Screaming On The Radio: Let Forth The Rage Of The Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are in full on Wagner-high drama mode. The Spurs got knocked off with a whimper, again the “Tim Duncan is old” monster rears its head. The Pacers gave the Bulls everything a team without a real star can give. The Knicks went down in a tangled pile of tragedy. Dwight Howard is spending his afternoons looking at houses in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant is thinking of the deal already. Gasol is contemplating going home in relative glory/shame. If Phil doesn’t get Dwight the whole Staples Center will collapse under its own expectations.

Portland is doomed, Gred Oden will have a child and he too will be drafted by the Blazers. Lord knows if the Hornets will exist by August, with the way they’re blowing up levees in this country half the midwest won’t exist by next year.

The East and The West each have a truly once in a lifetime series, the East having the pure hubris of youth and athleticism against basketball IQ and veteran leadership, it’s like watching the future beat down the past in the present, yet there is something sad about it…oh wait…the Celtics swept the Knicks…not sad.

The West has the Lakers falling apart from all corners: passing, defense, scoring. Kobe Bryant looks like he’s the only one that needs to win, not wants to win, needs to win. I may despise the sunshine of Kobe and the Lakers, but I respect the drive he has, which when it is all said and done may have outdone Jordan in terms of pure effort, it is hard to play 1 on 5.

The Thunder look like there is going to be a serious showdown in a game 7. Memphis has two great players. The Thunder have two great players. Things are looking up for fans in Chicago, you will have a chance to prove that a small point guard can beat three cyborgs.

If the Lakers and the Celtics get knocked out before the conference finals, it will say something, something about the way the NBA is shifting towards a two or three all star minimum for any sort of success in the playoffs, it’s happening, think about who is already a part of it: Miami…New York..Oklahoma City…

Basketball may finally put baseball to death amongst the youth, try watching an NBA playoff game and then switch over to baseball, actually don’t you might miss Derrick Rose going off or Lebron making Rondo look like a yoga instructor, god bless those who write about baseball without the aid of drink.