Should the Jets Trade Down in the Draft?

There is no shortage of needs for the Jets this offseason.  In an ideal world, the Jets could improve at DE, DT, OLB, FS, WR, and depth at the ILB, OLB, and QB positions.  However, come April 28 the Jets are going to have to work with 6 picks:

NYJ 1st round,

NYJ 3rd round

NYJ 4th round

NYJ 5th round

NYJ 6th round

Ari 7th round

So the question is, with an excess of needs and only the draft to fill these needs because of the lockout, should the Jets think about trading out of the 1st round and getting more picks?  It sure would go against the Jets drafting tendencies of the last couple of years; but this is a different year .

If the Jets are not guaranteed to land their top guy, they might want to get as many picks as possible and play trial and error with this year’s draft class.  Especially since Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Free Safety, and a 3rd WR can be found in rounds 2-4 fairly easily.

By looking at the trade value chart, the Jets could trade:

Their 1st round pick (30th overall), 6th round pick (190th overall), and 7th round pick (222nd overall)

For the…

Jaguars 2nd round pick (48th overall; 16th in the 2nd round) and 3rd round pick (80th overall; 16th in the 3rd round).

This is just a random scenario I cam up with but it begs a couple of questions.  Is having a mid 2nd rounder and two 3rd rounders better than a 1st and two late selections? Do you think we would lose “our guy” by trading back?  Is this draft too deep to give up late round picks like that?  Give your opinion in the comment section.  You also can create your own concoction here, and see what dream scenario you can come up with.

  • Lamont Jordan

    Ive been saying this for a while, weve got to trade down.
    1) We shouldnt draft a 3-4 DE in the first round; the position just doesnt have enough value on the field to dedicate a 1st rd pick and money.
    2) We can still grab Moore or Robinson (from UNC) in the 2nd round if we are looking for a safety, and theyre enough quality DL in this draft to pick up in the 2nd and 3rd round

  • G-dub

    The draft is too much of a crap shot by nature, we dont need to gamble on getting the guy we want by trading down.

    As long as we dont draft another guy from D1AA..We dont have the time to see if Wilkerson can develop!! The time to win is NOW

  • Joe Caporoso

    I think it really depends on how the board breaks…the Jets may need to draft for need more than ever this year with free agent uncertainity. If they find a DL or OLB they really love, Tannenbaum wouldn’t hesitate to move up to get him, if there wasn’t good value left at #30, I wouldn’t be surprised if he traded down so he could fill more holes/add more depth