New York Jets Playoffs Scenario Week 14



The Jets clinch a playoff spot this week with the following

1) A Jets Win + SD loss or tie + JAK loss or tie

2) A Jets Win + SD loss or tie + IND loss or tie

3) A Jets Tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss + IND loss


  • Indianapolis At Tennessee – Thursday, 8:20 PM
  • Oakland At Jacksonville – Sunday, 1 PM
  • Kansas City At San Diego – Sunday, 4:15 PM
  • Tony C

    You know what I realized looking at this.. we can actually still have division if the cards fall our way.

    Jets- 9-4.. 3-1 Division
    Pats 10-3.. see above

    now with 4 games left in the regular season. Lets say that both teams go 4-0 rest of the way, automatic lose for Jets and they go on the road.

    Pats win all but GB or Bears, tied up. Pats go ahead I believe because they had better scores than us in head to head.. Since in theory we’ve each lost to only one conference opponent. (RavensVJets, PatsVBrowns)

    Now. Jets win all four, and Pats lose to MIA/BUF. We tie, but our division record would be 7-1 vs 6-2 in which case Jets rain supreme. Also, this also goes down all the way as long Jets hold one more win than Pats, so in theory it would take the Jets to win 2(the division games) to Pats only winning one game of the four.

    Does that sound crazy? Kind of Bears are on a hotstreak, Steelers are winning but struggling some against playoff teams, Bills are spoilers and GB would love to make a statement against the Pats this weekend.