Initial Reaction: Best Record In The NFL? J-E-T-S


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It just wasn’t the Jets day today. Mark Sanchez was looking jittery in the pocket and throwing interceptions. Santonio Holmes was running into his own guy and fumbling. Darrelle Revis was getting beat up and down the field by Jabar Gaffney and a rookie. The running game was inconsistent. They were on the road in a raucous environment.

But, this is 2010 and all this Jets team does is win…5 in a row now.

This was a terribly officiated game but don’t feel bad about getting that last call on Santonio Holmes because unless you are blind, you saw his facemask get grabbed. The Jets never stopped fighting in the 4th quarter and Mark Sanchez showed good field awareness by putting up that final deep ball to Holmes.

As for the rest offense, LaDainian Tomlinson was productive in the second half. Shonn Greene ran with good burst and I liked how the Jets looked out of the Tiger formation. Braylon Edwards continued his strong season and Dustin Keller got back on track with a big day. It was disappointing to see Sanchez struggle and somewhat resemble his 2009 form at times but hey, he wasn’t going the whole season without an interception.

The defense is still way off their level of play from last year. The pass rush was absent today and the run defense was frustrating to watch. However, Antonio Cromartie and David Harris put together strong performances and they made enough plays to win.

It’s not easy to win games in the NFL and the Jets are one point away from being undefeated heading into their bye week. If they could handle the suddenly average Packers at home, accommodating trips to Detroit and Cleveland are on the horizon. I am not saying the Jets could be 8-1. I am saying they should be 8-1.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Bruce Harper

    Best timed bye-week ever.

    But Harris and Cromartie really did play well, and I thought Revis was moving better than last week.
    The penalty was a facemask committed while the ball was in the air preventing a reception which otherwise might have happened. So it wasn’t a BS call.
    I live in Mass. and Denver is felt-here-to be a place where the patriots have a very hard time winning, so I can’t feel bad about leaving with a win. But we do NEED a bye week, now. 5-1. YES!

  • Tony C

    What’s funny now is that the two BIG New York Teams (Sadly for those who forget Buffalo is the other NY team.) are on top of their conferences, if the the playoffs happened now we’d have a subway series.

    But moving passed that Bruce, I agree on that reception with Holmes. You see him even after getting jerked with the mask he still had the ball land in his hands for a moment.

    Yes the bye-week came perfectly, they get to focus on their work and the mistakes they were making the last two games. Revis can rest his leg for a good week and a half, and they can focus on the Packers who look like they are made of glass this year.

    I’m glad Sanchez got his picks out of the way. He got them out of the way and now he knows its okay to get picked off as long as he plays good football afterward.

    I have to agree with Joe, the Jets can very well be 8-1 after this stretch, we’ll get to see the Packers play the Vikes next week so we’ll see what happens next. If the Packs lose that will be three in a row and leave them roughed up emotionally going into an away game at JETS. The Lions are playing good football, just not getting that next level, I feel like maybe if Stafford actually got to play, at least one of their losses would be a win. And if they are still on their third string QB by our time there we’ll have fun there. The Browns, well… they get an E for effort.

    I’ll love watching Steelers beat the hell out of a Miami team next week, the need a good ass kicking to make them realize they are a good team but not a SB/Playoff team yet.

    The Pats game was a disappointment since the Ravens definitely should have won it. They go against the Chargers, which the Pats will win sadly… since the Chargers are becoming the failures of the AFC finally.

  • Jimi

    I think the biggest part of this game I took away was how Sanchez didn’t let those 2 picks rattle him, like he did against Buffalo last year, and made plays to get the win.

  • Tony C

    You know what else Jimi, not to bash Miami, but its funny that right now Henne is doing what Sanchez used to do by staring down is receiver.

  • T

    The play on Holmes at the end of the game was with out a doubt pass interference, however I think the NFL needs to look into making this a 15 yard penalty instead of a spot foul. Too often in key spots quarterbacks just throw balls up on a hope and a prayer and get bailed out by getting the ball down on the 1 yard line. I’m not saying thats what Sanchez did, he saw man to man on Holmes and took a calculated shot, but I just hate when PI is called on a ball that the receiver has no business catching and they end up getting a huge gain due to a spot penalty.

  • Tony C

    I agree with you T to an extend. But if you watch the replay, there are three things you need to note.

    1. Holmes got a facemask grab and turned his head slightly, that can be see without a zoom. I agree spot calls are tricky, a shove, a pull, a holding I can see a 15 yard penalty if its over 15 yards. But facemask to me is a bigger no-no, its like those helmet to helmet hits that are intentional. Granted if your 5’8″ and your hitting a guy who’s 5’4″ who decided to lower his head for extra yards and had he been at his full height you’d have hit his chest that’s different. Hill was behind Holmes, if he wasn’t and was in front of him batting him away, I’d say give them the 15 but not for this one.

    2. Tightening of the focus you can see for a moment Holmes had the ball while he was on the ground. Well in that it was in his hands but bounced out.

    3. I’m not saying Hill went out of the way and did it but when your rival is down by 3, its 4 and 6 on a hail mary throw, you need to make sure you don’t make those mistakes. If your brazen enough to try it when you got the game in the bag, you deserve to be spot called.

  • the iron marshal

    J-Cap, what a great start, eh? our guys are knockin’ the bottom out it!

    regarding your comments on the D, I can’t wait to see Darrelle out there again, manning Revis Island so Rex & Pettin can setup baits and traps daring opposing qb’s to test him. Cro is also having an excellent season, I can’t believe that Norv Turner was such a dork to not use him in man coverage – what a waste of talent that would have been.

    Darrelle is coming along; the hit on ER was impressive, but there was one pass where he jumped up like a gazelle to deflect it away – that was reminiscent of that twisting, aerobatic interception he had last year that made the NFL highlights.

    Looking forward to the next game, brothers… Jets all the way, Bay-Beee!!!

    T I M

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