Grading Out Jets/Packers


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Quarterback (C-) An ugly statistical day for Mark Sanchez (16/38, 256 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs. He wasn’t helped by dropped passes all over the field, particularly by Jerricho Cotchery and Santonio Holmes. However, Sanchez still appeared erratic and out of rhythm all day. He needs to get himself back on track quickly if the Jets are going to keep pace with the Patriots in the AFC East.

Running Backs (C) A disappointing effort from the Jets rushing attack. LaDainian Tomlinson struggled to get going (16 carries, 54 yards), while Shonn Greene was never given the chance to get going (6 carries, 22 yards). The Jets must do a better job of balancing the carries between their top two backs. Greene also needs to catch the ball when it is thrown to him.

Wide Receivers (F) Jerricho Cotchery, what is happening to you? You have to wonder if he is feeling extra pressure because of the addition of Holmes and is pressing too much but I have never seen him struggle like that. Speaking of Holmes, he needs to catch the ball when it hits him in the hands too and become more consistent. Terrible job by both Brian Schottenhiemer and Mark Sanchez, not involving BraylonEdwards more in the offense. Brad Smith had a rare negative play with a fumble.

Tight Ends (C)  Dustin Keller has cooled off after his strong start to the season. You can’t let defenders just rip the ball out of your hands.

Offensive Line (C) They did a pretty good job protecting Mark Sanchez overall but didn’t get their usual push in the running game. I’d expect a much bigger commitment to the Ground and Pound in the upcoming weeks.

Defensive Line (A) The Packers did nothing running the ball and Mike DeVito was very active in particular with 5 tackles. The Jets aren’t getting much of anything out of Trevor Pryce or Vernon Gholston right now.

Linebackers (A) Great game for David Harris with 9 tackles and a sack. Bart Scott played one of his better games with 7 tackles and a tackle for loss. Jason Taylor and Bryan Thomas have been awfully quiet lately.

Secondary (A) Holding Aaron Rodgers to 15/34 for 170 yards is pretty damn impressive. Darrelle Revis appears to moving around much better than prior to the bye week. Dwight Lowery had a nice pass breakup and a sack. Kyle Wilson is going to start being inactive soon.

Special Teams (D) Basic football knowledge…you don’t fake punts on 4th and 18 from your own 20 yard line. Nick Folk shanked a 37 yard field goal.

Coaching (F) Bad use of challenges and time outs, along with a weak and predictable offensive game plan. Beyond that, Steve Weatherford should never have the jurisdiction to run that fake punt on his own.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • S Gato

    booo hoooo

    Lookin foward to those new power rankings after the NFC whooped up on the AFC this weekend. IE – Packers, Saints, and 49ers hahahahahahaha

  • dooooowa

    I agree on your grades. Sanchez deserves a C-, but he was not that bad. There were some plays with very good movement in the pocket and without the drops and the Fake Int’s his stats would be fine.

    I think the problem is the focus on holmes since his return. Our best WR right now is Edwards and we barely get the ball in his direction …

    It’s hard to look for things like that on TV: How many times did Edwards get open?
    My feeling right now is: We would be better off with Holmes still supended.

  • Coach


    It’s been awhile since I last posted, been very busy but I felt the need after that performance yesterday. Before I start I will tell you I had the JETS second in the NFL.COM Power Rankings behind only the Steelers. After this weekend I guess that will change. Your coach is a major liability and once again has cost you a game. Say what you want about the defense (they played very well, should we credit the coordinator since it was revealed this week that he calls most of the plays?)but his decision making during the game is very poor. The head coach has to understand clock management and he clearly does not. I have to let him slide on the challenges because obviously there is someone up stairs who is influencing his decision (although it was very clear to me (on the couch, alone I might add) that neither play would be overturned. Fire the guy upstairs today! He needs to stop pumping his fist and start paying attention to “his responsibilities”. Why use ALL your timeouts with 4 minutes to go. The first 2 was a good move but after that “NO NEED”! New England doesn’t look like they are going away, unfortunately, so I hope the JETS get it together soon. The Lions on the road doesn’t look so easy anymore, DOES IT. Good luck!

