Sunday Night Vent: Jets Offense Ends Winning Streak


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Leave it to the Jets for that type of buzzkill performance, right? The blame for the Jets ugly 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers falls on the offensive side of the football, where the play-calling and consistency from key players remain problematic. In no particular order:

1. Catch the damn football. Jerricho Cotchery and Santonio Holmes in particular. You can’t afford to leave that many plays on the field.

2. Where is Shonn Greene? Six carries?

3. I usually don’t pile on the Schottenheimer bashing bandwagon but the play-calling has been predictable and perplexing the past two games. The Jets simply aren’t getting the most out of their collection of playmakers and that falls on the offensive coordinator.

4. Mark Sanchez was erratic but received no help from his receivers. He played well enough for the Jets to win this game.

5. You aren’t going to win when you have three turnovers, especially when all three are inside the 50. Nick Folk’s missed field goal is also basically another turnover.

Overall, it is a shame the Jets wasted such a strong performance from their defense. The fake punt on 4th and 18 was obviously a poor decision. Rex Ryan’s clock management and challenge calls leave something to be desired. The Jets didn’t deserve to win today and quickly need to establish some type of identity on offense, which needs to be aided by receivers catching the football when it hits them in the hands.

Yet, let’s not act like the sky is falling. The Jets played sloppy, turnover filled bonehead football and were still in position to win the game late. Hopefully, the reaction to this loss will be similar to the reaction to the Baltimore loss, when the Jets played terrific the following three weeks especially on offense.

Take the next day or two before you turn your thoughts to Detroit and bash on Schotty, he deserves it

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • the iron marshal

    Good appraisal, J-Cap, bottom line is the offense was flat and predictable as you mentioned. No rythm, no flow. A couple of three points below, interested on your thoughts about.

    1) The Interceptions.
    Ok, let me get this straight; the Recievers are down on the ground with the ball in their grips, but no whistle. A Packer wrestles the ball away, then gets up to run (in both instances) and is called as having intercepted the ball, wherein the ball is brought back to the point of the interception because he was (wish i knew html here for underlining…) Down By Contact. Both times, it happened this way, Joe.
    … so my question, is the Rule, “… A player is down by contact except when it’s a NY Jet, wherein the ball can be taken away even when he’s on the ground”?

    2) Cotchery and butterfingers – never thought I’d say those two words in the same sentence. Sanchez kept coming back to him – now I believe in building up confidence for a player (don’t worry, we’ll get the next one, etc…) but Cotch is no rook, he’s a vet and I know he’s in the game. But was he the best option on each successive attempt to get him the ball? I was watching the game @ home, so I can’t tell whether he was or not – anyone reading this at the game who could say otherwise?

    3) Pressure packages – why did the Jets stay with 3 man lines most of the game? It seemed like they sent 5 in towards the end of the 1st half, and late in the 4th just before the last drive or two – in both cases Rodgers was visibly affected by the hit. Why wasn’t this done more frequently?

    4) Revis island did not give Jennings the lockdown. Again, my TV merely follows the ball – but how did Darrelle look? I know he covered Jennings once or twice, after Driver left the game. Then he went back to playing the edge. What’s up with that?

    Ok, brother, looking forward to your thoughts, then it’s on to the next game.

    T I M

  • Joe Caporoso


    1) They were both weird plays and it looked to me like both players were down my contact, tough break for the Jets but their WRs must be stronger with the ball

    2) I never have seen Cotchery struggle like that, his confidence may be lacking and he could be pressing because of the Holmes addition.

    3) I am not sure, they could have been hesitant because of Rodgers traditional success against the blitz.

    4) Revis moved to Jennings full time in the 2nd half and did a good job. He appears to be just about all the way back (I hope)

  • John david

    Bottom line jets sucks the giants are better. get over it they just suck. How many championships in the lst 40 years for the jets i can tell u 1. Giants are better mark sanchez sucks. Your whole team is horrible and are not makin it anywhere

  • Joey C

    This John David character is just as bad as every other arrogant Giants fan that likes to just say things to get under Jets fans’ skin.

    The Jets suck & the Giants are better?

    Last I checked they have the same record.

    And what good teams have the Giants played?…oh yea thats right, the Colts & the Titans, & they didnt do anything against either team….and dont go bringin up the fact that u beat a 3-0 Bears team cause that was probably the worst 3-0 team I have ever seen since I started watching football.

    and you talk about how many championships the Jets have won in the last 40 years???…how is that even relevant to this season at all???…how bout we compare how many championships the 49ers & Cowboys have in the last 40 years to how many the Giants do???…and look at where those other teams are now

    u guys barely beat a Dallas team that lost their starting QB in the first half when they were winning which means you have yet to play a significant division game

    if you ask me, those are all pretty good points to not be running your mouth yet

    but then again, I guess its just easy to sit there & say all this considering you guys have such an easy remaining schedule compared to the Jets….I guess thats one of the benefits you guys get from missing the playoffs last year after mailing in the last three weeks of the season

    in the words of Randy Moss….I’m Out

  • Joe Caporoso

    Preach Joey C, Preach