Randy Moss, Danny Woodhead, Matt Slauson – Collection of Jets Thoughts


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First a few updates:

1. Santonio Holmes, Calvin Pace, and Darrelle Revis were all on the practice field today. It sounds like Pace is definitely going to suit up and play, while Revis remains up in the air a little bit. If he does play, he shouldn’t be tracking Randy Moss all over the field. Let Antonio Cromartie cover him. He did a great job against him in week two and there is no reason to have Revis chasing him around in his first game back from injury. Let him match-up with Percy Harvin and occasionally get a shot at Moss.

On The Randy Moss Trade

I understand Aaron Hernandez has looked great so far in his rookie year and that Brandon Tate has potential as a deep threat. However, I don’t buy any argument about this trade improving New England for 2010. Randy Moss is a top three or four wide receiver in the NFL, who draws double coverage and the respect of every defensive coordinator in the league. All of that space you are used to seeing Wes Welker and Hernandez run around isn’t going to exist anymore because teams won’t be worried about Moss killing them over the top. Tate has never caught a touchdown in the NFL. Moss is an all time great who can score on any given play.

Yes, New England won a bunch of Super Bowls without a star wide receiver. However, they actually had a good defense in those years. News flash in case you haven’t been watching the 2010 NFL season…New England’s defense isn’t good anymore. They are also one dimensional on offense, considering their top running back was the Jets third stringer a few weeks ago. Which is a good lead in to…

Danny Woodhead Hysteria

There has been a good deal of anger among Jets fans, as they are watching Danny Woodhead become a big part of New England’s offense. He actually played the most snaps out of any running back in their Monday night victory over the Miami Dolphins. Yet, can we calm it down just for a second? The guy has 11 carries for 78 yards and 1 reception for 11 yards. He hasn’t exactly been Adrian Peterson.

Of course you hate to see a player leave our team and flourish on our rival. However, what would have Woodhead done on this 53 man roster? Nothing, he would have been inactive every week. In case you haven’t noticed LaDainian Tomlinson is playing at a Pro-Bowl level and Shonn Greene is our running back of the future, who is coming off a 117 yard game. Where would there have been touches for Woodhead? People forget we have Brad Smith who currently has 8 carries for 79 yards, 1 reception for 11 yards, a touchdown pass, and is our best special teams player. If you had Woodhead in the line-up, there is no room for Smith to get offensive touches and of course you keep Smith on the roster over Woodhead because of how superior a special teams player he is.

There is no need for a number three running back on this Jets offense right now, Smith basically fills that role and hopefully one day Joe McKnight will fill it.

Matt Slauson

The biggest question on the Jets offense heading into the 2010 season, outside of Mark Sanchez was left guard Matt Slauson. The second year pro easily beat out rookie Vladimir Ducasse for the starting job in training camp and has been under the microscope as Alan Faneca’s replacement. So far, the results have been mixed for Slauson. He has struggled with penalties and remains a liability in pass protection, especially against top tier defensive lineman. However, he has been very good in run blocking and turned in a terrific all-around performance last week against the Bills. Let’s hope he can continue the strong play when the Jets aren’t playing a CFL caliber team.

Something To Laugh About

Miami’s special teams and Chad Henne looking like Brooks Bollinger on his three interceptions last Monday night.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Tony C

    Lets give Slauson some credit. At the start of training camp/draft, it was going to be Big Bad Vlad on the field in that position. Slauson earned his place, and he is doing his best. He’s shown he can fight against tougher opponents, sure he’s lost but it happens even to the best, he’s gaining confidence and hopefully it will stick after putting together a great performance against the Bills. The penalties will drop off in the next two weeks and over the bye week, as will Wilson’s.

    Danny Woodhead, a great guy no one denies that, anyone on the Jets would say he deserved a spot on an active roster. Well he’s proving it, but look at Pats offense? The whole gimmick is simple, launch deep threat for double coverage/eliminate best CB, run multiple wide outs and slots on their routes and see what happens. There are no true plays on average with them, its just who gets open on their desired path. The Jets run specific plays that’s all there is to it. And who knows maybe one day when we have someone leave we can find a way to bring back Woodhead and give him those chances here. But for now God bless the little man, he’s making his mark.

  • bruceharper

    Stats of interest in this discussion.
    1. In his last 5 games against the Jets (since 2008) Randy Moss had 16 receptions for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns, It is unlikely that anybody they get to replace him, rookie or not, will do this poorly. So this, in itself, is not a big deal for the Jets, except in that Wes Welker’s lanes should be shrinking.
    By the way, does Darelle have to rile Moss up every time we play him?

    2. Slausen in his first 3 games this year allowed 2 sacks, 0 quarterback hits, and 1 pressure. Faneca is his first 3 games, allowed 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit and TEN pressures.
    The move to get rid of Faneca was a calculated atempt to make the Jets (for all of the talk about ground and pound) more of a passing team. Faneca’s pass-blocking was poor last season as well, and his contract didn’t support keeping him.

    Now at home against the Vikings-the classic trap game… (:
    Jets all time record against the Vikings is 7 wins and 1 loss.

    Science cannot actually explain that statistic.

  • Tony C

    Shiancoe will not play, he’s got a hamstring injury, even if he does play a few hits or a run too hard will push him back to the bench. That leaves Harvin, Moss, and the rest of the rat pack that seems lack luster. If Revis is touch and go, give him to Harvin and let Cro on Moss.

    Even if Revis is full, give Cro to Moss. Reason? Both are big ass freaks of nature. Revis won his battles on skill and precision, Cro can win by being the bigger freak of nature than Moss. Besides, right now Brady was the better QB than Farve this season, and look what happened with Brady/Moss pure beat down by Cro at home. Let the encore continue and the madness take place. I have tickets to the game, can’t make it out, wish I could I’d love to see our boys put Farve to the ground in person.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Tony C…I agree that Shiancoe probably won’t be himself out there and agree 100 percent about putting ‘Cro on Moss. No reason to put Revis out there on a questionable hamstring on him.

    Bruce – Good work on the stats…and I do think Slauson has been better than some people have been giving him credit for. And I have no idea why Revis has to open his mouth about Moss, no reason to get his head in the game.

  • Tony C

    Joe, The Vikings fans are bringing Moss’ head into the game. He’s back in his starting place, and there will be fans going nuts with his return. Thankfully…. its not a Vikings home game, then I know we’ll have an issue.