heat. These guys are young and yes, it is actually great for the NBA. I could go on, but I would like to stop here and get your thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to submit my comment.