Initial Reaction: This Is Why We Watch…Jets Escape 23-20


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Disgusted. Just disgusted. It was hard not to feel that way as you watched the New York Jets, the team who likes to talk about being the best team in the NFL and is overloaded with talent, do everything possible to embarrass themselves against a feisty (dirty) 2-5 Detroit Lions team. Penalties? Every single one you could imagine at the worst possible time. Turnovers? Two more from the Jets. Drops? Yes, there were still plenty of those. Clock management? Of course, the Jets only had one timeout left heading into the final 5 minutes of the game.

It felt like there was no way in the world the Jets could surmount a comeback down 20-10 with 4:26 on the clock and one timeout. It might as well have been 30 points considering the way their passing offense looked. You can already read the headlines about the Jets sliding into another meltdown. Mark Sanchez was well on his way to another sub 50 percent completion percentage and more questions about his status as our franchise quarterback.

Then something happened. Unlike teams in the past, the 2010 New York Jets find ways to win football games. It doesn’t matter how ugly the game has been. It doesn’t matter how poorly they have been playing. This team has confidence they can always find a way to win and today, yet again, they did.

Say what you want about Sanchez but he stepped up again late to lead the Jets to a victory. He made two big time throws to Dustin Keller on their touchdown drive to cut the lead to 3 and then fortunately the Lions are the Lions and inexplicably threw the ball on third down, leaving Sanchez enough time to get the Jets into field goal position (big ups to Julian Peterson for that late hit on LaDainian Tomlinson…thanks). In overtime, he hit Santonio Holmes in stride on an in route, which Holmes rolled into a 52 yard gain.

The story of the day? Led by their quarterback, the Jets made plays when they had to. If you want an example of a young quarterback who can’t do that, look to our divisional rival Miami. Sanchez comes up big in big spots. Tomlinson, Holmes, and Keller all stepped up to support him when it counted. Nick Folk was money on special teams and is truly having a Pro-Bowl season.

On defense, the bad news is that Drew Coleman is back to being Drew Coleman. The good news is that Darrelle Revis is back to being Darrelle Revis. 1 catch for 13 yards for Calvin Johnson…nice work and welcome to the 2010 season, Darrelle. Revis Island is back. The defense played relatively well but there isn’t enough big plays being created. Not enough sacks and forced turnovers.

The Jets are a flawed team…accept it, but they are a 6-2 and on pace for a 12-4 season. In case you didn’t notice the NFL is filled with flawed teams this year. The consensus best team heading into this week lost to the 2-5 Cleveland Browns by 20 points. You take the wins when you can get them.

Run Santonio Run

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Tony C

    I noticed something today and the last few games. Sanchez can be a beast at 20+ yard throws and the in-routes. J-co with GB for forty something yards, Edwards with a 50 something yard catch and the twenty yard follow through. Holmes had the 52 yard grab in OT.

    Also, we need Greene to start being the starter, I’m getting really, really worried after that Peterson hit, that LT is going to suffer and be in trouble for us later in the season. We saw him switch into the receiver role more than ever in the last quarter. Next week, we’ll have the Browns they are low on overall defense with Run and the Pass, we need Greene to start and lay the hammer down.

    Secondly, where the hell did the Browns come from to do all this magic they are pulling? Saints with 4 INTs, this game no INTs but Colt McCoy busts out a Vick style TD run and Hills is a beast. But this is a team that is in the top 5 in stopping the run(I can’t remember if we are 1st or 4th.) We just proved we can hinder the screen play at times. And I’ll shut up now because I can Coach later in the week with this haha.

  • Tony C

    Also a Sanchez note this is his first game over 300 yards passing, most of which coming from Holmes and Edwards.

  • Shibadog

    Realistically the jets could well be 4-4 with the denver game being the other game the jets had been outplayed and didn’t deserve to win.

    I think ryan needs to fix the mental game of the players. far too many penalties.

    Mid-season roster evaluation:
    Despite the lack of production offensively recently, I’m not seeing anything really terrible. What I mean is who would you consider trading / drafting on the offense once the season is over. The way I see it, the O-line is performing well, probably too many tightends on the roster. LDT and SG are doing well, we’re ranked 3rd rushing. WR we’re gonna have to make some roster changes as we can’t keep all of them but B.Edwards despite being a knucklehead is playing well.

