Instant Reaction: Same Old Jets


When you have 10 days to prepare for your biggest game of the year. It doesn’t say much for your organization when you are completely out coached, out schemed, out played, and out everything you can think of.

The New York Jets were exposed as frauds tonight. They were embarrassed on national television and unequivocally proven to be second class citizens in the AFC East and the AFC. Don’t talk about the Jets with the Patriots, Ravens, or Steelers anymore. They aren’t on that level or even close for that matter. They are now in the mix with the Chiefs, Jaguars, Colts, Chargers, and the rest of the mediocrity throughout the conference.

There won’t be any home playoff games this year and don’t write the Jets in as a playoff team yet. You think the team you watched tonight is going to Pittsburgh or Chicago and getting a victory?

The Jets defense was awful tonight. Not just awful, but they quit and let Tom Brady completely dice them apart. They ushered Danny Woodhead down the field so he could make us cringe, as Joe McKnight looked good in his winter jacket on the sideline. Antonio Cromartie lacked effort and forgot how to tackle. Drew Coleman…looked like, well Drew Coleman.

I can’t write enough about how pathetic the effort level was on defense. It starts with Rex Ryan, who didn’t have his team prepared tonight and did a terrible job with game management and game planning. Sorry Rex, it doesn’t make sense to challenge a quarterback sneak on your offense’s first drive, just like it doesn’t make sense to blitz the house and leave Drew Coleman one on one with Wes Welker. Where was Darrelle Revis by the way?

Offense? Mark Sanchez isn’t ready yet. He was shaken from the first possession of this game. Braylon Edwards is back to dropping passes in big spots. Dustin Keller? Where was he? At least Santonio Holmes and Shonn Greene showed up, but that was about it.

It was one thing to lose the game. It is another thing to be embarrassed. It is another thing to quit and be completely humiliated. Hell, I am embarrassed I spent 10 days writing articles previewing the game and the Jets couldn’t put up an effort.

Say it with me now…

Same. Old. Jets.

I need a day off.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Joey C

    well written joe…once again the Jets built us up only to let us down big time….the jets’ gameplan was so predictable that at one point, i called a mark sanchez red zone interception & on the next play, a quick out to danny woodhead who shifted to the slot with bart scott guarding him

    nevermind games at pittsburgh & chicago dont be surprised if we blow it against miami & buffalo also to close out the season….this is definitely more disappointing than our second half in the AFC championship game last year

  • Angel

    Joe… I feel your pain, only worse because I knew better and at the last minute convinced myself otherwise.

    I knew there was no way the Jets were going into Foxboro and beating the Pats. The Pats don’t lose at home and Belichik doesn’t lose twice to the same opponent. The Pats have been beating teams handily, and the Jets are bragging about squeaking by the Broncos, Lions, and Texans.

    But then I saw Brady was signed to be the spokesmodel for Uggs, and I thought, “THERE IS NO WAY the Jets are losing to this cheese-puff!”
    I thought, “The Jets will come out in 4 and 5 receiver set to take advantage of the 32nd ranked passing defense. The Jets will jump out to an early lead and pound Shonn Greene at the overmatched defensive front. LT will finish them off after they are dead tired and the Pats will have no chance to catch up. Besides – Rex has Brady’s number. He stumped him their first meeting, and his brother Rob used that template and beat him with the Browns.”

    Boy was I full of shit.

    The Jets came out and Sanchez had a bit of trouble with the wind – but that was NO EXCUSE for the DROPPED passes in the beginning. Holmes and Edwards dropped some easy ones – though Holmes recovered and got his act together. Edwards didn’t get many more chances. It was a calamity… balls sailed past LT without him even seeing it, Shonn Greene was having a good day but was used at all the wrong times, the Jets played to the Patriot’s strength with short throws out of 2 wide receiver sets, the Jets D was CONFUSED!

    Brady lit up the Jets secondary, but he did it by finding Derrelle Revis and throwing to the opposite side of the field. The Patriot WRs ran short routes, found a hole in the zone, and sat there. Welker and Woodhead covered by Bart Scott? REALLY?!?! James Ihedigbo playing before Dwight “the swipe” Lowery? REALLY?!? You’re not going to challenge the Patriots suspect secondary? REALLY?!?

    I love that the Jets think they can go in there and beat anyone. I love that Rex went for it so many times on 4th down. I love that Sanchez was pissed off cause he should be.

    I hate that the Jets think they’re better than they really are. I hate that the Jets don’t go into games looking to blow out the opponent. And I hate that Sanchez got rattled enough that he started throwing DIRECTLY to the Patriots secondary. SANCHEZ – YOU HAD TIME BRO! Relax. If you don’t see it, run for 5 yards and slide – they were giving that to you.

    Anyway, Schotty sucks and needs to completely rework his offensive game-plan philosophy. Marty ball, or Schotty ball is great, when you have the lead. Otherwise, it’s a recipe for losers.

