TOJ at SB Nation – Jets vs. Texans: Game Breakdown



TOJ’s normal game breakdown piece, hosted at SB Nation:

  • bruceharper

    Dolfins now 0-3 in prime time home games! Eleventh anniversary of their last playoff win coming up in January. Brandon Marshall out with hammy.
    And their substitute center was pulled last night due to injury, pushing Incognito as snapper last night.
    We are setting up for another painful Dolfin December, (What? It’s cold up there?)

  • Tony C

    Haha, that was a fun game to watch. and Marshall, really? really? He taunted ANOTHER guy for the second week in the row and he gets rewarded by shutting up and sitting on the bench. Heh you forgot one other thing Bruce, their QB had more rushing yards and attempts THAN both of their RBs.