    Defensively the vaunted jets D has been mediocre on the Front 7. I don’t see enough pressure and the Blitzes are seeming predictable and the opponents are punishing us for that. Revis island is back! Cro is doing a good job. Where is Brodney pool, pre season expectations for him have not materialized. Jim leonhard plays well but I would rather have a bigger player, he seems to be outclassed by bigger tightends, slot receivers that he’s asked to cover.

  • Shibadog


    The Jets D-line front 7 has been good at stuffing the run, but just can’t seem to get to the QB.
    The opponents are picking up the jets blitzes well, giving the QB’s waaay to much time to pick apart the middle of the field.

    Never was a fan of D.Lowery / D Coleman.

    K.Wilson gets a pass b/c he’s a rookie.

  • Angel

    Not happy one bit. The Jets are a 4-4 team without their good fortune propping them up as a soft 6-2 team. This was a classic example of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat… and how did it happen?

    1. Sanchez got it right: I remember in Hardknocks Sanchez telling Schotty, “Playcalling is easy, Schotty you suck.” He was joking, but their is some truth behind most jokes. Sanchez was running the 2-minute drill and calling the right plays and executing them. Still, the Jets were playing for a tie the whole game. The Jets need to jump out to a lead immediately and let the defense take over. If this is the plan, the Jets go 16-0. Schotty has never been able to lead the offense to a comeback, but fortunately Sanchez is more than capable.

    2. Detroit being Detroit: They F-ed up on that last play-call with the pass. If they were a more experienced team with a winning record and the confidence that comes with it, they could have surprised the Jets and pulled it off. A young team like that with a losing record trying to build confidence, needs to run the ball, run out some clock, and let the defense do it’s thing.

    3. Luck: Jets have luck on their side this year, and it’s about damn time. If the Universe truly looks to balance itself out, the Jets have a lot of good luck coming their way. They have built up so much good fortune by virtue of the bad luck they’ve had the past 40 some odd years, that maybe the Jets Karma bank is full and it’s starting to pay out some good luck for a change.

    A couple of more predictions/observations:
    1. Cleveland kicks our ass next week. Look at what Mangini is accomplishing with absolutely no talent on the Browns.
    2. The Giants are the best team in the NFL.
    3. Miami’s struggles will continue and Chad Henne is at a crossroads this season… he either gets his shit together or he sinks into oblivion becoming a career backup.
    4. Nick Folk, Santanio Holmes, and Sanchez [in that order] won us a game we should have lost.
    5. Dwight Lowery doesn’t get enough credit. He is a good player who gets picked on often simply because of his height, and everyone staying away from Revis – And QBs are starting to stay away from Cromartie too. Dwight the swipe makes more good plays than bad. Even on some of the balls that gets past him he has excellent coverage and he gets burned on a perfect throw. Any CB would look bad with this many balls going against him – except Revis. Drew Coleman on the other hand had a couple of good weeks and that’s it. Coleman is not at the same talent level, or in the same ballpark, as Lowery.

  • Tony C

    Detroit is better than their record, but their QB is made of Glass. Can’t blame them for that, Sanchez can be a lesser QB than Stafford but Sanchez has endurance to say the least.

    Let Sanchez go nuts, let him call some plays on the field and cut the fancy pants dancing before hand. If I want to see someone dance around before they start, I’ll go sit in on a rehearsal at my college’s dance show.

    Creativity is the key, that’s how Browns beat the Patriots. When I see Sanchez as a WR everyone knows its a run play and they leave him alone, F-that, throw him the ball last night he had no one around him for a good ten yards yes we got the 1st down but come on let Sanchez catch a ball out of the Wildcat to make them go zone instead of stacking the box.

  • Joey C


    I think this is what I didn’t like about week nine:

    a. Cheap shot by Detroit corner Chris Houston, blindsiding Jets wideout Jerricho Cotchery way away from the ball at the end of a play — with an official staring right at him.

    My response to that is:


  • Jimi

    Joe I don’t particularly agree with you. I’m all for the Refs keeping the flags in their pockets when its away from the ball and not particularly excessive.

  • Joey C

    yea i kno but this was pretty much a shot in the back to cotchery when the play was over….thats on top of all the cheap shots that the refs didnt see during the game