  • richard

    Well what can we say… we all had hope going into this game excited to test the pats for the afc east and maybe start taking advantage of our situations. But the jets are not where they need to be right now they need to get holmes and keller involved more edwards is not good he makes 3 good plays a yr and thats it! we need to get rid of the losers like edwards and lt we need guys like holmes and revis. Mark is a good qb but he needs to be better in cold weather games he has yet to play a great cold weather game and that is y i was so nervous about last nights game. We need to get back to shonne green pounding and sanchez making smart decision. AND PLEASE WE NEED SOME PRESSURE ON THE QB all the qbs we play they just sit back and have all day when ever we blitzed a cb or safety we got great pressure. Any way we have miami this week and can not afford to loose again we need to bounce back strong and win that’s all that matters

  • Tony C

    Can we all shut up and Ban the phrase Same Old Jets?

    Was the same old Jets the ones that beat Lions, Browns, Texans, Miami, Pats, Vikings. No. Should we brag? No. But last year this team would not have won many of those games. This is not the same old Jets, this is an upgraded team, this year may not be the Superbowl, but hell look around the league…. Rodgers and Manning are playing with teams held together with duct tape and super glue. The Cowboys imploded and destroyed any chance they had of getting into the playoffs. Vick is reviving himself into the next paragon of mobile QBs.

    Look at the leads, Jags are winning the AFC South, CJ2K might as well hit the bench for a nice ice cream and a pack of smokes. The Chiefs are beating the Chargers, the Raiders swept the Chargers, SF is a 3/4 win team and they are still in playoff contention in their division. The Bengals are the jokes of the NFL after the promising fight they put up last season beating out the Steelers and Ravens to be the AFC North Division Champs.

    The bottom line is that everyone is making mistakes, everyone is having their failures. Yes there are teams having the heights of success, that always happens, deal with it. We lost, and we were outplayed… we lost Dig, Harris went out a while. And you know what, part of the problem is Rex’s philosophy on football, getting the best players, not just want you need. 4 TEs, but no pass protection MLB to stop the slots, all fearsome titans on the edges but getting up there.

    We can complain about our problems. McKnight for Woodhead/Washington. Yes he’s a disaster, a 4th round pick…. unless your the Pats with their Holy Grail of Scouting reports, that’s a guy you need to work on. Washington is doing nothing after his 2TD returns, Woodhead… he’s a great guy but he didn’t work in our system and style. Think Hanesworth and the Skins, in his contract year he was amazing 8.5 sacks, new system he’s failing as hard as the Cincinnati T.Ochos.

    At the end of the day, we can cheer the successes and boo the failures, but we saw the same old Jets die when they won in the clutch. They shouldn’t have won in the clutch so often, but the same old Jets wouldn’t have won those games. The same old Jets, started to die last year when we saw a rookie QB and rookie HC go to the AFC champ game. Now lets all take a deep breath, unclench our buttholes and relax remember relaxing? Back earlier on when we were having fun and games watching teams lose to us whether it was big points or small points. Remember what it means to be a Jets fan, legally insane, hopeful for the future, and using your Woody Johnson issued Tom Brady toilet paper when you have a case of the runs.

  • Coach

    To Tony C. – The only difference is that all those other teams don’t talk about the SB at every press conference. The NFL is about “coaching” and yours should talk less and coach more. His press conferences before each game are filled with arrogance and silly remarks. I am certain to be that “creative” you have to take time (unless he has a speech writer) to (find a wig, photos of his wife in a magazine or make Tom B. comparisons)which takes away from prep time. The facts are this, “he talks the talk but up to this point has NO CREDENTIALS to walk the walk.”
    By the way I am going HEAVY on the JETS this week my “Knock-Out-Pool” is dependent on them. May the GODS be with me.

  • Tony C

    I know that and I accept that, yes Rex should shut up a lot when it comes to bragging about being a SB team. At some point it needs to be show than tell. But in all honesty it an ego boost, at least the way I see it. No team settles for mediocrity, and if you do you need to leave the NFL. Every day gets on the podium and says they are going to make it. It would be like your boss in an office job walking around saying we’re the best division in the company and we’re winning the Christmas Raise. Sure its talk but sooner or later it becomes infectious, and morale certainly gets up.

    As for the wig, the wife, the Brady jokes. Harmless fun, him poking at his brother(which Rob responded to with one of his own), the Brady things, that’s a joke or two but more importantly how many men do you know would take time out of their press conference to say their wife is a supermodel? Forget sports, that’s just a great husband. That being said Sunday needs to be a rallying call and hopefully this is the kick in the groin they needed to act right after getting smacked right.

  • Marando

    Jets are a terrible team for splitting with the Patriots.

    Wait, what? Oh yeah, we BEAT the Patriots earlier in the season. Completely dismissing that because of one game is asinine.