Grading Out Jets/Steelers


4 thoughts on “Grading Out Jets/Steelers

  1. As one of the only two remaining active bloggers left at Fanball(as far as i can tell, you and the St. Louis Blues are it) i was wondering if you could tell me what the deal is with all those other bloggers not posting at fanball anymore. Thanks

  2. “Points, Points, Points – The Jets need points from their defense or special teams to supplement their offense on Sunday.”

    Nicely done, Joe.

  3. Agreed, after this game I’m pumped for Sunday. Two great defenses going at with two decent offenses, should be a ton of fun. We need the Bills and Fins to do their jobs against the Pats two loses and our two wins will get us a bye….

  4. Bob…I hate to tell you this, but the network got shut down. I had the URL ownership transferred over to me.

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