Time To Make Up Your Mind



  • richard

    Love this article good job. I couldn’t agree more everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down the jets are a good team and had there first back to back loss of the season. Its not the end of the world we are still very much in playoff hunt and in my book once your in its anyone’s game.

  • the iron marshal

    Joe, as always, well-said! With gumption, fire and never-say-die, but not with wishfulness or ignorance of reality.

    Would that our established media types in the various sports talk shows, newspapers, of the NY area have the same clarity as you do, my man… but then, they wouldn’t have a job doing what they do in this jaded, controversy-starved town.

    Be well, and Merry Christmas –

    T I M, a Jets Fan 4 EVER!