  • Joe Caporoso

    No need to overreact to one loss, Jets dealt with 6 drops, missed FG, bonehead fake punt, poor use of challenges and were still right there to win. They are still one of three or four best teams in the leageu, and this loss could serve as a nice kick in the ass, similar to how the Baltimore game did

  • dooooowa

    Just rewatched the first quater. In my opinion Sanchez was getting hot and than shotty calls the seminole … He had nice throws on that drive ..

  • AGE

    Agree with all the grades except for the coaching….

    They should receive worse than an F, an F- or an Incomplete. The issue is Schotty, we need to give him a permanent vacation, and this is from a former supporter of him. The Packers had a D-Line with Howard Green starting and an OL playing in the Goal line package. Why they hell did Shonn Greene only got 6 carries??? 6-22yds thats almost 4 yds per carry!! Give him the damn ball. He completely kills any momentum or confidence that Sanchez gains over the course of the game with untimely runs and short passes that never work when teams are loading the box. There are so many weapons (Did Braylon even suit up by the way) on the offense he needs to let the offense develop naturally. When he has extra time to study a team (ie Green Bay and Balitmore) he overthinks everything and the offense comes out looking like shit. This can become a HUGE problem if we have a bye come playoff time, or a big game in Feb. that I wont jinx. Im going to stop here, even though i could go all day.

  • frank

    Rex andShotty are the problem.
    First is rex for allowing shotty to call these predictable plays. Even the seminole is so predictable, Brad smith takes a direct snap and runs with it, how dumb is that on every game either change it up or abandon it or use it when you r clearly leading a game. Maimi has adandoned their wildcat becos it dont fool defenses anymore and same with seminole.
    I have never seen Rex look lively during games, i have never seen him on the sideline addressing his players like Billichick does and marvin lewis and a whole lot of coaches when something needs to be corrected immedietly or maybe encourage them or even coach them up a little. in Baltimore Ray lewis does that alot. it brings a team together but rex looks bored, uninterested.
    I dont wanna talk about the challenges,timeouts,fake punt.
    Its time for Rex to take real control of that team and get rid of alot of these old players and let young players ball out. Look at the Patriots and what the doing with young players and even Woodhead hopes he goes to the pro bowl. Get rid of Jason taylor, trevor pryce and infuse young talents there. maybe Vernon Gholston is not getting enough playing time.

  • the iron marshal

    For Age:

    sadly, brother, I agree. Schotty at times (and nearly always seems to be at the Wrong times…) comes off as outsmarting himself. I’m a great believer in keeping the tip of the sword stuck in the small of your opponents’ back, “keep the skeer in ’em” as Nathan Bedford Forrest would say. We didn’t do that; Schotty switches horses in midstream just as current pony starts getting into a rythm.

    Pure and Simple, Schotty needs to implement the K.I.S.S. method… until the defense proves they can stop Weapon “A”, don’t switch to Weapon “B” – especially when the first gun’s just gettin’ warmed up.

    But that, as they say, is a day late, fellow Jets-kinsman – let’s home Rex rides herd like he did last year during the last quarter and gets more involved with the O… and doesn’t wait for a 2 or 3game losing streak to jump in.

    T I M

  • dooooowa

    @Age: Braylon was not on the field during the first 3 and out … our best WR …

  • Tony C

    Honestly, I’m fine with the loss. I had this penciled in as a bi-game (Win or Lose) My predicted record for the team was about 11-5, my predicted potential loses were right, Ravens/Packers, I thought Steelers, and at least one of the Pats and Dolphins would be a lose as well. So as long as they keep up that balance at the lowest, than it will be okay.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Dangerous games coming on the road against Detroit and Cleveland, the Green Bay loss gets swept under the rug if they can take care of those 2 and then the Texans at home. 8-2 sets up nicely for final 6 games.

  • Tony C

    Agreed, the hardest stretch will be Texans, Bengals and then the next Sunday after that.

  • Jimi

    This is just silly…for 5 weeks everyone PRAISED Shotty for letting Sanchez loose, and for some great 3rd down playcalling…and he has one bad game and now he needs to be fired?? Come on guys lets not throw in the towel yet.

    Also I read the punter called his own fake punt…and he didnt realize how far the first down marker was. Bad call? Of course…but I don’t hate the aggressiveness. It’s something we havent had since Tuna.

  • Jimi

    @dooooowa You cant say Braylon is our best WR. To me there is no real standout…Cotchery had a horrendous game but don’t be too quick to forget how many game changing drops Braylon had last year.