TOJ At SB Nation – Grading Out Jets/Bengals



  • Shibadog

    I got a sneaking suspicion that the Jets are gonna smoke the patriots at Foxboro. In doing so send a statement to the rest of the league. However the next week they gonna fall to the Steelers after being mentally drained by beating the pats. Just got a weird feeling that’s how the next two weeks are gonna shake out.

  • Shibadog

    Correction, jets are gonna lose to the Dolphins. the next team on the schedule after the pats.

  • Tony C

    Actually the Steelers sounds more accurate Shibadog. Only reason I say that, Miami’s O-Line is falling apart like a leper’s limbs. If its Tyler behind center they will fall easier, especially since it may be that B-Marshall has an injury, pretty sure its a hamstring.

    Also Joe, JT had 3 deflected passes that game.